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  • Guys what am I doing wrong? When I try to upload pictures to Micechat from photobucket they all (put one) saw they are too large. Do I really have to resize 28 picture just to post them here? Isn't there a work around?


    • Hmmm...did you try just posting an image manually in image brackets, and see if it is still too big? I had details on the img brackets at

      (if the link works, since I'm apparently incapable of posting a LINK on MiceChat; d'oh)
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      • Just some Duffy photos I want to share:

        Duffy and Gelatoni showing off their first Tsum Tsum (Mickey).

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        • OMGosh, Eeee-va, those TippyBlue shots are the bizness!!

          And I love the Tims Ford series, JillT.

          MikkiMausu, your compositions in these are outstanding, especially Duffy's! The TsumTsum's expression actually adds to the shot — and you know I am NOT A fan of TsumTsums. And extra-special bonus hooray for NO DIAPERS!!


          • Attempting this photo thing again.

            These are from when my Shellie May arrived.
            Duffy had been playing ball (in the house, with sunglasses...snicker!) when the box arrived.

            The excitement proved to be too much for him. Hee!


            • LOVE IT!!!! (We have the Olaf shirt too


              • mmommie, I think the hat-shirt-glasses combo makes Duffy look like a furry Bing Crosby. Hee!


                • Originally posted by mercy View Post
                  …The excitement proved to be too much for him. Hee!
                  Okay, first off, that second photo and caption made me literally laugh out very loud — perfection!!^^

                  Secondly, where did you find that amazing inflatable ball?

                  Also… Looking at that photo, Mercy, it really isn't fair to compare your Shellie to others; that is an absolutely exceptional ShellieMay, even by OLC standards. She has that look that is always my goal and often takes ages to find. It's a "ShellieMonroe" quality.


                  • Originally posted by DuffyDaisuki View Post

                    Okay, first off, that second photo and caption made me literally laugh out very loud — perfection!!^^

                    Secondly, where did you find that amazing inflatable ball?

                    Also… Looking at that photo, Mercy, it really isn't fair to compare your Shellie to others; that is an absolutely exceptional ShellieMay, even by OLC standards. She has that look that is always my goal and often takes ages to find. It's a "ShellieMonroe" quality.
                    Aww, thanks....I was having a lot of fun that afternoon. The ball is a Luxo Ball from Pixar, they were handing them out in the Pixar Booth at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. I didn't get one then, there was an absurdly small number of balls available (1500 for the whole weekend...compared to the 30,000 or so people a day that attended?) so I picked one up on eBay.

                    Now that I've spent some more time with her and her two Disneyland Resort sisters, I have to admit - you did a stellar job, she's prefect! The other girls are sweet and adorable, but mine just has more spunk and personality. Hee.


                    • Yay, MikkiMausu99, your Duffy is finally potty trained.

                      Mercy, your Shellie May does look very bright eyed and alive, congratulations on getting a "good one".

                      And I agree that Duffy looks like Bing Crosby; that made me laugh.

                      Happy weekend everyone.


                      • Duffy discovered some scary Halloween video games on the Amazon Fire TV. He dressed up in a skeleton outfit (minus the mask, which he hates).

                        "Look at this game! Count Crunch's Candy Curse. It's got skeletons and candy, what a great combination!" he exclaimed.

                        "Oh, you got so excited you lost your gameboy? That's tragic! I will help you get it back," said Duffy.

                        "Hey, Bearami, come look at this!"

                        "At $1.99, that's a real bargain," agreed Bearami. "I say let's buy it!"

                        "Hey, look! The trick or treaters need our help!" said Duffy.

                        "It's okay, bears, I already bought it. I have my one-click options turned on," I told them.

                        "Thank you," they said in unison.

                        "Ooo, this one looks fun, too," said Duffy of the game Invaders, Inc. - Alien Plague. They haven't browsed this device's selection for awhile.

                        "Let me see how this one-click option works," said Bearami as he clicked "buy now".

                        "This sure scares ME but you have the wrong holiday, DUDES!" exclaimed Duffy.

                        "Is that supposed to be a reindeer or a pig's snout?" asked Bearami. "This artwork is horrible! PASS!"

                        "You haven't been out of the house all year, so you can go first, little brother," said Duffy generously once the games had finished downloading.

