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  • It was just a few minutes before the dealer (exhibitor) hall opened. Shellie May spotted another sheep.

    We didn't see anything worthy of buying that morning so we got some lunch and then it was time for one of our schedule games, called "Space Lift". I played another game by this designer in 2010 but he does not publish his games for whatever reason.

    Someone was dressed like Snow White, so Shellie May went up and introduced herself as a Disney bear. Snow White said, "oh, yes, Shellie May, I know YOU," and offered to get a photo with her.

    This balloon sculpture is just the beginning.

    Zhu Xiong spotted Pikachu!

    Duffy doesn't understand how a book can be a roleplaying campaign game. I told him the game takes months to play and you follow along and level up your character. Personally, we like roleplaying BOARD games that we can go on quests and level up our character but that end in one DAY. Still, they were generously passing out buttons so he figured he should investigate it and give it a try.

    Pathfinder has been around for awhile. We actually tried their board and card game but didn't care for it, although we appreciate the art. Now they are releasing another roleplaying game called Starfinder.

    This is a beholder from the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

    "Matching pirate!" shouted Duffy across the room. The pirate agreed to pose with Duffy.

    Meanwhile, Zhu Xiong acquired a button. Shellie May was afraid to wear a button since her outfit was nylon. She was afraid it would run the material.

    "Wizards Wanted" by Mattel was a game we were interested in checking out. They made a giant game for us to sample.

    It was really fun.

    So at approximately 4 p.m. (the dealer/exhibitor hall is open 10-6) we made our first purchase of the day.

    Now Zhu Xiong wanted a picture with these people since they have panda in their company name.

    We enjoy the panda themed game Takenoko, but I had to tell her not all panda games are created equal.

    This poster is for the Catan series of games.

    This game sounds like it might be lighthearted fun and for $12 I told Zhu Xiong we could get it.

    The two games on the left we purchased and all the stuff on the right was our freebies. We weren't supposed to get ALL that but the vendor loved Zhu Xiong so he was extra generous.

    Shellie May got a free die that says GenCon 50. That made her happy, since she was the only one who had not acquired any freebies today.

    Still more to come of day 1.

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    • Oh goodness...your Duffy and I are roughly the same skill level at driving games! And wow, how cool was that Pikachu....!

      I love seeing things you (and others) are passionate about through the eyes of your bears. (I know a little about "gaming" and have played Settlers of Catan once, but yeeeah, it's a new world for me!)
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      • Eeee-va, we played alot of games in my family growing up, all the classics plus whatever else my parents could find.

        As an adult when I moved out I still enjoyed them but didn't have the space or the money to keep buying them, so we just played what we had, and over time I purchased 2 new games, and my parents purchased one.

        When I moved to Nashville the end of 2007 to get out of the blizzard belt and megalopolis, I put myself on a two year plan to build a life, with joining social groups one of my goals, and it was a mind blowing revelation how far games had come since my childhood and i got addicted to cardboard crack. Some of the groups have disbanded, and admittedly, I usually just play with a neighbor, my sister, or one of two other friends.

        And yeah, Pikachu was way cool. The costumes are amazing! Better than going to a nightclub for Halloween (another activity I have "outgrown").


        • Just a couple of pictures to end the day. We played Dominion card game and Shellie May got a ribbon and some promo cards.



          • Start of day 2.

            People had made progress on cardhalla, which is an area with free cards, you can build a card house, and then Saturday evening people throw money at it to knock them down and the money goes to charity.

            First we looked at it from above.

            Even at 6 a.m., someone was building one.

            We have "The downfall of Pompeii" game at home, by Mayfair (the same company who makes the crayon rail (Empire Builder) series of games we love. They had a giant version here. Since nobody was looking, da bears climbed into the tubs.

            "Wow, that's alot of ribbons already!" said Zhu Xiong. The lady informed Zhu Xiong that she was from Illinois and had been up playing games for 23 hours straight!

            We left the convention last night at 9:48, got to bed around 11 p.m., and up again at 5 p.m. I reminded da bears that we purchased some games in advance of the convention (like Reinzer Knizia's "Quest for Eldorado" game and "Unearth"), and that we'd buy whatever else we wanted that we didn't get a chance to play so there's no need to pull an all nighter.

