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Anyone going to NFFC this Sunday?

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  • Anyone going to NFFC this Sunday?

    I live here in SoCal but am not going to be attending the NFFC convention, other commitments. I am hoping someone can help me out and get the information from the seller of the Nickle Tour book. There is usually this guy - and I don't know who he is, or even if it is a woman - selling them for aorund $75 - $125. I want one of these books but ebay sellers post them at over $200. It is the 2nd edition book. I can meet up with anyone at the park next week or via email or any way possible. My email address is my name - duh, like so creative i know. Anyway if anyone going can get me the sellers information or even pick me one up, I would be so grateful. THANK YOU!!!!