                        "Monster games! I'm in!" said Abominable, taking over.

                        "Abominable, da bears will let you play but you must learn to wait your turn," I told him.

                        "Aaaaah," he said. I wasn't sure what to make of that response.

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                        • Time to share some Duffy and ShellieMay photos:

                          Went to Downtown Disney in Anaheim last week and went over to the World of Disney store to check out ShellieMay. Thet were sold out of the 17-inch ShellieMay plushes and only saw these:

                          The 12-inch ShellieMay cheerleader plush.

                          And the 12-inch "My First ShellieMay" plushes.

                          Then I snapped a photo of ShellieMay's outfits: Princess, Marie, Christmas and Tinkerbell.

                          Took another photo of the ShellieMay pillow plushes.

                          I snapped this photo of the Medium-sized Duffy Tsum Tsum.

                          The store decoration featuring the pair.

                          I manage to pick up the 12-inch "My First ShellieMay" plush.

                          Here she is alongside her younger brother.

                          The younger siblings with their older brother, who despite being potty trained, needs to be kept in diapers everywhere he goes.

                          The younger sister giving Mickey a nose-to-nose kiss.

                          The younger sister giving Minnie a nose-to-nose kiss.

                          And I plan on getting the 17-inch ShellieMay plush (the older sister) on my next visit to the parks soon.
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                          • MikkiMausu99, you MUST get a 17" Shellie May. I didn't realize she was sold in the United States. She and Duffy make great companions and can occupy themselves when your attention has to focus on other things


                            • Does anybody know the size requirements of photos? Glad I'm back!


                              • Here is what Duffy and Shellie May are wearing for Halloween this year.

                                This year they decided they would just watch videos about OTHER people’s haunted experiences instead of going through haunted houses themselves. “Let’s start at noon today and we’ll have the whole weekend to celebrate Halloween,” said Duffy, as he perused the selection.

                                “There are more titles on here, too,” said Shellie May of my Amazon library.

                                "I don't know if I'm afraid of the dark since we are watching these in BROAD DAYLIGHT," said Shellie May, who remembers her experience at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights from last year.

                                Of course, when it comes to scary movies, it's always good to invite Jumbo Duffy and Jumbo Shellie for protection. Bearami also joined them.

                                "Halloween is my favorite time of year," declared Abominable.

                                "Hey, Duffy, I love your shirt!" he said.

                                "My pal," said Abominable, putting his furry arm around Duffy and making himself comfortable.

                                Okay, here they are starting their festivities.



                                • Jeez, more than 24 hours later and my Halloween story has not been "approved" yet? Waaah, now it's sort of "late" for the storyline. Oh, well. (Twiddling thumbs)

                                  It finally went up, it's on page 301. I guess they pre-date them.
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                                  • i loved it!!!!


                                    • I have to delete this post because I posted a previous story so that needs to be approved first before this one can go up. Stay tuned. I'm not really a fan of this new system. I know my previous story "took" because it said "unapproved" and then disappeared, now this more recent one got approved but my first part went into a black hole.
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                                      • I got a new job in Nashville's city center in May, and it includes a free parking pass for a garage a block away. We have a significant homeless population in Nashville and I always walk on the street instead of cutting through the alleys. However, imagine my dismay today when I glanced into the alley and saw a cub condo!

                                        Looking around quicklly I then approached the box. Two little eyes peered out.

                                        I opened the cub condo and inside was a cute little girl bear.

                                        I lifted her out. She appeared clean although her fur was a bit disheveled.

                                        "Well, hello there," I said kindly.

                                        "Hello," the little bear said shyly.

                                        "What are you doing in your cub condo in this scary, creepy alley?" I asked.

                                        "I was so excited to be adopted and to be dressed in this cute outfit, but then I asked too many questions. I wanted to know who my tender would be, and where I would be living, and if I woiuld have any siblings, and I think I was talking too much because the humans made a face, put me in this cub condo, and threw me in the back of a pickup truck. We hit a bump and I fell out. They never came back," the little bear said sadly.

                                        "Aw," I replied. "What's your name?"

