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Disneyland 25th Anniversary Plate

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  • Disneyland 25th Anniversary Plate

    Hello. Hopefully the people of Mice Chat, or as like to call it, "Those with the Knowledge of all things Disney", will be able to help me. Last week one of my friends gave me a Disneyland 25th Anniversary plate. Yes, GAVE me. She said she bought it about 15 years ago at a second hand shop, the little tag of $10 that she paid was still on the box. I tried to pay her for it but she said no, she had not done anything with it since she bought it and knew it would be appreciated at my house. Now, here is my problem. I can't find any information about it anywhere on the internet. i.e. How many were made, how much did they originally cost, and what is the value today. All the sites that I have found are to sell plates and they don't have the one I have. Here is the description (thought I could just copy and paste a picture, but I guess it has to be on a website first, sorry):
    It comes in a blue presentation box with "A Disney Original" in silver written on the front. The front of the plate has a silver Sleeping Beauty castle in the middle on a white background. The outer rim has real silver inlaid characters (32 different ones actually) and "25 Disneyland" centered under the castle on a dark blue background. The back of the plate has the beginning of Walt's Dedication speech and a Plate Number of 3164.
    Any information or sites anyone else likes would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Disneyland 25th Anniversary Plate

    I see this one all the time at the NFFC shows and it ranges from $25-$50. Really lovely plate indeed.
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