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  • Just a Duffy photo I want to share:

    Enjoying family time with the younger sister and the father figure.
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    • Oh, no, Duffy has regressed back into diapers.


      • Originally posted by JillT View Post
        Oh, no, Duffy has regressed back into diapers.
        There's an explanation. He's in diapers permanently because of an injury.

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        • Aww JillT, what a sweet story! There's always room for one more! I'm curious to know exactly how many bears you have in your "enclave" at this point. Plus Abominable.

          BTW, can I just say I'm in love with Shellie's cupcake pants. I also really like Gabby's cookie shirt. I'm a sucker for clothing with food illustrations.


          • I have 12 Disney bears, 9 Build-A-Bears, Hillbilly Clyde, which is a bear that my friend gave me long ago (I named him that myself), and Teddy, who Duffy and Shellie May brought back to life in a previous story (I have had him since I was 1 and I was going to toss him as he is SOOOO scary/ragged/threadbare, but my friend in England wrote me an urgent email that said I could not toss Teddy; go rescue him and luckily, he was just on top of papers so not dirty). My sister and I have been on a rescue mission this year, I think in part to me not going on ANY vacations or even weekend trips, and she is housing 3 more for me and I am housing 2 for her (Build-A-Bears, that is). I will bring them back at Christmas.

            The cupcake pants were a bonus on Etsy from a buyer I was getting alot from.


            • JillT, i love your bear photostories so much...the camera angles down the alley are so great...someone looking over my shoulder got a real laugh from the dumpster diving picture!! Gabby's rescue origin story reminds me of something DuffyDaisuki once said about Diznygrl's Lil D finding his forever home after braving the 'mean streets of northern California' ...hee hee!! I just thought that was so great!!! Especially 'cause my own origin story includes some of those mean streets of NorCal. And MikkiMausu99, your cuddly bear family looks so cozy!


              • The cupcake pants...cuteness!


                • Friday the 13th was my birthday, yay! My sister and I skyped.

                  Duffy was surprised at all the clothing Shellie May got from my sister for MY birthday.

                  "You already have Hello Kitty pajamas," he said.

                  "Pajamas are the best housewear for winter hibernation so I can always use another pair," she replied.

                  "Jeez, even ZHU XIONG is getting her own wardrobe now," he said in surprise of the Harajuku Hugs outfit for her.

                  "Ooo, pretty," replied Zhu Xiong, while Shellie May had already snatched the bows.

                  "I know you always treat us equally," said Duffy, leaving the sentence hanging and looking up at me.

                  "So does my sister," I said as I handed him $30.

                  He was CHUFFED!

                  "I'm going to wear my Hello Kitty pajamas right NOW!" said Shellie May, equally happy.

                  "And THEN I will wear my Minnie Mouse onesie," she said.

                  Meanwhile, I was enjoying the English chocolates from Mark & Spencer's and the German cookies my sister sent, as well as a Disney movie (Cow Belles), and some leggings, Polish coins, and crystal 3-D teddy bear puzzle.


                  • An early happy birthday to Mickey and Minnie:

                    From Duffy.

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                    • My sister is in the Chicago suburbs NOT enjoying Winter Storm Bella, which dumped up to 16.1 inches of snow in various suburbs. Here is the report and at noon today the storm still had 3 hours left to go:
                      • Illinois: Grayslake (16 inches), Chicago O'Hare (11.1 inches), Moline (9.9 inches), Rockford (8.6 inches),
                      It broke records and is the worst storm in all of November in over 100 years in the Chicago area.

                      So anyway, my sister and I are on rescue missions this year and she is holding 3 bears for me to adopt at Christmas. Chi-town Bear and Jackson are twins, born on the same day at the Navy Pier Build-A-Bear in downtown Chicago on August 22. They are fraternal twins, for my sister's bear is a girl and is named Chi-town Bear. Mine is a boy and is named Jackson. .

                      So anyway, Jackson knowing he's a true Chicagoan, decided he wanted to see what the fuss was about the snow, ESPECIALLY since this was a record breaking winter storm. "I want to see snow!" So my sister opened up the balcony door and he got right up to the screen to see. "Wow, that's a LOT of snow!".

                      Not being content to just LOOK at it, he then asked to go out and touch it. My sister couldn't get her balcony screen door to open and had hoped he'd move on but nope, he INSISTED. "I'm a Chicago bear, snow is in my blood".

