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    Eeee-va, I love it! It looks like you had a great time. I love the outfit ShellieMay is wearing.


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      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

        Immamouse, did you create your avatar artwork? I've never seen that image… It's great!:thumbup:


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          I’m taking Adelaide, Duffy, Shellie May, and Peace Hippie to Virginia Beach. Adelaide has not complained but I know she longs to go to the beach. Peace Hippie will be happy to finish her cross country trek and to see the Atlantic Ocean.

          Duffy and Shellie May are just happy to be going on a real vacation. I left them behind when I flew to Las Vegas and so they’ve only been on a long Memorial Day weekend and to Chicago this year.

          “Wow, Adelaide. Is that going to be comfortable for you to travel in? This is going to be a very active trip. Do you want to change into something practical?”

          “Going on a vacation is a special occasion, worthy of dressing up for,” she told me.

          The other bears were much more relaxed about their wardrobe.

          After seeing all the gear that is required to escort 4 bears on a vacation, I almost rented a bigger car.

          “That would give us less money to spend at Build-A-Bear, though, right?” asked Shellie May. “We ARE going to Build-A-Bear, right?”

          “Yes, time permitting.”

          Peace Hippie is proud that her foot callouses and blisters healed so she’s showing off her pretty feet and is just bringing shoes for when we go somewhere that they’re required.

          Adelaide checked the suitcase. “Did you pack my Sunday hat?” she asked.

          “Yes, Adelaide. You’re all set.”

          “I might not actually wear it on SUNDAY, though,” she said.

          “You can wear it any day you want,” I informed her.

          “Sunglasses?” asked Shellie May.


          “Beach hats for the rest of us?”


          There is a 3 mile,, 23 foot wide boardwalk so da bears want to go roller skating and skateboarding. Our hotel is right on the beach and all the rooms face the ocean and have a private balcony.

          “Okay, we’re READY!” said Duffy. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

          It is about 700 miles from Nashville to Virginia Beach so we needed some nourishment before we hit the road. I stopped at Puffy Muffin. Adelaide and Peace Hippie had the pimento cheese rolls and Duffy and Shellie May got a BLT yeast roll.

          “This is really good,” said Shellie May.

          “Puffy Muffin does puffy well,” agreed Adelaide.

          Duffy was looking longingly at Peace Hippie’s pimento cheese roll. “Maybe I should have tried that for something unique,” he said.

          “If you can eat two sandwiches, I will go get you one,” I offered.

          “Yes, please….and thank you,” he said all at once.

          “Heh heh, you will be EXTRA puffy Duffy,” said Shellie May. “I just made a rhyme,” she said as she continued to giggle, with Adelaide and Peace Hippie joining in.

          “That’s okay. Just more of me to love,” he said with a smile.

          “That’s true. You are always my BFF, no matter WHICH bears come with on vacation with us,” Shellie May encouraged him.

          Duffy is happy to be surrounded by pretty girls. I’m glad he doesn’t mind that he’s outnumbered.


          • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

            These are adorable! Good job everyone.


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              Originally posted by DuffyDaisuki View Post
              Immamouse, did you create your avatar artwork? I've never seen that image… It's great!:thumbup:
              That is a gorgeous bit of art work! :love:


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                Originally posted by DuffyDaisuki View Post
                Immamouse, did you create your avatar artwork? I've never seen that image… It's great!:thumbup:
                DuffyD I saw it on FB and borrowed it



                • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                  Wow, JillT, what an adventure! (You said Duffy was outnumbered, but I don't think you mentioned that YOU are outnumbered too! )

                  Thanks, Ilovegreataur and DuffyD! I whipped up that costume on a whim. (Arguably Shellie May's whim, actually, since a couple years ago she told me she wanted to go to a convention with me and I told her she needed a costume, so I cobbled it together from stuff I had on hand in like 2 evenings... )

                  I'm about a 6-8 hour drive to Disneyland, so no day trips for me. But I was fortunate enough to go to WDW in January 2014...even with truly terrible weather, I have more than enough photos to last for ages!

                  I'm also super-blessed with friends/travel companions who either take time away on their own (leaving me plenty of time for photos) or humor me and occasionally even help me create poses.

