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    We got up at 5 a.m. the next morning, with a Spiderman wake-up call. Since we were staying on the premises at a Universal resort we got one hour early admission to just the Diagon Alley/Harry Potter section of Universal Studios.

    The park employee recognized da bears. “Oh, you are Disney bears Duffy and Sherrie May, and Bearemy from Build-A-Bear. Welcome everyone.”

    Shellie May corrected her gently. “It’s okay because at least you knew I’m a DISNEY bear, but my name is actually SheLLLLLLLie May,” she said, emphasizing and totally ROLLING the “L”.

    Shellie May saw a magic telephone and wanted to call the other bears to let them know how much fun we were having already.

    They got their picture taken at the Knights’ Bus.

    We were then ready to enter Diagon Alley. Even if you are like me and can’t handle 3-D ride simulators, you are still able to walk through the Escape from Gringotts ride and the Castle in Islands of Adventure’s Hogsmeade/Harry Potter section. The Gringotts bank was impressive, with animated goblins working as tellers. Then right before you would get on the ride, they escort you out.

    Duffy ordered Butter Beer, which is not quite carbonated, but almost; it’s hard to explain. It has a butterscotch flavor. Luckily, the Cornish pasties came 3 to an order, which was perfect for da bears. Cornish pasties are made with potato flour and are a really flaky pastry, and inside is ground beef, carrots, and onions, but it tasted like a mild taco.

    Shellie May saw an ice cream parlor, so of course we had to go inside. She looked at the flavors and then decided to try butter beer ice cream. “How do you like it,” asked the cashier.

    “A little too sweet for me, but oh, well, it was worth a try,” said Shellie May diplomatically.

    “Would you like a frozen butter beer instead, my treat? The slushy ice takes a little of that sweetness away, and it is not milk based,” the cashier said, who thought Shellie May was adorable.

    “Oh, yes, please, and thank you!” said Shellie May. “Oh, yes, I do like this better!”

    Duffy picked out a different treat, and Bearami wasn’t hungry so he decided to save his thirst for pumpkin juice later.

    Duffy and Bearami laughed at some of the tricks in Weasley’s shop.

    We took the train to Hogsmeade. Shellie May and Duffy both popped up to get their picture taken at the train station. Bearami missed out because by then the line moved. “I’ll get your picture first next time there is a limited opportunity,” I encouraged him.

    As you are waiting in line, pay attention after going up the stairs, as you can see people in line going through the “wall”; it is a special effect, and then when you advance through the line you will see how they did the optical illusion. The train has a screen for the window and you watch the journey like you are Harry Potter going to wizarding school.

    We arrived at Hogsmeade. Bearami and then Duffy got their photo with the train, and then it pulled away. Shellie May missed out on this one but she wasn’t upset.

    We entered Hogsmeade in the Islands of Adventure park.

    Da bears got their photo with the train conductor.

    By this time, Bearami was thirsty. “I’m ready to try pumpkin juice,” he said. “This is big enough to share,” he added generously. Pumpkin juice is 81% juice, and instead of paying $7.50 for a bottle at the street vendor, you can get it in the restaurant in over ice in a cup (probably 12 oz. instead of 16 oz.), for $3.99, but I did not know that at the time. The juices it includes are apple, pumpkin, and apricot. I do not like cloves, nutmeg, or allspice, but I do like cinnamon. It was really good and just tasted like a good pumpkin pie and not overly spiced.

    Duffy's and Shellie May's vests come from this shop on Etsy:

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    • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

      We spent the whole day at Universal Studios, minus the Harry Potter section, since we already saw that.

      "Yommy! Donuts! What's lard?" asked Duffy. When I told him, he said, "pass." I guess if he eats donuts made with lard and he doesn't know it, he's cool, but now that he does, he's not exactly enthused about a donut shop that ADVERTISES the fact they use l lard.

      Of course, y'all know that Duffy likes trains.

      "Umm, hellOH, why are you still closed? We got here at 7 a.m., the park opens to the public at 8 a.m., and now it's past 9:00! OPEN UP!" said Shellie May.

      Da bears got hungry alot walking through the whole park.

      Basically, I went through a fortune in food today for them.

      That was the end of that day.


      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

        Great Picture's!!



        • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

          The next day we went to Islands of Adventure. I must admit, there were alot more photo ops for da bears, although I like both parks equally.

          We entered Islands of Adventure through the Port of Entry.

          Duffy, the cat whisperer, talked nice to the giant leopard. “Okay, it’s safe to sit on its back now,” he informed them.

          Bearami climbed on and Shellie May said, “you’re not getting me on that!”

          Once Shellie May saw that Bearami survived, she hesitantly got on the next giant cat, which was a tiger.

          Shellie May preferred playing the drums.

          "I'll ride the monkey," said Shellie May. "He likes drums so he must be okay."

          That was just one section of the Islands of Adventure park!
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          • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

            We came to Seuss Landing. “Hmmm, this is very colorful,” said Duffy and Shellie May.

            Da bears got their pictures taken with the Grinch, who sat down with a smile.

            We watched the Dr. Seuss “Oh the stories you’ll hear” show.

            Now that da bears were familiar with all the characters, they got their picture taken with the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Thing 1 and 2, and Sam I Am.

            They were totally psyched at getting to actually ride the carousel.

            They also enjoyed the “If I ran the Zoo” playground area.

            "I like to sleep, too," said Duffy.

            There was alot to see in this section.

            "That doesn't sound appetizing," said Shellie May.

            They declined going down the slide, though.

            “I don’t like caves,” said Shellie May. “You can go find the natch."

            "This is me to a T" said Duffy.

            “Wow, an all you can read buffet!” exclaimed Shellie May when she saw the Dr. Seuss bookstore.

            Her pile grew taller by the minute. Bearami pointed out some Dr. Seuss collections. “This might help condense things,” he suggested.

            Meanwhile, Duffy just wanted a notepad with a pen.

            “Shellie May, just because it says all you can read doesn’t mean you have to pick out one of every single book in the store,” I told her, laughing when I saw her stack.

            “I’m not. These are just books written by Dr. Seuss and nothing by authors writing in the STYLE of Dr. Seuss after Dr. Seuss himself died,” she informed me.

            “Well, you’re still going to have to prioritize,” I said.

            “Okay, how about now?” she asked, as she eliminated a FEW books.

            “Keep going,” I told her.

            “Okay, I eliminated some more but these are the ones I absolutely can NOT live without,” she said. “And it’s a good investment because you will have me, Duffy, Zhu Xiong, and Hannah all reading them. What about you Bearami? Do you want to read these?” she asked.

            “Uh, MAYYYYYYbe,” said Bearami doubtfully.

            Well, I could see that at least she made an effort so I decided to get those books for her.

            "Heh, heh, when it comes to books, you TOTALLY need constant supervision," guffawed Duffy.

            “Whoops!” she said when she saw the total on the cash register.

            “Mine isn’t so bad,” said Duffy.

            Then Duffy and Bearami shared a moment of victory, high fiving each other thinking of all the video game credit they would have now.

            Because I drove, I could easily fit a box of books in the trunk. Now that we're home, Shellie May is configuring where the books will fit.
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            • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

              sorry, sometimes when it's long even though I don't refresh, it double posts.


              • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                All-you-can-read buffet! Your Shellie May is SUCH a bookworm!
                Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

                Daily updates on Facebook!


                • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                  Wow, I'm totally enjoying these vacation pics. It makes me want to go to Universal when before I had little interest in anything there except for Harry Potter. Even the resort you stayed at looks totally cool!


                  • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                    Next we came to the Lost Continent section.

                    Da bears climbed part of the fence to see better.

                    Bearami saw the Poseidon’s Fury attraction first. Duffy and Shellie May also wanted to do it.

                    We took a few pictures in the Jurassic Park section.

                    In the Toon Lagoon, Duffy wanted to eat again.

                    Next was the Marvel Superheroes section.

                    It was hot and humid but only rained 2 hours of the whole 9 days.

                    "I like Spiderman!" said Duffy.

                    "Oh, look, Duffy, a COMIC book store for you!" said Shellie May. I think she was more excited than he was.

                    "Who you?" asked Duffy of Thor.

                    Duffy was interested in the Marvel Encyclopedia. “Are you sure you’re going to read all that, Duffy? There are a lot of pictures but it’s super heavy and thick. I’m not sure your attention span will last that long.”

