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  • Great find and great work, Diznygrl! That poor paw...will fluffing it help, or is it permanently deformed a bit from the stitches? I understand the concept of stitching Duffy's poor paw around the ice cream stick, to make it look more realistic, but ouch!

    Here are some photos of Duffy on the Mark Twain! (The ride will be down for more than a year for construction of Star Wars Land and will probably be shorter when it finally does come back, so we wanted one last ride.)

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    • Well when I first got it straightened out, there was not much stuffing in the paw, but I was able to move the fluff from his arm around a little bit and it filled the paw back up. However the wrinklyness looks to be permanent. Just an unfortunate side effect of having the paw bunched up and sewn shut for an extended period of time. I get why it was necessary to do it that way, and obviously was not intended to get taken apart, but the Duffy designers and manufacturers don't know ME, hehe. It's all good, Duffy is coping very well with it, and is actually happy to finally be able to stretch out his paw! As for the Mickey bar, I will eventually modify it with elastic to be able to slip on and off, as I think as an accessory it would be just perfect for Tourist Shellie.

      Anyway, LOVE the pictures, Eeee-va! That Mark Twain costume is amazing, and I'm glad you were able to get one last ride on the Twain for pictures before it ....*sigh* closes. I especially like the last one of Duffy gazing wistfully out at the RoA.


      • Thank you, Diznygrl! I wonder if you could steam your poor Duffy's fur to get some of the wrinkles out.

        Happy Christmas Eve! (Or in some parts of the world, Merry Christmas already!) Here is an incredible pop-up greeting card that we got from

        Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

        Daily updates on Facebook!


        • And Merry Christmas!

          (We are watching the Christmas parade/2-hour Disney ad on ABC and we just saw a ShellieMay plush in the background of their footage from Florida. Awwww )
          Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

          Daily updates on Facebook!


          • Wow!! Happy holidays, everybody! Eeee-va, I can't get over the cute bow that smiling Shellie is wearing!! Diznygrl, my cheer bear's paws appear less wrinkly than they did right after her paw fists unfolded...I love that grin and bear it tee and the sweet bedding!! Thanks for spreading the bear love, guys!! Made my holiday!


            • Thank you, shellie may! Aimster's aunt actually made my Smiling Shellie May's Christmas dress and bow; they are very nicely made! And since we live in a warm climate, the sleeveless dresses are pretty perfect.
              Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

              Daily updates on Facebook!


              • Yep my aunt made that outfit! I totally forgot about those, Eeee-va!


                • Duffy and Shellie May went to suburban Chicago with me for Christmas. Shellie May wore her third and final Christmas outfit, and Duffy dressed casually because he is getting a new Christmas outfit at my sister’s. Proving she also loves da bears equally, shortly after my birthday, she found an adorable Christmas pajama set with slippers for Duffy and asked if he wanted to buy it for a mere $5. “That’s a steal, yes, please!” he said, waving the money enthusiastically at me and asking to open a PayPal account.

                  “She doesn’t need the money right NOW, just when we get there,” I told him.

                  “Okay,” he said. I swear, he would LIVE in slippers if I let him; this outfit is sooooo him.

                  When we got there, he immediately ran to where my sister said she left his outfit. It’s so cute; she even wrapped it for him and pretended it was from Santa. “Oh, so do I pay her or not?” asked Duffy?

                  “You pay her; she just wanted it to be extra festive,” I told him.

                  "I will put her money right HERE on the refrigerator so she is sure to see it when she comes home from work," said Duffy as he placed the $5 bill on the magnets.

                  Wow, we have DVDs to watch AND CDs to listen to this time," said Shellie May. "Ooo, and these DVDs are from the library HERE."

                  "This should definitely keep us busy," said Duffy of the LARGE pile.

                  Duffy and Shellie May then went out to say hello to Rockgirl and Snuggly Duffy. "I love your Christmas pajamas," said Duffy. "Pajamas are the best, especially when they're paired with slippers."

                  "I'm just happy to have another outfit, since I was wearing the other one for YEARS!" said Rockgirl.

                  "Yes, you look really festive and Rockin' in the pajama text suits you," said Shellie May.

                  Rockgirl was especially excited. "Guess what? I have lots of siblings! There were already a few Build-A-Bears in the house but none of them were bears. Now I have siblings galore including some of my own species!" said Rockgirl, as she proceeded to show Duffy and Shellie May around the house.

                  Build-A-Bears of all types, each dressed in their own Christmas outfit, are everywhere.