                                        "Gabriella, but the humans called me Gabby, probably because I talk too much. I only do that when I'm nervous but otherwise I'm fine. I was just exuberant when I was picked at the store. Whoops, I'm doing it again, aren't I?" she said, covering her mouth with her paws.

                                        "Well, Gabriella," I told her. "I have a bear enclave at my house. Would you like to come home with me?" (I'm sort of becoming the pied piper of bears!)

                                        "Sure," she said, although admittedly it's not like she had better options.

                                        "I'm hungry but I'm not desperate enough to pick through the trash!" she said.

                                        "And no dumpster diving for me either!" she added.

                                        When we got home Duffy and Shellie May immediately came out to greet their new sibling. "Ooo, wait right here. I'll be RIGHT back," said Shellie May, running away again.

                                        "What did I do?" asked Gabriella.

                                        "Oh, nothing . We'll just humor her and wait right here," Duffy told her.

                                        Shellie May soon came back with cupcake pants on. "Ice cream is my favorite sweet treat but cupcakes are good, too," she said. "Hello, I'm Shellie May, the queen bear."

                                        "Pleased to meet, you, Shellie May," said Gabriella, trying to do a curtsy even though she was wearing pants.

                                        "Oh, don't mind her. She just THINKS she's all that," said Duffy. "I'm Duffy."

                                        "I'm Gabriella. Someone called me Gabby for short because I talk too much, but I only do that when I'm nervous, not all the time. Whoops, I'm doing it AGAIN!" she said in horror.

                                        "Gabriella was living in a cub condo in a scary Nashville alley. She was homeless," I told da bears.

                                        "Aw, I was living unloved in Ohio and my previous tender stuffed me in a shoebox for my journey to Tennessee," said Shellie May. "I know what it feels like to be unwanted. But you're welcome here!" said Shellie May, putting her arm around Gabriella.

                                        "Yes, I will protect you," said Duffy.

                                        Just then, Peace Hippie and Adelaide came out to meet Gabriella. "I was homeless once, and I had calluses on my paws from hitchhiking halfway across the country, but I lvoe it here," she said. "Welcome, Gabriella."

                                        "I have Cody Simpson paws so I always wear shoes, but I found da bears here quite accepting of me," said Adelaide. "You can relax and be who you are; it's all good."

                                        "I love it here already!" said Gabriella.

                                        Lo♥ey came over and gave Gabriella a Swiss kiss.

                                        I know she is hungry so I got her a protein shake. That should provide some quick nourishment.

                                        Abominable came over. "I'm hungry, too," he declared.

                                        "Eeeek," said Gabriella, startled.

                                        "Oh, that's just Abominable. He's uncivilized but harmless," I said. "Gabriella, are you full yet?"

                                        "I'm not in danger of IMMEDIATELY starving, but my stomach still has room," she said.

                                        I gave her another protein shake and got one for Abominable, too.

                                        I think the stress wore her out, because then the girls went to sleep in my bed.

                                        "Hey, you are the one who said no shoes in bed," said Adelaide, pointing out that Shellie May was wearing slippers.

                                        "I'm going to take them off right now," said Shellie May.

                                        "Tomorrow you can sit on my throne as the guest of honor," Shellie May offered.

                                        "Wow that IS an honor," said Peace Hippie. "I have not sat on it yet."

                                        "I did once," said Adelaide. "That was only because I agreed to switch shoes with Shellie May. She went on vacation and when she came back, I had to go back to my original spot."

                                        "Okay, that sounds nice but I'm sleepy now," said Gabriella.

                                        Soft snores are coming from my room and I'm sleeping in the guest bedroom since that only has a double bed and da bears have outplaced me today.


                                        • Once she woke up this morning, Gabriella enjoyed the view from each window angle. "Even on a gloomy day this is way better than looking out into the alley from my cub condo," she said.

                                          True to her word, Shellie May let Gabriella sit on her throne.

                                          "All us girls share the same wardrobe," said Shellie May, who helped herself to Gabriella's outfit minus the pants.

                                          "Okay," said Gabriella, helping herself to sparkly shoes, a bow, and a wand, since she's sitting on the throne and is the queen bear for today.

                                          "Ohhhhh," said Shellie May, while Duffy sat there chortling. Admittedly, it is easy for him to laugh since the only thing of his he has to share is his Snoopy pajamas which Bearami wears.


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