                    “True,” he said, putting it back.

                    “Look at all the Spiderman comics,” he said excitedly. “I have a Spiderman outfit!” Unfortunately, they did not have the first Spiderman ever released.

                    “When did Mickey Mouse turn evil?” asked Shellie May.

                    Luckily, Duffy and Bearami did not ask me to purchase anything in there.

                    We were ALL hungry at the end of THIS long day. Shellie May chose to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe so we all followed her in.

                    "Just because this place is called Hard Rock Cafe, doesn't mean you have to eat a rock," said Duffy.

                    Da bears drank their weight in water and then they were too full to eat much. It was a pretty cobb salad but they took most of it back to the room for later.

                    After we were done eating, we wandered around to look at the relics.

                    "Oh, look, more of those discs with only one song on them," said Duffy of the 45 rpms.

                    On the way out, we saw the Universal Studios Store. Shellie May wanted to go inside. “You’re shopped out for the rest of the trip, Shellie May,” I told her.

                    “I know, but there’s no harm in LOOKING, right?” she said mischievously. When we got inside she wanted a Dr. Seuss bookmark.

                    “That style of bookmark damages the pages. You’ll do better with your drawer full of colorful crocheted bookworms,” I said.

                    “Okay, no problem” she said cheerfully, moving on.

                    “Do they have this shirt in my size?” asked Bearami, who felt a little miffed earlier when there was not a Thing to hold him in the photo.

                    Back at the hotel, da bears were ready to eat the rest of their salad. "You can only eat in bed on vacation," said Duffy.

                    "Yes, and you must take your shoes off first," Shellie May added.

                    "Vacations are cool!" said Bearami.

                    Dig in!

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                      Originally posted by Diznygrl View Post
                      Wow, I'm totally enjoying these vacation pics. It makes me want to go to Universal when before I had little interest in anything there except for Harry Potter. Even the resort you stayed at looks totally cool!
                      The resort was great!

                      The parks, well, alot of the new and old rides were breaking down so I'm glad I was there for so long so I was able to still see what I wanted. Also, it's ridiculous, but certain attractions don't open until 1-2 hours later than park public opening. They skimp on employee shifts and then you have to backtrack and come back. I'm glad I went; I had been there for 2 days in 2003 with my sister and I've been to the one in California, also, but this time I saw it ALL and now I'm good for life (whereas I still want to see more of Disney).

                      Hollywood Horror Nights coming up...but not I'm going to sleep!


                      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	232323232%7Ffp83232)uqcshlukaxroqdfv7843=ot)2363=5;7=3 5=XROQDF)2;48; 283723 ot1lsi.jpg
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ID:	7357247 Aloha Friday!!!



                        • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                          One day we decided to tour the other resorts. It ended up that while we didn't see the rooms, we liked the actual Cabana Bay Beach Resort the best by far.

                          Shellie May was ready but Duffy wanted to finish his TV show.

                          "I'm leaving, Duffy, boo bye," she said.

                          "Only 10 more minutes. Geez, Shellie May, we have all day and it's not even noon yet!"

                          "I know. I'm just kidding. You're my BFF and I wouldn't do that to you," she replied.

                          First we went to the Portofino Bay Resort.

                          "Is this what Italy really looks like," Duffy asked me. I went to Italy for 10 days in 2010. "Yes," I told him.

                          We came upon a gelato place next to a Starbucks. We all know what Shellie May picked out!

                          Well, she actually chose raspberry sorbet and Swiss chocolate flavors.

                          Bearami picked out a strawberry shortcake cupcake. "Those Halloween ones look nice, but I think the strawberry shortcake would taste the best," he said.

                          Duffy picked out a pumpkin muffin from Starbuck's. "Even if it's Starbucks, that is still a treat," he said.

                          It was hot and humid so we decided to relax in the air conditioning.

                          Next we went to the Hard Rock Hotel.

                          "Yeah, let's raid the kitchen," said Bearami.

                          "You just ate!" I said.

                          "That was just an appetizer," Duffy explained.

                          Shellie May put on her glasses and browsed the drink menu.

