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  • We went to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY.

    Bears just wanna have fun.

    Francesca loves things that glow in the dark.

    Here are some moon jellies.

    "Don't eat me," said Duffy to the shark.

    "Oh, good, swim away."

    Shellie May liked the penguins.



    • Then we visited Newport's levee walk.

      Duffy wanted to ride the train but it wouldn't wait for him.

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      • We went to the Florence Mall in Florence, KY. Duffy saw an unattended train and decided to become the conductor.

        Uh-oh, the real conductor came by, not too happy about Duffy's takeover.

        Shellie May saw a store selling CDs.

        Unfortunately, their world music selection was pitiful.

        Next it was time to get the pawsport stamped. Shellie May took a turn. "Hey, you're doing it wrong," she said.

        Too late; it was stamped upside down and partially over another stamp. The clerk didn't even notice Shellie May's disappointment.

        This is really what their full-sized water tower looks like, too.

        Duffy sat in the airplane.



        • The next day we went to the National Underground Railroad Museum in Maysville, KY. Duffy will find out soon enough it's not the type or railroad museum he's thinking of.



          • The next day we stopped in Frankfort, KY, the capitol of the state.

            Then we went to Louisville Mega Cavern. From the 1930s to the 1970s it was an underground limestone mine but then the laws changed where they would have to own the land above to keep operating. Since the Louisville Zoo and much of the city was above that wasn't possible. In 1989 new owners took over and turned it into a giant tourist trap and also underground storage (I saw alot of pods and boats). We went on a tram ride. Shellie May does not like caves, but since this is classified as a building, she was not afraid.



            • Hello folks, well, that didn't work. Guess it went into the Bermuda triangle again.
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              • After Louisville Mega Cavern we went to the Paddock Shops in Louisville because there was another Build-A-Bear.

                "I trust you not to do it upside down," said Duffy, sitting back.

                Then he got curious and creeped closer.

                "Yay," he said when it was done.

                This was an outdoor mall.

                We found a Barnes and Noble. They had THREE huge sections with adult coloring books.

                Duffy wanted me to get this one but I told him he'd probably smear the pages walking all over in his bear feet to color from one end to the other.

                "Never mind where's Waldo. WHO'S WALDO?" asked Shellie May.

                She opened the book. "Oh, ugh, what a chore this would be," she said.

                "I will browse over here," she said, of the third section.

                These two sections of activity books are dedicated to coloring.

                Patriotic Duffy was making Beavis and Bu**head snickers when he saw this one. I snatched him up before he could look inside.

                We all decided they had nothing good that we didn't already have.


                • Back at the hotel, Shellie May was making note of our backup plans. A butterfly coloring book provides a PDF that we can use to download the pictures over and over again. She and Francesca tore out some pages. Shellie May used gel pens and Francesca and Duffy used colored pencils.

                  "Suitable to put on the refrigerator," said Shellie May, but I convinced her a sheet protector in a binder would be better so that the tape doesn't ruin it. "Okay, we will build a portfolio," she said.

                  "Not to brag, just sayin', while you girls were procrastinating I colored TWO pages," said Duffy. He used gel pens for this one.

                  Shellie May was making note of all the free downloadable pages we could get when we return home.



                  • The last day of vacation we went to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. It has ALOT to see, including many live shows, interactions with the horses, a museum, a film, two restaurants, a paddock, the racetrack where they train and were practicing, and of course, a gift shop.

                    Da bears horsing around in the gift shop, which you pass on the way in and out.

                    They would not get on a real horse.

                    This was a pretty low key vacation because I had been to KY so many times. Now I have seen everything I want in that state.


                    • What fun you and your bears had, JillT, and great photos!

                      Shellie May, Gelatoni, my mom and I visited Winslow, Arizona. We stayed at La Posada, originally a railroad hotel built in 1929, turned into railroad offices (!) in the 1960s, and finally refurbished into a rather quirky hotel. It has places to sit and read everywhere, several informative videos, filled bookshelves, games you can borrow, and a ton of art.

                      Why yes, they are on a camel!

                      I do not think this is quite how you play chess, but they seemed to be having fun.

                      Can you believe the railroad put up ACOUSTIC TILES to cover up the ballroom ceiling?! You can still see the holes!

                      The hotel mostly had seniors in it, but they had this for kids to play with.

                      Railroad stuff! (I think. There aren't really any trains where I live.)

