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olszewski disneyland Re issue?


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  • olszewski disneyland Re issue?

    Anyone know if the collection will be re-issued? It’s practically impossible to find any info. Tried emailing the olszewski disneyland site but never heard back. I really would love to collect these but the prices are outrageous with a full set on ebay going for 35k!

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    I hear you.

    Sincerely doubt Disney will reissue the series. At one point Disney took over manufacturing and distribution from Olszewski. In typical Disney thinking, they quickly became bored with the series and must have made a decision to move away from the majority of the pieces. Fantasyland was not completed for Disneyland. Not certain if Magic Kingdom was completed. There were even release dates for King Arthur Carousel and Skyway Chalet. The Main Street decoration packs were announced and then nothing.

    My collection started at the very beginning. There are several pieces from 2006-2007 I was not able to procure at the time of their release; got married instead, which is still a better decision on my part. Since then some those pieces found their way into the collection, though two biggies, Plaza Inn and Plaza Pavilion are too expensive to even think about.


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