                          "Remember on New Year's Eve you drank too much alcohol and woke up the next morning with one of your shoes and your crown falling off?" Duffy reminded her.

                          "The alternative rock choices are non-alcoholic drinks," she informed him.

                          We had to take a water taxi to the last resort, the Royal Pacific.

                          Bearami jumped up and occluded my view of the Hard Rock Cafe.

                          Duffy wanted to enjoy the scenery, too.

                          There was alot to take pictures of at this resort.

                          "That looks fun," said Shellie May.

                          Duffy posed next to the reclining Buddha.

                          Back at our resort, Shellie May noticed that Twister was showing at the pool. Having just survived the attraction at Universal Studios a couple of days ago, she wanted to see it.

                          However, when da bears saw that the screen was setup right in front of the pool and the best view could be had by treading water for 90 minutes they decided to just queue something up on the ipad.

                          "I'm not turning into a prune to watch a movie," said Shellie May. "Let's see if Hoopla (the library's free movie/audiobooks/album streaming website) or Amazon Prime has it."

                          "Can we order pizza and eat in bed again?" asked Bearami.

                          "Yeah, and let's get a milkshake to go with that," said Shellie May.

                          Neither the library nor Amazon Prime had "Twister" but da bears found another movie about tornadoes and a documentary on Amazon Prime so they put that in the watchlist.

                          They got margherita pizza, a chocolate shake, and decided to try the movie first.

                          Within a few minutes they could tell that the movie had a high cheese factor so they switched to the documentary.

                          When the storm chaser got out of his truck, laughing maniacally with glee, and set up his camera equipment, only to realize that he was not chasing a tornado but instead a dust cloud from a tractor, Duffy let out a snort.

                          "Dude doesn't know the difference between a twister and a farmer plowing his field? Wake me when it's OVER!" he said.

                          "Yeah, that is really DUMB! We can watch something else," offered Shellie May. "Okay with you, Bearami?"

                          "Fine!" said Bearami.


                          • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                            Duffy and Shellie May put their vampire bat and cat costumes on and had to check in the mirror to make sure they got it JUSTTTT right.

                            We went to Universal Studios in the afternoon. If you have a day pass and a Hollywood Horror Night ticket you can stay in one of three holding areas while the park is cleared and avoid waiting in line/going through security again. So first we watched the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue.

                            Then we ate dinner at the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley.

                            “Hey, how come there are only two cottage pies and three of us bears?” asked Bearami, who was concerned he would get the short end of the stick, literally and figuratively (you use a magic candlestick to “summon” your food).

                            “Those cottage pies are for you and Duffy. I’m eating the salad and then going straight for dessert,” explained Shellie May, who had ordered chocolate pot pie. I don’t know why it’s called pie since there is no crust; it is between pudding and mousse and really good!

                            I wasn’t sure how da bears would react to the haunted houses, as I had already seen 5 of them myself earlier in the week. I wanted to get them through as many of them before dark as I could.

                            First we went to the Halloween haunted house. Bearami tried to climb the fence before it was even open but of course, a staff member stopped him. “You’re cute, but no exceptions; you have to wait your turn,” said the employee.

                            Then we walked through the Bayou of Blood.

                            They had vampire nurses selling jello shots that looked like a blood transfusion bag.

                            Face Off was a section of floats with evil people posing on them.

                            “Adam Ant does it better, but you’re a convincing pirate, too,” said Duffy.

                            “You must be pretty ugly if you have to wear a sack over your head,” said Duffy to another costumed person.

                            So far so good.

                            Shellie May looked dubiously at the zombie poster. “We’re not going to see THAT, are we?” she asked.

                            “You will if you go into the Dawn of the Dead or even more likely through the Walking Dead haunted house,” I told her.

                            Right at that time someone came up and laughed at her and said, “you bears are in the wrong park! You should be partying with Mickey (Magic Kingdom is holding “Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party” at the same time as Universal’s Hollywood Horror Nights).” Being type A and competitive in some regards, Shellie May suddenly found the courage to go into “every single haunted house, so there”.

                            She still was not thrilled with the idea but to prove their bravery, all da bears got their photo with the Walking Dead mannequins.

                            Duffy posed in front of the Dracula haunted house. “I’m a vampire bat; you suck my blood, I suck your blood back, even Steven,” he said.

