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Sending out an urgent call! :-(


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  • Sending out an urgent call! :-(

    Posting this here as well as in the community forum to get the word out.

    My fellow MiceChatters!

    I post this here under unfortunate circumstances in the hopes that maybe this may help my fiance' who is also a member here. On the 29th of April my fiance's storage locker was broken into at the Public Storage facility in Irvine of of Fitch next to the 55 freeway. They only took all of her Disney Collectibles she had stored inside this unit which included pins, artwork, Precious Moments Disney Figurines and Haunted Mansion 40th merchandise amongst other valuable Disney Items. I know a lot of these are going to be tough to track down but one art piece in particular I'd like to bring to everyone's attention is a very rare piece as there are only two of them and My fiance' had one with me owning the other. The item is a piece of art created for custom watches back when DIsneyland was doing the art watch pieces on Main Street. The picture is of Dug The Dog from Pixar's "Up" in a kitchen with his puppies who are rummaging around through jars of peanut butter. This piece can be easily identified as both her name and mine are actually in the background of the picture on a dish towel hanging behind Dug. I have included a picture of my copy of the artwork. This has truly devastated my fiance' and aggravated me to the utmost! So I ask of my fellow micechatters, if you see this art piece turn up anywhere please let me know as it has been stolen from my fiance'. Thank you all for reading this.

    Des douze coups de minuit aux matines sonnantes,

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