                  But yes, I try to save up my photos to make sure I have enough to post something daily on my blog and Facebook. (Which sometimes means I just plain forget to post them at all. )

                  But it was fun to share a big batch at once...I need to have more mini trips!

                  (DuffyD, I would LOVE to see more photo days from you, both because you deserve a nice trip to TDS for YOURSELF, and also because your photos are so great! There is still all of October... )
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                  • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                    Eeee-va, wow! The costumes you make for ShellieMay are outstanding. I really love this one. It's super appropriate for the location too. I would love to be able to see like that. Maybe I'll learn someday.


                    • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                      You are very talented, Eeee-va. it can't be easy to work with such a small bear and sew all that.

                      Duffy Daisuki, I love your photos and they have a very professional, artistic perspective. I hope you can post more photos soon.


                      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                        Our first stop in Virginia Beach was Duck Donuts, a famous local place. They make cake donuts fresh all day and then you tell them what you want on them.

                        “Uh-oh. Does this mean we’re going hiking today,” asked Duffy as he looked at his donut suspiciously.
                        “No, you can eat that donut in peace with no strings attached. In fact, whenever we go hiking from now on I will carry you and Shellie May and you can just tell me when you want me to put you down to explore something closer at the moment, deal?”

                        “DEAL!” he said enthusiastically. “Ladies first,” said Duffy, generously passing the box to Adelaide first.

                        “I chose maple,” said Adelaide.

                        Shellie May chose strawberry frosting.

                        “Even if it’s not Ghirardelli, you can’t go wrong with chocolate,” said Peace Hippie.

                        “That leaves cinnamon/sugar for me AND the leftover drips from your frostings,” said Duffy, ready to swipe his paw across.

                        The day started out friendly cloudy with the sun trying to poke through but by the time we got to the hotel room it was raining. All the rooms open to a private balcony facing the ocean.

                        “The beach, THE BEACH, BEACH, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACH!” yelled Adelaide, who got halfway out the balcony door before I could stop her.

                        “Well, maybe no surfing today,” she said.

                        “Yeah, we’ll wait for better weather,” said Duffy and Shellie May.

                        "We must be good stewards," said Peace Hippie.

                        The bears decided to peruse the materials giving tips on what to see and do in the area.

                        Peace Hippie looked for coupons and then was found reading the restaurant guide. “Ooo, this buffet looks good,” she said.

                        “Ditto,” said Adelaide, looking on.

                        “It does sound good, but it’s hard to take this book seriously when Domino’s Pizza is in here,” said Duffy critically.

                        Adelaide read about the monuments and architecture of the Virginia Beach/Newport News/Norfolk, and Hampton area.

                        Duffy was looking for coupons. “Read this magazine, too, Duffy,” Shellie May advised.

                        "Ooo, look, a kite," observed Shellie May later.

                        "And now, a trombone player," said Shellie May, thrilled to hear live music.

                        "This is a happenin' place, man," agreed Peace Hippie, glad to be seeing the Atlantic ocean, especially since she didn't have to WALK the rest of the way across the United States!

                        "Don't forget to use this when the sun comes out," Adelaide reminded me.

                        Later it was time for bed. “You have to stay on THAT side of the bed because you are a BOY,” Shellie May informed him.

                        “Duh,” said Duffy in a carefree tone of voice, glad to have so much space to himself anyway.



                        • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                          Fantastico, Jill!!


                          • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                            That pillow barrier... :lol: Funniest thing I've seen in a while!
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                            • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                              The next day dawned cloudy again, with sprinkles of rain. There had been a beach warning since Saturday.

                              That didn't stop the Sandman triathlon from taking place. I saw all these people in wet suits marching into the ocean! Then in the front of the hotel the bike race took place, and then I met some of the contestants after the run. They said the waves were really scary and several of them commented that they would be sticking to fresh water from now on.

                              “It’s Sunday, time to wear my HAT!” Adelaide said as she got all gussied up.

                              First da bears got their photo at the 33 foot tall Neptune statue.

                              Then they climbed on the playground equipment.