                      "Um...OK fine, let's go downstairs and I'll open the front door for you." Geez, the sacrifices my sister and I make to keep our bears happy.

                      Well, once she opened it, he didn't want to just touch it, he wanted to touch a big MOUND of it. Sooo, she had to put her boots and coat on to go out with him because he's of course too small to go out in all that snow alone! He was a bit hesitant at first when he reached out to touch it. But then when he saw it was harmless, he wanted more. " I want to be really IN it. I REALLY want to touch it!"

                      So off we went to the balcony where a lot of snow was available for him to explore. "I wonder if I can make a snow cave" he said, scooting himself in under the snow laden bush.

                      But, well, I think having the snow touch his little Chicago bum was too much for him because he suddenly jumped up and said "OK, I'm done, let's go back in now!" and I was barely starting to open the door when he started helping her. "I'm cold!"

                      Once back upstairs he quickly jumped back into his box. "Ah...this is nice and cozy". Um...true Chicago bear huh? Snow is in your blood hmmm?

                      I know Duffy and Shellie May wouldn't be out there rolling around and playing in it like him!

                      Let's see how long he lasts up there since I'm not going up there until the end of December!

                      Last edited by JillT; 11-22-2015, 10:47 AM.


                      • My sister came for Thanksgiving. Wednesday I took the day off work and we went to Opry Mills Mall.

                        Duffy wore his new Adventures on the high seas t-shirt and Shellie May wore an outfit that my sister got her for MY birthday. "Shellie May, it's the end of November, not really the season for strappy tops and sandals," I told her.

                        "It's going to be 68F today and even if it's chilly in the morning I have fur," she replied. Da bears sure have learned to play the fur card to their favor, good or bad!

                        She wanted my sister to see how pretty it looked on her and I know better than to argue with Shellie May's fashion sense.

                        Being Nashville, we got some pictures in front of the giant guitars.

                        "This is the movie we want to see," they said of the new Disney Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur.

                        "Where are we going to eat lunch?" asked Shellie May.

                        "Shellie May, we just GOT here!" I told her.

                        "Maybe we will have time to eat both lunch AND dinner here," said Duffy.

                        We went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company and da bears got their picture taken with THEIR bear.

                        Duffy decided he wanted to eat a s'mores on a stick.

                        Shellie May got a semi-sweet chocolate truffle which was DELICIOUS and a dark chocolate black cherry cream, equally delicious.

                        Shellie May then peeked over the dressing room door to give my sister fashion advice.

                        We ended up eating lunch at the Rainforest cafe.

                        Next we watched Lily come to life at Build-A-Bear.

                        "There's always room for one more bear at our house," Duffy and Shellie May said as they welcomed the newest addition to our family.

                        We invited Lily to join us at the movie theater. None of da bears have been inside a theater.

                        "This movie sounds good to me, sure, I'll go," said Lily, who informed us she likes to play and loves anything colorful or sparkly.

                        "We're too late for a matinee," said Duffy, disappointed because the price went up and he wasn't sure if we had enough money for snacks. He was thrilled when he found out stuffies get in free!

                        Da bears made themselves comfortable.

                        None of us liked the movie, neither bears nor humans. It was about a dinosaur who found a human that barked, panted, and howled like a dog/wolf, and became the Dinosaur's pet. He named the human "Spot".

                        "Don't worry, Lily, we have way better videos at home," Duffy and Shellie May told her.

                        When we got home Lily looked at my binders with homemade DVDs (vacations, and stuff converted from VHS).

                        Then she looked at the rest of the selection.

                        "In two days we can start watching your Christmas videos," she said.

                        "But in the meantime, I think I'll pick something from this section," she followed up.

                        Meanwhile, my sister started laying out the clothes she purchased.

                        "I'm not a fan of all this black, but these clothes DO fit you well," said Shellie May graciously. My sister bought one more dress but she didn't bother to lay it out.



                        • Duffy and Shellie May remember how my sister made Hello Kitty cookies for them, and another time she made snowman cookies for them. So they wanted to try their hand at cooking. "We're not ready to make the whole Thanksgiving dinner, but we could probably make carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting," Duffy told me.

                          "It's NORMAL carrot cake, no raisins, no nuts, and no pineapple, just NORMAL carrot cake," Shellie May explained.

