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Lack of Peter Pan merch. Why???


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  • Lack of Peter Pan merch. Why???

    It's a frustrating thing having your favorite character be one with an almost non-existent merchandise line. Logic would have you think that since Peter is the main character of the movie that he would get the lion's share of the merchandise, but this is not the case. I understand Tink is popular with younger girls, but I personally feel it's a bit unfair to have every single piece of "Peter Pan" labeled merchandise just have Tinkerbell all over it. She's got her own franchise now so wouldn't it be sensible to give her her own section instead of throwing her under Peter Pan? Even Jake and the Neverland Pirates get more merch than Peter does...
    I was fortunate enough to find a Peter Pan mug the last time I was at the park, only because I happened to ask a CM in one of the stores and they had just gotten their first batch of the mugs for the store. I also have one of the Peter Pan plushies that I found at a Disney store in a local mall.. but that's about it. Everything else Peter related is all fan-made and found on Etsy or Ebay. Is there any sort of reasoning why Disney doesn't put out any Peter merch and insists on making him a rare character? It's not like he's got a lack of a fanbase.

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