            "Yeah, we can't function on NO sleep," they agreed (whew, considering they have been waking me up early to get going...

            (Luckily, some of the games we had our eye on, once we played, we talked ourselves out of them but then of course, we discovered new items we didn't know existed).

            Here is Duffy with the Mutiny on the high Seas game with a better view since it is so early nobody is around.

            This game was a nominee Spiel des Jahres (Game of the year in Germany) in 2016. It is a tile laying game, where someone calls out numbers and letters (like in bingo but I hate bingo and i don't hate this) and everyone has a board and can put the tile with that number anywhere on their board. You are trying to make paths to treasure.

            I TOLD you we were obsessed with Star Realms. Duffy made himself a name tag.

            We like two of the three games by this designer, as well as the Ascension game that he worked on for awhile.

            "Oh, look, now he's coming out with ANOTHER game," said Shellie May. It launches on kickstarter in October.

            Wizard Miners is an unpublished game. We all got wizard hats to wear.

            Here is Zhu Xiong with the designer, Anthony Petruzelli, from New Jersey, who hadn't donned his own hat yet. His actually also had a headlamp on it.

            It was a really fun game.



            • Shellie May got a few pictures taken with cosplay people before the exhibit/dealer/vendor hall opened at 10 a.m.

              This lady is Vex from Dungeons & Dragons and the bear is Trinket.

              "That bear is scary!" said Zhu Xiong as we made a wide berth around that booth. Thankfully it was in a cage.

              We got a free bag and a free deck of cards for playing Dragoborne, a new collectible card game. We're not into collectible card games because they're such a money pit and we didn't really enjoy this one anyway. Zhu Xiong thinks it will be fun to ride in the bag, though.

              We also got a booklet for the game.

              This man's game, Foe Hunters, was really fun so we purchased a copy. He is from Kentucky. It's a cooperative game, which means we play together as a team trying to beat the game. One for all (we win) or the game beats us. Da bears enjoyed it because they didn't have to eliminate each other.

              Boardgamegeek is a website that is the google of the game world. It has pictures, reviews, information on how many people you need to play, video walkthroughs, description, year published, designer, etc., and we use it as a resource alot.

              "Don't be a poor sport," said Duffy. "Games are supposed to be FUN!" he told this crabby bear.

              Duffy and Zhu Xiong with their buttons and Shellie May with her die.

              Dragon stone Mine was another game we were interested in and when we played it we really enjoyed it. We got to play it with the designer.

              Dragon Stone Mine came with three bonus cards and we also acquired some other freebies as the day went on.

              Duffy is collecting more buttons.

              This game ended up being like a poker board game with a wild west theme. The designer did a really good job with theme, artwork, and game play (balance) but we don't enjoy poker so it was sort of a bust for us. Oh, well.

              We purchased Epic Resort and the expansion, and got a cloth bag and several cards as freebies. These cloth bags are great for carrying my stuff to work.

              Plus Duffy got two buttons for this purchase.



              • Looks like a fun convention. Don't really have a lot of free time to play board games but I have many games saved from childhood.
                Wizards Wanted looks like fun. If it came in that giant version like in the photo, that would be awesome.
                Found a horse themed game while searching online that wasn't a themed Monopoly or a kid's game. Definately considering it.


                • Dayzhill, is it a wooden horse race game with a deck of cards, 2 dice, and poker chips? If so, I have that one. It's fun.

                  We got the bag and booklet for Dragoborne, but had to come back to actually play the game because the line was too long earlier.

                  The production and marketing was really in depth, but we just didn't like the gameplay. Oh, well. We took the starter deck and three dice anyway. Here are all our freebies (minus the bag that Zhu Xiong rode in).

                  Zhu Xiong enjoys her buttons and also is happy to celebrate gaming history.

                  "I'm really just here for the games, but congratulations on your ribbons," she told another avid player.

                  All the cosplay people were happy to pose with any of da bears.

                  We went back to the Lucas Oil Field Stadium. "Hey, Duffy, do you want your picture on the 50 yard line?" I asked him.