                          "You don't have to tell me; it's my recipe!" I said.

                          Shellie May looked at the recipe for carrot cake.

                          Duffy was happy that the cream cheese frosting only contained four ingredients.

                          "We're getting our vegetables and beta carotene today," Duffy said as he shred the carrots in the blender.

                          "Plop, plop," said Shellie May as she cracked and added the eggs.

                          Next it was time to blend all the ingredients together. "Let 'er rip!" said Duffy enthusiastically.

                          "It is customary to lick the beaters, you saiiiiid," Shellie May told me as she did so!

                          "I get to lick the bowl," said Duffy as he swiped his paw across.

                          They both agreed it tasted good and then they washed their paws with soap and water.

                          Now the carrot cake entered the oven.

                          Shellie May did not trust the oven and had to check on it.

                          I told her if she opened the oven door too much the cake could flop and cave in.

                          The cake is done.

                          After the cake cooled, da bears frosted it.

                          "We should taste test it and make sure it's fit for human consumption," suggested Duffy.

                          "How big of a piece should we cut?" asked Shellie May.

                          "Well, humans are much bigger than us, so it has to be a realistic piece," he said.

                          First they tested it and agreed it tasted good enough to eat.

                          Next they offered some to my sister as they watched on to see her reaction.

                          It got her seal of approval and she thanked da bears for their effort.



                          • Oh, JillT, I think you and the bears outdid yourself. What great stories! (That is too bad about The Good Dinosaur. I thought it looked awful but critics were raving over it so I thought maybe I'd like it...yeah, sounds like maybe not. )
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                            • Yes, Eeee-va, the movie was really dumb. In fact, while it was playing my sister and I were looking at each other with our eyebrows raised going, "this is DUMB!"


                              • Just some Duffy photos I want to share:

                                I went to the Disneyland Resort on Saturday during Thanksgiving weekend. Went straight to the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney and picked up a 17 inch ShellieMay plush. Then I went to California Adventure and mostly did character greetings. The first one was Mickey. He was exicited to see the trio.

                                Then I hung around Buena Vista Street for a while, and met Minnie. She got exicited when she saw the trio. She then started show her kindness towards Duffy.

                                It was just a short visit, and I finally got the chance to pick up ShellieMay. What do you guys think?

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                                • Time to share some Duffy photos:

                                  As 2015 draws to a close, we look back at some of the outfits Duffy wore.

                                  Sweet Duffy:

                                  Cape Cod Springtime:

                                  Journeys with Duffy:

                                  A Perfect Christmas:

                                  A special outfit Duffy wore for guests getting married at Tokyo Disney Resort:

                                  And for Hong Kong Disneyland's 10th Anniversary:

                                  (For Tokyo DisneySea, there were no Halloween or Christmas outfits for greeting guests at the Cape Cod Village Greeting Place).

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                                  • So after I got my ShellieMay, I told myself that would be where my Duffy family of bears would END, as I was perfectly content with Lil D, Duffette, ShellieMay, a 9" Santa Duffy and a keychain Duffy. BUT barely a week after I brought Shellie home, I am perusing the stuffed animal shelf at Goodwill (for one of Santa's reindeer, but that's another story) and guess what I find?

                                    A 12" Yoda Duffy in perfect condition. And how much did he cost?

                                    So who could say no to that price? Not to mention that adorable face. It did make the fact that I had just paid $33 for Shellie sting a little, but obviously I wasn't going to wait around for random luck on that one. This is the first Disney Bear/Duffy I have found at Goodwill since Lil D back in 2011, and I go to Goodwill a LOT.

                                    And as it goes, pre dressed bears don't stay pre dressed for very long in my house. They immediately become RE dressed! First step was to remove that rather ridiculous looking Yoda head, which was sewed to Duffy's head in four different places. But the worst part was removing the Mickey ice cream bar. Don't know if you can tell here, but they actually sewed his paw into a "fist" around the stick.

                                    So after that rough process, this is what his poor paw ended up looking like after all was said and done:

                                    It's a bit ouchie, but we'll wrap it up and you'll be okay.

                                    A quick change into some comfy recovery clothes. He will meet his new bear family after he has had some much needed rest.


                                    • What a cute face!!


                                      • Welcome home, little bear!


                                        • The new commercial for Duffy is posted on the official Tokyo Disney Resort YouTube channel:

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