                      Random furniture in the hallways.

                      You can sit and watch trains go by.

                      And there is a maze!

                      In the floor of our room! The hotel originally had wooden floors but the railroad did everything they could to make the hotel less like a hotel and more like an office building. (Our room was in the section that was made into a medical ward!) So I'm assuming this floor wasn't original.

                      The whole place was designed to catch prevailing winds and keep it cool even in the summer. I believe the walls are 20" thick. In fact, the thick concrete walls were probably what saved it from being torn down. In the 1960s the railroad wanted to tear it down but couldn't afford to, and wanted a new office building but couldn't afford to build one. If not for that, the hotel probably wouldn't be around today.

                      This made us all laugh!

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                      • Eeee-va, I've heard of Winslow, Arizona but did not know much about it. It looks "way cool". It is nice to see all the unique places da various Disney bears get to. They sure are good travelers, aren't they, always up for an adventure, but not demanding, easily entertained


                        • The Kentucky Horse Park is on my bucket list. It's Disneyland for horse lovers. I really wished I could have seen John Henry and Cigar (famous race horse that resided there) while they were still alive.


                          • Thank you, JillT! Yes, Shellie May is my very favorite travel companion!

                            Winslow is located on the old Route 66. (I read that it actually had the first divided highway in the state of Arizona. The road that used to be Route 66 going through the heart of town is still divided into two one-way roads today.)

                            Hey, he looks familiar!

                            Winslow's main claim to fame is through a song lyric....

                            Yes, you can stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

                            You might even see a girl in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at you.

                            We happened to be there on a Sunday, so much of what little was there was closed. You could still see the old buildings, which were kind of charming in their way. The place certainly seemed like it helped inspire Radiator Springs!
                            Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

                            Daily updates on Facebook!


                            • I don't know that song...hmmm. I have been to the start of Route 66 in Chicago. Oklahoma has a really good National Route 66 museum that in 2006 only cost $5 and took me 2 hours to tour through (alot of it is outdoors). They have a huge variety of artifaccts. I also saw some Route 66 signs in CA but I have not been to the terminus.


                              • Lo♥ey loves everything Swiss and discovered Caran D'Ache coloring and writing utensils.

                                The best price for their products is on Amazon.


                                • Da bears had a coloring party.

                                  Lo♥ey decided like me and Duffy, that we like Crayola crayons better and also Prismacolor pencils are our favorite (just like dazyhill told us ), but she was happy she at least got to TRY the Swiss brand.

                                  Peace Hippie forgave the mispelling (Hippy instead of Hippie) on one of the coloring books. "They still feel like they were designed with me in mind," she said as she got to coloring.

                                  Alcohol markers are our favorite markers. Tropicolor Teddy decided to use the sketchpad instead of coloring and wants to try EVERY color of the Superior brand Japanese markers.

                                  Shellie May is going to "color your way to calm" just like the book/CD suggests (from Walmart).

                                  Duffy loves that he can "color the box, too!" and thinks it's "way cool".

                                  He snorted at only getting four crayons, though.



                                  • Hannah does NOT like getting her paws dirty, so she decided to color digitally.

                                    It turns out she and Lily both wanted to wear the new pajamas I bought in KY. They each took one piece of it. "Share and share alike," they said, hugging each other.

                                    Savannah joined in.

                                    I don't know if Aluki likes coloring because she's still refrigerating.


                                    • Wow, JillT! What a collection! (LOL at the set of 4 crayons!)

                                      The song is "Take it Easy," made famous by The Eagles. I assumed almost everyone knew it but maybe it's just that I grew up in Arizona and my mom used to love that band. Here's a video including a guy who seems to be doing a fair job of dressing up as the wall in Winslow, Arizona!

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                                      Daily updates on Facebook!


                                      • Eeee-va, yes, I know that song but I didn't remember that line until you told me about it.

                                        I told Duffy to consider the four crayons a bonus, really, it's the coloring BOX activities that is the main thing and they assume you have your own crayons already.

                                        "Oh, that makes sense," he said, as he reached for the MEGA box of crayons.


                                        • Going into the wayback machine, here's my first photo of Shellie May on arrival at the airport in Japan in April.

                                          (She found a crane! Lucky! But Shellie May is already lucky so I left it for someone else to find.)
                                          Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

                                          Daily updates on Facebook!


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