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RARE Disneyland park artifact...

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  • RARE Disneyland park artifact...

    I've got an old Gilderfluke audio repeater from the Sailing Ship Columbia that I got from a park auction ages ago. I've never hooked it up to test it since I don't have the power supply, but from what I know, this thing was removed from operation in the late 90's so that the newer sound system could be installed. It's full of EPROM chips with "Columbia Ver. 10-93" labeled on each, and is labeled with the date. This should still work, and is loaded with the captain spiel and music as you take the ride. But again, never tested it. What do you think something like this is actually worth on the open market? I know how rare something like this is and I'm sure it could be worth a lot to a serious collector. Also, I would imagine that if it does work, there's a really good chance it's loaded with a spiel version that doesn't exist anymore in the park since the Rivers of America has changes a lot in the last 20 years. But again, what would something like this be worth?

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    Re: RARE Disneyland park artifact...

    Anybody??? I don't believe there isn't a person who may know what this might be worth...


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      Re: RARE Disneyland park artifact...

      It's not worth anything at all. The current version of it runs off SD flash cards, and is less than 2 inches by 1 inch in size.