                  Da bears were speechless. I must admit, I may have a bear enclave, but my sister has developed a whole Build-A-Bear commune!

                  "Adelaide? Zhu Xiong?" said Duffy and Shellie May of the duplicate Build-A-Bears that my sister has that I have also. "How did you get here before us? You were just at home when we left!" said Duffy, puzzled.

                  "That's another Koala and Hannah," I told them. "There is more than one Cody Simpson koala and Harajuku Hugs panda in the world."

                  "Oh," they said.

                  "Ooo, Chi-town bear, I love your dress! Come out from that shelf so I can see it closer.".

                  Chi-town bear and Shellie May admired each others clothes and then they wanted a picture together.

                  "I have this outfit," said Shellie May to Shellie.

                  "I have this outfit, too," said Shellie May to Crystal.

                  "I'm seeing a common theme of alot of these animals wearing Christmas pajamas. Your sister has great fashion sense," said Duffy.

                  Shellie May just giggled.

                  Since it was only 28F when we arrived, although sunny with just a dusting of snow on the grass, da bears still needed hot chocolate.

                  "Your sister sure takes good care of us," said Duffy of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company peppermint hot chocolate.

                  "She must have gotten this when we weren't looking," said Shellie May since she remembered visiting that store just a month ago.

                  They weren't sure if one box would last them the whole week but I quickly pointed out the other brands of hot chocolate that were also available.

                  So we all settled in for a nice, long, relaxing visit.
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                  • Duffy and Shellie May bonded with some other species.

                    Glisten's antlers light up.

                    Lambie is so docile and peaceful that Duffy and Shellie May were regaling her with tales of Tennessee.

                    She listened happily.

                    "Let's play follow the leader all the way to Tennessee," they said. They wanted to adopt her.

                    Being the true sheep that she is, Lambie fell into step behind them.

                    Well, when my sister saw THAT, much as she loves Lambie herself, she agreed to let her go, but only after some extra TLC of hugs and kisses.

                    Later, da bears talked to Hal.

                    "Slippers are AWESOME!" said Duffy.

                    His antlers light up, too.

                    "I have my own movie; do you want to watch it?" Hal asked.

                    "Sure," said Duffy and Shellie May.

                    "I'm getting this outfit for Christmas," he informed them.



                    • We went to my sister's friend (whom I also know) to visit, exchange gifts, and watch a movie. I got him a Duffy with a Disneyland outfit because every house should have a Duffy to bring happiness and luck.

                      Here is Duffy making himself at home among ALL the Build-A-Bears our friend has.

                      Then a picture of just the bears.

                      Of course, my Duffy and Shellie May wanted their picture taken, too.

                      They love when they have other stuffies to play with.

                      They were happy with the movie we decided to watch.



                      • Because we arrived on Saturday and Christmas wasn't until the following Friday, my sister gave da bears some chocolates from England to help with their anticipation.

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                        • Yay, it's Christmas Day.

                          Shellie May has alot more presents than Duffy but Duffy knows he'll get the money box.

                          Plus Duffy has the largest present.

                          They figured out there were alot of new siblings in the future for them and for my sister.

                          Duffy was trying to peek inside, too.

                          Shellie May was happy with her new clothing, especially the Minnie Mouse shirt.

                          Duffy was quite pleased, too.



                          • I adopted 3 new bears at Christmas. Of course, you were all introduced to Jackson, who is fraternal twins to Chi-town bear. He is the one who was curious about the snow a few weeks ago.

                            I also adopted Chaunsey, the Downtown Disney bear who was living in Florida. "Florida does theme parks well, but I'm too small to get on the rides and I was tired of sweating to death," he said. He's quite happy to move to Nashville.

                            "I won't let my brothers go bear naked," said Duffy, as he shared his clothing.

                            "You wouldn't have to move to Tennessee if you didn't sit out in the snow bear naked and freeze your butt off," said my sister's Chi-town bear.

                            "I'll come back and visit you when it's NOT winter," promised Jackson. He and Chi-town bear exchanged multiple hugs and she wished him well in his new home.

                            Aluki was living in Alaska but due to her prominent rainbows making her visible against the ice her survival was threatened by hunters who could see her easily compared to other polar bears.

                            Driven off her fishing iceberg by this fear, she ended up in the town of Barrow, Alaska, which is the northernmost town on the continent (I visited there in 2006). The people there took it as a good luck sign and kept her safe but eventually the word got out and she was endangered again.

                            Making her way even farther south, she has now migrated out of the polar bear habitat to suburban Chicago, where the pads of her feet finally gave out, and is awaiting another journey, this time to Nashville. It would be too much of a shock to her system to move that far south to a warmer climate in one fell swoop.

