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Great News about WDW Olszewski Collection!


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  • Great News about WDW Olszewski Collection!

    I received an email from the WDW Art & Collectibles Developer about the WDW Olszewski collection and it sounds very promising.

    It's interesting to read that the buildings have already been sculpted and ready to be produced.

    To answer your question, yes we are still going forward with the Main
    Street program. We are working with the Olszewski team to prepare a web
    site that will have updates and new features, so please stay tuned for
    that. The site will be located at the Disneygallery web page, it
    should be up soon.

    We are placing orders for the next building next week. I don't have the
    timing on when we will deliver the pieces, but we are now comfortably
    back in a position to be placing orders for the buildings. Based on the
    production time lines, the earliest we could bring a building in would
    be Spring (March or April) of 2008 for the next release.

    Our ultimate goal is to get back to where we can release four to six
    buildings a year. All the buildings are sculpted - so we are bringing
    them in. I apologize to you, and all collectors, for delaying this for
    so long, I dropped the ball on this months ago and have finally gotten
    around to getting back to it.

    Stay tuned to our web site and hope to see you at our signings during

    Start saving your money !!!

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    Re: Great News about WDW Olszewski Collection!


    Still if there anything like the disneyland pieces i'm sure they'll be worth the wait.


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