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Where Did This Come From?

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  • Where Did This Come From?

    Not sure if this would qualify as a Disney Collectible but I found this Stetson hat at a yard sale this morning and I noticed that it says "Disneyland" on the sweatband. Is there any Disneyland connection to this hat? I'm not sure if this was originally sold there or if this was part of a CM costume/uniform?

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    Re: Where Did This Come From?

    Maybe a tie-in to the Texas John Slaughter Disney TV show that ran from 58-61 during the Wonderful World of Disney?

    He wore a white stetson hat and it is even mentioned in the theme song of the show, which you can listen to here on Youtube:

    Texas John Slaughter - YouTube
    "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing ... That it was all started by a mouse ... and inspired by a rabbit."


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      Re: Where Did This Come From?

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