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Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible


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  • Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible

    Hello! I have been a lurker for a long time, but just finally made a account and posted. Hopefully, I'll be posting in the future because I am a HUGE Disney fan.

    Anyway, I'm posting about this one collectible I have. Last Christmas, my Mom got me a lightbulb from a Main Street Electrical Parade she found at a garage sale. I'm guessing its memorabilia that was sold when the parade was ending.

    I have checked on Ebay, but there is only one that's going for 5.99. I'm not interested in selling it, but I am really curious about what it's worth.

    Thank you for reading! I hope I can get some replies soon!

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    Re: Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible

    They sold thousands of those the last year the MSEP was in DL.
    It was a fundraiser for various charities. It's only worth what
    someone is willing to pay, so if it doesn't sell at $5.99, it's worth
    less than that.

    I do have one of these, that I ordered from DL, during the last year
    of the MSEP. I wouldn't sell mine either, so it's more sentimental
    value than anything else. As is true with most items that people
    ask "how much is it worth?"
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      Re: Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible

      Thank you for the quick reply!

      Yes, it's too much sentimental value to sell. I remember loving MSEP when I was little and it's nice to know you own something that was apart of that.


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        Re: Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible

        I would hang on to it. It will increase in value as the years roll by. I have a rivet from the Golden Gate bridge. (Yes, they replace them every so often). That means so much to me and brings back many a happy memory. Hang on to that bulb. You have a part of Disney history there. Remember, the Mona Lisa was only worth what Da Vinci charged for it. Look at what she is worth today!
        Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic !


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          Re: Main Street Electrical Parade Collectible

          I got one also. I don't even remember what I paid but glad to have a piece. I also bought a piece of the matterhorn

          I remember seeing small bits of the GG cable years ago. Now I wish I got one Geoffa.

          And, welcome gifted
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