                            Meanwhile, I was keeping my sister’s rainbow polar bear safe. They were glad to find out they weren’t the only polar bears with these markings. My sister’s bear comes from Manitoba, Canada, and says “eh” every other word. She ended up in Nashville when she stowed away on the wrong airplane and she likes it colder so that’s why she is moving partially back north to Chicago.

                            Here is Aluki and Sunshine.

                            My sister went to Poland this year and brought me back Beppe, the little bear. Here are all my adoptees for Christmas.

                            "See, I told you I was getting this outfit for Christmas," said Hal.

                            Santa brought Hal a book with a moose as the main character. He offered to read it to Duffy and Shellie May.

                            Later, Duffy and Shellie May were listening to my ipod.

                            One of my sister's new adopted bears, Mohawkan (Moho for short), came over.

                            They started comparing musical taste. Mohawkan introduced Duffy and Shellie May to Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, and Covenant.

                            Shellie May suggested Fun! and Capital Cities. "Don't forget Adam Ant," offered Duffy. "Do you like him?"

                            "Love him!" said Mohawkan. So they already have alot in common.

                            My sister adopted Lloyd of London, who quickly made friends with Lily London.

                            Here is a picture of the Build-A-Bears my sister adopted (one is a tiger):

                            Then Rockgirl wanted a family picture. Unfortunately, my sister now has SOOOOOO many Build-A-Bears, that only the actual BEARS would fit in one photo.

                            Mohawkan made himself comfortable in his OWN private spot.



                            • This was featured on Facebook today:

                              Photos of the interior from the Duffy & Friends Monorail.

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                              • Time for Christmas dinner.

                                We had meatballs with mushroom gravy.

                                ​"Plop, plop," said Shellie May as my sister placed the meatballs in the crock pot.



                                • When we got home, Aluki and Jackson went straight to the freezer to see what was in there.

                                  "Most polar bears like fish, but I don't like getting my paws dirty and then I have bad breath," said Aluki.

                                  "Hmm, what else ya got? This Alaskan themed ice cream suits me!" she said.

                                  Just then Hannah came out to meet Aluki. "I don't like getting my paws dirty either! See, we have something in common already," she said in a welcoming tone of voice.

                                  Time for a snack!

                                  Jackson was happy with the Gino's East Chicago style pizza that I was able to get at the local Nashville Aldi (Aldi is headquartered in a Chicago suburb). That was a fluke, though, because I recently went back for more and they were not carrying it anymore.

                                  Meanwhile, Zhu Xiong was crunching on M&Ms, her favorite food since giving up bamboo at the suggestion of Duffy and Shellie May way back in 2013.

                                  "Zhu Xiong! You're not supposed to have one bag for each paw! Where are your manners? Just eat with your clean hands and not your feet!" I told her.

                                  Bears don't have hands and feet; they're all paws," she informed me.

                                  "Well, only eat with your FORE paws from now on, not your HIND paws," I said.

                                  "Okay, but too late now, tee hee, more for me," she said.

                                  Ooo, sometimes these bears can be such imps! And it's getting harder to manage all of them but I guess this sort of mischief is relatively harmless.


                                  • The day after we got to Nashville it was 76F with a forecast of 74F the next day.

                                    "Would I be a traitor if I love Chicago but I also love Nashville?" asked Jackson as he admired Duffy being able to wear shorts the end of December.

                                    "No, most of us are transplants and love it here without fear of reprisal," Duffy told him.


                                    • Duffy's artwork for the "Year of Wishes" was revealed today:

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                                      • Inspired by my sister, I adopted 5 more bears, 2 of which are living at her house until I see her again.

                                        I would like to introduce Twinkle Toes, Savannah, and Cameron.

                                        Peace Hippie likes Twinkle Toes' peace heart, and Shellie May brought out her cupcake pants as Savannah gave her a stuffed cupcake, and Duffy is excited to have another brother and brought out his Skecher shoes which match Cameron.

                                        Twinkle Toes lights up.

                                        "Thank you for the cupcake," said Shellie May.

                                        "You can wear my cupcake pants sometimes, Savannah," said Shellie May generously.

                                        "Hello, brother," said Duffy.

                                        "Look at my skechers shoes," said Duffy.

                                        Cameron's ears light up, too.

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                                        • Time to share a Duffy photo:

                                          Duffeteer Society of Tenders, Artists & Romantics
                                          Check out the MICECHAT Duffy Forum
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