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Collector Packs


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  • Collector Packs

    I don't know, this might get moved, but does anyone else here get the collector packs? I just got a bog of the park series 6 pixar group. And I got one of the little books that holds one series at a time.

    Anyone else share in this weird little collection?
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    Re: Collector Packs

    It looks tempting, but pin collecting has sucked up most of my Disney allowance.


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      Re: Collector Packs

      I have a few of the packs. They use to be on my desk at work, but I haven't seen them in a while. Someone must have borrowed them.....


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        Re: Collector Packs

        My 9 year old is sending me with tooth fairy money (hey, is it a coincidence that she lost another tooth TONIGHT?) next week when I go to get her more of the Star Wars packs. My kids got some for Christmas and my son managed to get Matterhorn &Big Thunder ride vehicles so he was pretty happy.
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          Re: Collector Packs

          What are the collector packs?
          Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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            Re: Collector Packs

            Yes I have them all but series 4 and 6. Series 4 is the Star Wars pack and 6 is the new Pixar one. Ireally only got theones I really wanted. Here is a picture of the ones I have.


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              Re: Collector Packs

              Wow, impressive collection Capt Hook's. I honestly didn't know what these were when I came into the thread and I was hoping for pics so thanks for sharing.

              I really like all the little figures and that would be something fun to collect and display.
              Always looking for new Disney friends.


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                Re: Collector Packs

                My son, the Boy Wonder, has been trying for the last several of our trips to DL to get a pack with Stitch in it. Stitch is his favorite character and we keep buying the green collector packs, but no Stitch yet.

                He will pick up a pack in the store, feel it, look skyward, and proclaim, "This pack just HAS to have Stitch in it!". We buy the pack, open it up, and cruel disappointment smacks him upside the head.



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                  Re: Collector Packs

                  I have a ton of these but they're really expensive for how bad these are. They are pretty cute though. I ended up spending a grip on the star wars and I still don't have a full set!

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                    Re: Collector Packs

                    Let me give u a little hint. If you get a double go to the check out stand next to the pack in main street and ask them can u trade. They will let u trade only one for what you are looking for or need. U also can get them at the Small World shop and the Toy store over at DCA.


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                      Re: Collector Packs

                      I need to buy these now espically since they Figment is in it! Anyone know how much a pack is? I was tempted to buy them last time but never got around to actually checking the prices.
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                        Re: Collector Packs

                        let me put it a better way. At Main Street were they have them at go to the check stand right there and ask them to see if they had the one you want. That is how I got some of them like the Donald Duck and Piglet ones.


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                          Re: Collector Packs

                          Wow these are pretty cool. Im thinking about going to DL next week. Can someone answer a bunch of questions I have?

                          1) There are 6 different series of these right? 4 is Star Wars, 6 is Pixar what are the other ones (1,2,3,5)?
                          2) Where in DL can I buy these?
                          3) IS there a list of all the figures in each set somewhere? Or better yet, a list with pictures of each figure.

                          Thanx for any help with this.


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                            Re: Collector Packs

                            There 5.99


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                              Re: Collector Packs

                              Here is my list for them.

                              series 1

                              SERIES 1
                              1. MICKEY*=6
                              2. MINNIE*=11
                              3. GOOFY*=14
                              4. DONALD*=22
                              5. DAISY
                              6. PLUTO
                              7. BELLE*=17
                              8. BEAST*=5
                              9. PETER PAN RIDE*=13
                              10. DUMBO RIDE*=20
                              11. ASTRO ORBITER*=18
                              12. MAIN ST. FIRETRUCK*=16
                              13. TEST TRACK CAR*=21
                              14. RIVER RAPIDS*=19
                              15. THUNDER MT.*=23
                              16. SPACESHIP EARTH*=15
                              17. EARFUL TOWER*=12
                              18. CTX VEHICLE*=4

                              SERIES 2
                              1. ALADDIN*=7
                              2. ARIEL* 10
                              3. JASMINE*=2
                              4. CINDERELLA*=1
                              5. CINDERELLA CASTLE
                              6. DOOM BUGGY
                              7. FIGMENT*=9
                              8. JUNGLE CRUISE
                              9. MATTERHORN
                              10. MONORAIL
                              11. MR. TOAD CAR
                              12. FLICK
                              13. HOPPER
                              14. WALT DISNEY TRAIN
                              15. TINKER BELL
                              16. SIMBA
                              17. TEA CUB*=3
                              18. PUMBAA & TIMON*=8

                              SERIES 3
                              1. STITCH=37
                              2. BRIDE GHOST=27
                              3. PRINCESS AURORA=26
                              4. DISNEYLAND CASTLE=25
                              5. SPACE MTN.=33
                              6. MATTERHORN=31
                              7. HUNTED MANSION MICKEY=34
                              8. CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE MTN.=24
                              9. MICKEY' TOONTOWN HOUSE=28
                              10. MINNIE'S TOONTOWN HOUSE=40
                              11. DISNEY BEAR=30
                              12. POOH=29
                              13. TIGGER=41
                              14. EEYORE=36
                              15. PIGLET=39
                              16. HICHHIKING GHOST #1=35
                              17. HICHHIKING GHOST #2=32
                              18. HICHHIKING GHOST #3=38

                              SERIES 5
                              1. LILO=50
                              2. WOODY=43
                              3. BUZZ=44
                              4. DISNEYLAND HAUNTED MANSION=47
                              5. SNOW WHITE=53
                              6. SMALL WORLD DOLL
                              7. DISNEY BUS=48
                              8. DISNEY CRUISE SHIP=42
                              9. DOPEY
                              10. BENNY THE CAB W/ROGER RABBIT=52
                              11. JESSICA RABBIT
                              12. ANIMAL KINGDOME TREE OF LIFE=46
                              13. DISNEYLAND SMALL WORLD ATTRACTION
                              14. ANIMAL KINGDOM SAFART JEEP=51
                              15. WDW HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL
                              16. HOLLYWOOD TOWER GOOFY=45
                              17. WITCH
                              18. X2 MISSION SPACE SHUTTLE=49


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