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Disneyland 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides

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  • gwynn1977
    started a topic Disneyland 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides

    Disneyland 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides

    Can anyone help me with information on all of the different 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides that were given out at Disneyland? I have quite a few of them and have never opened them. I'm trying to figure out which ones, if any, that I am missing. So what would really be nice is a list of all of the guides that were given out during the 50th anniversary. Any and all information anyone can give me on this is much appreciated!!

  • gwynn1977
    Re: Disneyland 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides

    Thanks so much for your help with the Disneyland souvenir guides. Looks like I am missing one of them! I need the Mickey - New Years Disneyland guide that was given out during the 50th. If you happen to have an extra of that one in NEW condition please let me know.

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  • MagicAlumni
    Re: Disneyland 50th Anniversary Souvenir Guides

    I'm assuming you mean the guides that are available at the gates?

    Here's the complete list...

    DL050505 50th - Parade of Dreams (Gold)
    DL050717 50th - Walt & Castle 50th Anniversary
    DL050715 50th - Space Mountain "It's Back"
    DL050930 50th - Space Mountain - Train
    DL051111 50th - Christmas - Small World
    DL051231 50th - New Years - Mickey
    DL060103 50th - Gold Dumbo Ride
    DL060317 50th - Fireworks Over Castle
    DL060428 50th - Flowers & Train Station
    DL060624 50th - Pirates 2 Premiere
    DL060626 50th - Pirates of the Caribbean
    DL060905 50th - Castle 50th Decorations

    California Adventure
    DCA050505 50th - Block Party Bash (Red)
    DCA050717 50th - Walt & Map 50th Anniversary
    DCA050715 50th - Turtle Talk w/ Crush
    DCA050930 50th - Goofy on Tower of Terror
    No Code 50th - Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Event
    DCA051111 50th - Christmas - Tree on Paradise Pier
    DCA051231 50th - New Years - Goofy
    DCA060103 50th - Monsters Inc Ride (Orange)
    DCA060317 50th - Monsters Inc Ride (Blue)
    DCA060428 50th - Monsters Inc Ride (Purple)
    DCA060626 50th - Block Party Bash Cone
    DCA060905 50th - Disney Animation

    I have extras of most of these guides, let me know if you want to trade for any you may have.
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