                              “People are a bunch of wimps,” said Duffy. “We have this place to ourselves just because of a few drops of rain?” he asked.

                              “Well, that and maybe because it’s only 8 a.m. on a Sunday. I got up at early to see the sunrise but that didn’t happen.

                              "Wooo, it's windy out here," said Adelaide.

                              The Captain George Seafood Buffet opened at noon so we got there a little early and a few locals were already in line! The place was HUMONGOUS!

                              After an hour and a half of grazing the food, I put da bears back in the car. Peace Hippie’s eyes were glazed over and unfocused. “Are you feeling okay? What’s wrong?” I asked her.

                              “I’m trippin’,” she told me dreamily.

                              “Huh?” I was a bit worried.

                              “She is going into a food coma,” Shellie May told me. Oh, whew, nothing that won’t wear off after a good nap then! I let the waves lull them to sleep by putting them on the balcony.

                              Shellie May's outfit comes from this shop on Etsy:


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                              • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                Monday Shellie May discovered gelato. She got black cherry.

                                Duffy saved his treat for salt water taffy. “Meh, it doesn’t have much flavor,” he informed me.

                                “I agree, which is why I never buy it for myself,” I told him.

                                Then I took da bears to the Build-A-Bear in Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach.

                                Peace Hippie immediately went over to the hearts ‘n’ hugs bear. “Hi, I’m Peace Hippie and I’m diggin’ your groovy colors,” she said.

                                “I’m Adelaide, and I like your hearts! I only have one heart but it’s really big, see?” said Adelaide.

                                “I’m Hannah,” the hearts ‘n’ hugs bear said.

                                “Wanna blow this joint and come live in Tennessee with us?” Peace Hippie asked.

                                “Sure, anything would be better than sitting on this shelf!” said Hannah.

                                Meanwhile, Duffy saw the Hello Kitty pajamas and slippers I purchased for Shellie May in July in Greenwood, IN. “It looks much better on YOU, Shellie May,” he said. Shellie May beamed.

                                When we got back to the hotel, the sun was out. Peace Hippie, Hannah, and Adelaide went chillin’ on the balcony.

                                “If you took your shoes off, you’d be more comfortable,” said Hannah to Adelaide.

                                “No, my shoes stay ON!” said Adelaide.

                                “Yeah, she is self-conscious of her Cody Simpson paws,” said Peace Hippie.

                                "Ah, this is the life. This is about as much excitement as you can expect,” explained Adelaide. “I got adopted last summer and this is the first vacation I have been on.”

                                “Still beats sitting on a shelf under florescent lights,” said Hannah.

                                Shellie May wrote out a postcard.

                                Later, when the bears got ready for bed, Hannah noticed Adelaide’s bear paws. “Ooo, your colors match me, gitchee gitchee goo,” she said, reaching for Adelaide.

                                “Ah ha ha ha,” said Adelaide, who is ticklish.

                                “Tickle, tickle, TICKLE!” said Hannah.

                                “Ah ha ha hee hee heeeee, stop it!” said Adelaide, laughing so hard she almost couldn’t breathe.

                                Next thing I had a full blown tickle fight on my hands so I had to take Hannah’s paws and stop her myself.

                                Poor Duffy hardly has ANY room on the bed now that there are FOUR girl bears taking up so much space!


                                • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                  The next day dawned cloudy and dark again.

                                  We went to Cape Henry lighthouse and also saw Fort Story lighthouse. Both were on a military base in Virginia Beach.

                                  We also visited where the settlers landed before establishing Jamestown as a permanent town.

                                  Adelaide was really itching to go surfing, but the weather was not cooperating.

                                  She and Peace Hippie came upon a mural. "That could be us," said Adelaide wistfully.

                                  "Yeah, you can be the surfer and I can drive the van," agreed Peace Hippie.

                                  We walked along the 3 mile long boardwalk anyway.

                                  "We ate scallops at Captain George's restaurant," observed Duffy.

                                  "This SO should be me!" Adelaide exclaimed at the surfing statues. "I ride regular, not goofy," she informed all of us.

                                  Shellie May's top comes from this shop on Etsy.



                                  • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                    "Well, at least there is no hurricane warning," said Adelaide when yet another day had a beach hazard warning.