                            The Purge was a scare zone and we all thought the movie was morbid and depressing about human nature.

                            “Radical, duuuuuude,” said Duffy and Bearami, chest bumping when they saw the poster for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure show. We all needed some lighthearted entertainment for a break. The show needs more men, please, AHEM!

                            The other haunted houses were Alien vs. Predator, which had good special effects but didn’t scare any of us, Giggles & Gore, which didn’t phase us either, Roanoke: Lost Colony of Cannibals, and Dollhouse of the Damned, which Shellie May got her picture in front of. That was the scariest for da bears and Shellie May clung to Duffy the whole time, with her screams echoing outside. There was an evil Teddy Ruxspin and several plush bears with their stuffing ripped out.



                            • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                              We stopped in the sweets shop after that because we all needed a reward for surviving!

                              I thought maybe a cookie and some milk would calm their nerves.

                              “I got chocolate milk,” bragged Duffy.

                              “My cookie is the most unique (raspberry/white chocolate),” said Bearami.

                              “My cookie is so big and thick it is like eating a biscuit,” said Shellie May.

                              It really didn’t matter who had the best snack because they all passed their cookies around and nibbled off each other’s.

                              After tucking them in, Shellie May especially was restless.

                              “We should leave ONE light on,” she said.

                              Then, “Duffy…..can I sleep with you and Bearami just for tonight, PLEEEEEZ?”

                              Duffy sat up and said, “Sure, Shellie May, come on; there’s safety in numbers.”

                              Duffy and Bearami made room for Shellie May in the middle.

                              Then they pulled the covers over their heads. “If we can’t see the monsters, they can’t see us,” they said.

                              Next thing you know, I felt three sets of furry paws on my shoulder. “Can we sleep with YOU tonight, PLEEEZ?” they all asked me.

                              “Yes, and I’m sorry bears. I hope you feel better tomorrow in the bright of day. You probably WOULD have liked Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party better,” I told them.


                              • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                The next day we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark, 2.7 miles away. Even though I had a park to park unlimited pass including Wet ‘n’ Wild as a bonus, I had to pay $13 parking. Oh, well. There is a shuttle but you have to schedule it 24 hours ahead of time and it has limited hours.

                                Da bears were ready to head right in to get wet!

                                “Ooo, a disco slide. I’ll do that!” said Shellie May.

                                “Too many steps, unless there’s a donut shop at the top,” said Duffy of one of the slides.

                                They agreed, as did some humans who turned back after reading the description, that the Black Hole tunnel slide was a little TOO wet ‘n’ wild.

                                Duffy went into the wave pool, while Shellie May and Bearami sunbathed.

                                “Hey, wanna go on the aqua racers?” Duffy inquired.

                                Bearami was getting hungry.

                                Shellie May spotted the dippin’ dots ice cream stand. “At least this one is open, unlike the one at Universal Studios,” she said. She chose banana split and shared with Duffy and Bearami.



                                • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                  Back at the hotel, Shellie May decided to shampoo and condition her fur with Alberto V05 products, and Duffy and Bearami got zestfully clean.

                                  Then Duffy and Bearami discovered the world of online comics. “Duffy, come look at this! Free comics on this app from Amazon,” said Bearami of Comixology.

                                  First they had to download the app.

                                  They loaded up their cart with several interesting titles, including Detective Honeybear.

                                  Duffy searched on the Marvel website for Spiderman. “$74.99 for a digital Spiderman collection of comics just because it has the FIRST episode? They must be on crack to think I’ll pay that, credit from Shellie May’s shopping spree or not,” said Duffy.

                                  Meanwhile, Shellie May had a good belly laugh thinking of how they would get addicted and pass her up as shopaholics.

                                  “$1.99 for the first episode of Thor? That’s more like it. Let’s get that one,” said Duffy.

                                  Since Bearami found the first website, but Duffy setup the account under the user name DuffyBearami, Bearami at least wanted the honor of checking out, even if the balance was $0.00.

                                  “You can put your name first on the Marvel website,” offered Duffy. So their username is bearamiduffy for that one, because it did not accept capital letters.

