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Wow, more lithographs than I thought


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  • Wow, more lithographs than I thought

    Ok, so me and the mrs. have been Disney fanatics for a while now, granted I've gone more over the deep end over the recent years, she started collecting lithographs back in the early-mid 90's when she stared seriously buying VHS releases of Disney films and although we collect various diffent thing I never really looked at what was building. Turns out there are 37 different lithos sets with 1-4 lithos per set (most have 4) and then two books (not sure what those are, will look at them later).

    Pretty cool. I took pictures of each collection (but just one litho from each)
    If you're interested....
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    Re: Wow, more lithographs than I thought

    Thanks for sharing! Some of them (most of them, I should sa) are really cool. The worst I would say are the direct to video lithos since many of the characters are just off model.

    Awesome collection though!

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