                                    "When the wind blows so strong that I can't even stand up, I do NOT go in the water," she told me. Meanwhile some idiot family with two young children went out in this to bodysurf (nothing up here, tapping my forehead and rolling my eyes, or some people don't have the BRAINS they were born with (both sayings from my Mom)). Or as my sister would say, "DUMBa**!"

                                    "I'm an indoor bear," Hannah told me. "I don't like to get my fur dirty. Time to crawl back into my cub condo." (That is not the sun trying to come out; it is the flash on my camera).

                                    "Me, too," said Adelaide.

                                    "Me, three," said Peace Hippie. "Kisses all around, mwah, mwah."

                                    "I need a bigger house," said Hannah.

                                    Later the weather cleared up enough to walk the boardwalk some more. We came upon a pirate ship playground, which was right up Duffy's alley.



                                    • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                      Friday was the 41st annual Virginia Beach Neptune Festival, which includes the international sand sculpting competition, 2 parades (an emergency vehicle parade on Friday night (LOL, any excuse to party in this city), and a regular parade with alot of marching bands and a few floats on Saturday, 31 blocks of food and crafts, and 3 stages of live music throughout the 3 day weekend.

                                      "You've got to FIGHT for your RIGHT to PARRRRR-TY!" yelled Duffy.

                                      "Why do you have to fight?" asked a puzzled Peace Hippie.

                                      "It's just the lyrics to a song by the Beastie Boys," Shellie May told her.

                                      "That doesn't sound like something I would like," she replied.


                                      The day started out dreary but by the time we were done viewing the sand sculptures the sun had come out.

                                      "Surf's up!" said Adelaide happily!

                                      "Don't you want to join us, Hannah?" I asked.

                                      "No, I can see fine from here," she told me. Hmmm, well, okay, I'm not going to force her but I think she's missing out on alot of life if she just stays inside all the time.

                                      "You know what would make this day PERFECT?" asked Shellie May. "Ice cream!" Soon after that she saw a truck serving Hawaiian shaved ice. The man beckoned her over. "Wow, all those flavors? Yes, please, I'll have one!" she said.

                                      Peace Hippie decided to build a sand castle.

                                      "Heh heh, that looks like you packed some sand in a pail and turned it upside down," said Duffy.

                                      "Well, like the sign said, it takes alot of practice, but I think this is enough for today," she replied.

                                      Meanwhile, Shellie May set up her chaise lounge and got ready to eat her shaved ice.

                                      "Mmm, mmm, good," she said.

                                      "I'll tilt my chair back some more and take a nap," she said.

                                      "Yup, this is the PERFECT day," she said.

                                      Duffy prepared to go snorkeling and Adelaide strapped on her surfboard.

                                      That didn't last long. A shark started chasing them!

                                      Meanwhile, Shellie May had fallen asleep.

                                      "It looks like her Hawaiian shaved ice is melting," observed Duffy.

                                      "I'll help you with your sand castle," offered Adelaide. "Well, that's pretty pathetic; maybe I better not touch it, heh heh."

                                      "It's okay if you laugh," said Peace Hippie. "I don't mind. I already said I need alot more practice."

                                      "I will HELP Shellie May eat her Hawaiian shaved ice. No sense in it melting and going to waste," said Duffy.

                                      Later, back at the hotel, there was a sailboat regatta.

                                      "We love Virginia Beach," said Duffy and Shellie May in unison.

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                                      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                        Back at home, Hannah went straight for Shellie May's throne.

                                        "We made a spot for you right HERE!" said Peace Hippie.

                                        "Yes, welcome, Hannah," said Lo♥ey.

                                        "I left Build-A-Bear to sit on a shelf HERE?" Hannah said despondently.

                                        "You can sit on my cushioned car seat, other than when I need it," Shellie May told her. "Plus you have all of us for siblings and lots of music, books, and DVDs to occupy yourself. It's not so bad."

                                        "Oh, okay, at least I won't get butt sores now," said Hannah. "Plus at least this is in NATURAL light and not those horrible florescent lamps!"



                                        • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                          Jillt where did you get your post cards?



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