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  • Autographs!

    Anybody collect autographs?

    I guess I do but it's all random here and there. Here's a few that I have... I try to get them in person whenever possible, as it's a lot more meaningful that way.

    I suppose collecting autographed record sleeves would be a lot more impressive but I just don't buy vinyl nor do I ever know when I have the possibility of getting them signed. But I've been fairly lucky with most music acts that I love. Here's what I have so far:

    Most recent is THE SHINS. All band members signed this one, including the newest member named Eric.

    I caught a PETE YORN show at Downtown Disney and he was kind enough to sign autographs after the show.

    Here's a brit band called STARSAILOR

    MATT COSTA, who played with Jack Johnson and now branched off on his own was nice enough to sign this after a show in Newport Beach.

    One of my favorite Scottish bands that don't get enough attention is TRAVIS.

    Another English band: KEANE.

    No star wars freak would be complete without some autographs, and I have a ton. But instead of showing the ones that anyone could get at a convention, here's a few of the good ones:

    Princess Leia: CARRIE FISHER!

    SAMUEL L. JACKSON as Mace Windu

    EWAN MCGREGOR as young Obi-Wan Kenobi

    KEIRA KNIGHTLY played a handmaiden to Natalie Portman in The Phantom Menace

    And here are a few random celebs:

    Access Hollywood's MARIA MENOUNOUS. Some find her annoying, I think she's pretty.



    Funny man CONAN O'BRIEN

    Comedian that seems to be a hit or miss with most, DANE COOK

    Director of Lord of the Rings and King Kong, PETER JACKSON, writer FRAN WALSH, and Make-up Artist from the original Star Wars, RICK BAKER in the back.

    There's a lot more that I haven't gotten around to scanning so that's all for now!

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    Re: Autographs!

    The only autographs I have are from the Great Eddy Merckx("The Cannibal" as he is affectionately known.) Belgian professional cyclist and Lance Armstrong.

    Very nice collection there Coyoteboy!
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      Re: Autographs!

      That Travis one is awesome where did you see them Play?
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        Re: Autographs!

        Originally posted by MusicMouse View Post
        That Travis one is awesome where did you see them Play?
        I've seen TRAVIS four times. Three times at the Universal Ampitheater, one time at Virgin Megastore on Sunset, which is where I got the autographs.

        If you check right now, you might be pleasantly surprised to see a few upcoming shows with tickets for sale.

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          Re: Autographs!

          My fiance collects autographs. Right now in display he has his Steven Speilberg and Will Smith. He hounds celebrities for autographs :lol:. He is a nerd like that. Has an impressive collection.
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            Re: Autographs!

            I used to collect autographs during my college days, I probably have a couple hundred or so.

            I will try to scan and post a few of the more interestiing ones
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              Re: Autographs!

              Well, we've got more general music memorabilia than anything else, but my wife has a really neat autograph - Steven Tyler signed her ankle, and she went to the tattoo shop and had it traced.

              We've got an autographed guitar from Aerosmith, autographed CD sales award from Bon Jovi, a couple pairs of signed drumsticks (Joey Kramer from Aerosmith).

              I can't collect autographs at work, but I've gotten some nice hellos and handshakes from MANY different celebs, including Johnny Depp.
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                Re: Autographs!

                The only one I had was from Hulk Hogan, but I lost that. Oh well.


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                  Re: Autographs!

                  I collect autographs. Here's a list of all I have so far.

                  -Michael Jordan
                  -Christina Aguilera
                  -Scottie Pippen
                  -James Worthy
                  -Tony Gwynn
                  -Barry Bonds
                  -Mickey Mantle
                  -Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
                  -Michael Cooper
                  -Mark McGwire
                  -Ron Jeremy
                  -Christian Lassen (Artist)
                  -Matthew Perry (Friends)

                  the list is still growing but that's what I have currently


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                    Re: Autographs!

                    Autographs is something I would love to collect


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                      Re: Autographs!

                      I got a whole bunch from the POTC 2 premiere. We also used to live across from Fitch Park - where the cubs have spring training, we got Sammy Sosa, Moises, Alou, Kerry Wood, Dusty Baker and a bunch more players.
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                        Re: Autographs!

                        I only have Johnny Depp Autographs. Never really tried to get any others! Although I surely enjoy hearing about other peoples !

                        Mickey's cool but Johnny Depp Rocks !

                        Got Tiger? I do !!

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                          Re: Autographs!

                          yea, i've got Mickey, Donald pluto and a buch others!


                          we have a few, mainly baseball players and a few star wars characters, mark hamil, dave prowse, ect


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                            Re: Autographs!

                            My husband got a signed Alias poster for me for Christmas a few years ago. I love it. It has the main actors from the first season and JJ Abrams. I guess it's more that it's Alias and not just autographs that I really like. Can you tell I like Alias?


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                              Re: Autographs!

                              I collect Disney books and some Disney art... some of them are signed by Imagineers or other Disney elite. I have Sam McKim, Bob Gurr, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Bill Justice, John Hench, Colin Cambell, Harriet Burns, Claude Coats, Blaine Gibson, Harry Tytle, Diane Disney Miller, Bruce Gordon, Jeff Kurti, Michael Broggie and Tony Baxter.
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