                                  They decided to read Detective Honeybear ,one of the free comics they downloaded. The ipad needed to be recharged. "Good thing we're near an outlet," commented Duffy.



                                  • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                    The last day of vacation, da bears decided they should really swim at least once in the resort’s pools.

                                    The pool on my side of the hotel had a lazy river.

                                    “Wow, that’s a big diving tower,” said Shellie May.

                                    “That’s not a diving tower as the deepest part of either of these pools is 3 feet, 7 inches,” explained Duffy. “That’s just a decorative piece with the water slide going through it, see?”

                                    “Oh, yeah, now I get it,” she replied.

                                    They looked at the splash zone but decided they didn’t want pails of water randomly dumping on their head when they filled and tipped.

                                    Shellie May tried to build a sand castle. “This sand is pretty but it doesn’t stick together well,” she observed.

                                    Duffy was tempted to get some treats from the resort gift shop. “Nah, way too much fun having over $200 in credit.” He did use some of it up, though, by pre-ordering Disney’s new Fantasia: Music Evolved video game for the Microsoft Xbox360 with Kinect, as well as Disney’s Kingdom Hearts II.5 Remix for Sony PlayStation 3.

                                    Then they put their pajamas on and found the most comfortable seats yet, although being the 1960’s shade of green was not appealing to them, which is why they didn’t sit in them earlier.

                                    Duffy and Bearami read another comic book. They decided that comics are not enjoyable due to the typeset/font/writing and the size of the words. Shellie May did a word search about Japan.

                                    “This vacation was EPIC!” they all agreed.


                                    • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                      The Nashville Public Library just opened a new branch this past Tuesday, October 21.

                                      Shellie May put off shelving and cataloging her own Dr. Seuss books to go check it out. Zhu Xiong came along. It is in the southeast part of the city.

                                      Da bears were very impressed with the 24/7 vending machine! Even I never saw something like that before.

                                      "Pirates!" exclaimed Duffy with excitement.

                                      Once inside, Zhu Xiong picked out a mandarin Chinese book.

                                      Shellie May discovered a Dr. Seuss book that she had put back at Universal Studios, due to the price. "I don't have THIS one!" she exclaimed happily.

                                      Duffy found a comic book that was bigger than he is! "There will be no trouble reading the typeset on THIS book," he said. "Can I check it out or is it just for display?"

                                      The friendly librarian informed him that he could check it out.

                                      "And they have Spiderman! This place rocks!" said Duffy.

                                      First the bears test-read the books in the comfy, colorful chairs. Zhu Xiong was able to finish her book completely, but Duffy and Shellie May took their selections home.

                                      Once home, Shellie May was finally motivated to unpack her Dr. Seuss books.

                                      Duffy helped. However, he discovered that he lost his glasses at the library. I was able to order some more for him online and they should arrive on Thursday.

                                      Hannah and Zhu Xiong also came over to investigate the books.

                                      Shellie May sure is joyful today.

                                      "If I can read with my eyes shut, this book will tide me over until my new spectacles arrive," said Duffy. "Can I borrow it, Shellie May?"

                                      "Yes, Duffy, share and share alike. You can read these anytime you want," said Shellie May.

                                      Duffy returned the favor by bringing over the Fantasia: Music Evolved video game for her to play. “You, me, and Bearami can all take turns, since it’s a single player game,” he said.

                                      At least reading is a constructive hobby and I'm happy they enjoy it as much as I do. I'm a total library rat myself. I remember learning how to read; it opened a whole new WORLD to me. Since none of da bears read to the point of being anti-social, it's all good.

                                      Duffy and Shellie May's sweaters were made by Setavulos. I hope she is doing well; we have not seen or heard from her for awhile.


                                      • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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                                        Duffy in his new Halloween costume. He's wearing the pants from BABW's Peter Pan costume.
                                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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ID:	7357266
                                        Duffyposes for a photo op!
                                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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ID:	7357267
                                        Duffy and Gelatoni!


                                        • Re: Share your Duffy Photos

                                          JillT love the idea of a 24/7 kiosk at a library! My fancy library doesn't have that!
                                          Your Dr Suess collection is impressive. I had many of those books in my childhood library.
                                          I highly recommend Dr Suess' book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? It's hilarious and loads of fun to read aloud.


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