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Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street

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  • Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street


    I just started collecting the Olszewski Disneyland Main Street buildings and I LOVE them. I first bought the Main Street Train Station. I eventually want to collect them all and build a coffee table out of them, but I had a few questions.

    1) What pieces do you see pretty often in Disneyland? Which ones do you NEVER see in Disneyland (besides the website only ones)?

    2) Are they still creating pieces for Fantasyland? Is he planning on doing It's A Small World and the Fantasyland Theater?

    3) What year is Main Street and Fantasyland suppose to be based off of? I'm guessing early 80s.

    4) Is the tea-cup attraction too close to dumbo/carousel on the platform or is that just me?

    5) Why did he choose to place a tree in place of where Dumbo use to be on the platform?

    Sorry for the all the questions! I'm just super excited to start collecting


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    Re: Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street

    Hi Kenny and welcome to the wonderful world of Olszewski miniatures. You have lots of questions and I too can appreciate your excitement. Let me start off by directing you towards Cindy's site, as she has done a good job of capturing the history.

    Olszewski Disneyland miniatures, Gallery of Light, Heirloom Boxes and more

    Also visit the official Olszewski site too.

    Olszewski Studios, Disney, Art of Miniatures

    Now there's a big shift in the works, Disney has taken over the distribution of these pieces and there is still questions as to what will happen next. Frankly, I think it will reissue more pieces from the back catalog. I also believe it will help Robert spend time on creating instead of all the business stuff too.

    Now I have time to answer one question and I choose the period for Main Street and I would say he chose a 2000-2005 period. Robert started this project in the 2001-2002 or thereabouts, with Sleeping Beauty Castle released in December of 2002. In 2006, the Astro Oribter was released and is design to be located at the entrance of Tomorrowland; and WDI did not move the Astro Oribter to that location until 1998. King Triton's Garden/Ariel's Grotto also did not appear at Disneyland until 1996.

    Hope that helps to start, I need to get back to work.



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      Re: Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street

      The tea cups may be closer than in real life but I think because of having to work within the confines of the platform size, certain liberties are taken. The Main Street and Fantasyland platforms are not meant to be exact duplicates of the actual park.

      The tree/grass in the original Dumbo spot is basically filler to allow for the center of the current Dumbo piece to be placed in that original spot if desired. There has been mention of Bob doing a Chicken of the Sea pirate ship restaurant retro piece to be placed where the current Dumbo is on the platform.

      There was originally a plan to have a small representation of the Fantasyland Theater on the platform but I think it was dropped and replaced with a set of trees.

      Hopefully we'll get some word on the next release. It's hard waiting for all of this stuff.


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        Re: Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street

        Thanks for the responses guys!

        I had a feeling it was a little later than the 80s because of King Triton's Garden. That makes a lot more sense.

        Chicken of the Sea pirate ship would be awesome! Hopefully he follows through with that project! What's the next project suppose to be of?

        I agree, its very hard to wait and I don't even have all the pieces yet!


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          Re: Started Collecting Olszewski Main Street

          King Arthur Carousel has been in development for some time. Various prototypes have been shown at the last couple releases. Expect that piece to be expensive and loaded with detail.

          Storybook Canal Boats and Casey Junior has been shown as an early prototype. This will be a large piece, probably on the size of the Jungle Cruise.

          With Disney taking over distribution, the late 2013 releases have all been delayed, to when no one is certain. The Holiday decoration accessory pack (Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July) were supposed to be out by now. Bob also has plans for small vignette pieces, which to me is way to re-release some of the character packs; which are going for way too much on eBay.

          I am still looking forward to the Holiday accessories. As well as re-releases of Frontierland-Adventureland Gate, Plaza Inn and Plaza Pavillion/Tiki/Aladdins Oasis. Despite Jonesing for more pieces, my wallet is feeling happy.

          Do yourself a favor and signup for Bob's email updates. They do not come out often, but are quite helpful as he will give information about what's coming back in to stock. He has provided UPC's which helps when ordering from DelivEARs (not what they call it anymore, but I prefer it still). The most recent came out this past Wednesday and he indicated that MSEP #5 is back in stock.