                  "Meh, okayyyyyy...but I'm really just here for the games," he said. We are SO not a sports household.

                  If we could get a ribbon just for passing through, Zhu Xiong was all for it.



                  • Day 3 of 4.

                    Zhu Xiong wanted to go into the Czech game room. We just purchased Tzolk'in, which is about the Mayan calendar, a few weeks ago but haven't played it yet. The way the board is made, you turn a dial and little resources that you place moves and you get more points. It looks way cool. We were able to play a demo so the rules will stick better in our pea brains once we get home.

                    Bigfoot vs. Yeti was a rummy style game only the different suits were mythic creatures and they each had a special power. It's coming on Kickstarter for $20 in October. We enjoyed it but we must start prioritizing and I'm not sure it made our "must have" list.

                    Duffy wanted Yeti to win because of our loyalty to Abominable at home.

                    Shellie May thought her head would explode. Rhein River Trade looked quite complicated.

                    She put on her glasses to read the rules.

                    Duffy decided to help.

                    The hostess explained the game really well and it wasn't difficult after all. However, it was very poorly balanced in gameplay. 3 out of the 5 of us HUMANS went bankrupt before the game was even half over. Da bears don't mind losing but they never heard of a game that they couldn't finish. "This makes no sense," said Duffy as he read the rules again.

                    Very rarely a player may spend all his capital, and still be unable to pay his fixed costs (storage or penalties), or other form required to fulfill an order (loading or reservation costs), even after taking out a mortgage on both of his trucks. In this case, the player (thanks to his great (sarcasm) business acumen) will have to declare bankruptcy (yes, bankruptcy was in bold), and drop out of the game early. The other players are authorized to tease him for a minute at most. After that they keep playing the game without any changes.

                    "Meh," said da bears, as we all left to go do something else.

                    Shellie May scoffed at toys having a war.

                    Duffy says if he acquires any more buttons, there is room to start pinning them to his bandana.

                    This lady is Belle.

                    Zhu Xiong picked up some free postcards, but she was a little laggy today so I gave her some tea to perk her up.

                    Duffy wanted a bunch of Skylanders comics, and Shellie May got a young adult novel by an indie author.

                    Duffy got the books signed by a man who worked on the Skylanders programming and another man who worked on the Skylanders graphics in the video games, and now has a button pinned on his bandana just like he planned.

                    The convention center was connected by a skywalk to Circle Center Mall. We went there for lunch but it wasn't air conditioned very well and the food choices were pitiful.

                    "Oh, look a game store in the mall," shouted Zhu Xiong.

                    They mostly had the classic games.

                    I played Jenga with my friends when they lived in Indianapolis. They now live in a suburb of Phoenix. I don't think it's suited for bears' fumble paws.

                    Back in the convention hall, Zhu Xiong noticed they had a banner for a game we already have at home.

                    Phoenix Covenant is a game by this man from Minnesota, who now lives in Connecticut. You have a deck of square cards, and each card has powers, and shields. You move your cards along the board sort of like chess, and you try to attack and take the other person's life total down to 0. Each card has a certain way it can move, certain ways it can attack, and certain shields to help buffer others' attacks. It is a 2 player game.

                    He signed our copy.

                    We were gamed out quite early today, even with tomorrow being the last day and a shorter day. We left around 6:45 p.m.


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                    • The last day da bears wanted their picture in front the full balloon sculpture. Today at noon bids will be taken to pop it with a magic sword.

                      Duffy was especially fascinated with how they made the dragon's teeth.

                      Zhu Xiong climbed onto the throne and with a scepter declared herself Queen of the Games, at which point everyone whipped out their cameras and phones, abandoned their places in line and their children, and started snapping photos of her. She got her 2 minutes of fame.



                      • Shellie May enjoyed the Different drummer belly Dancers.

                        Duffy wanted one more photo now that he is done collecting buttons.



                        • We ate at Shapiro's deli during the week and now we stopped on the way home, too.

                          Owned and operated by one family for more than 110 years, Shapiro’s kosher-style Delicatessen is an Indianapolis institution. Famous for our
                          piled-high sandwiches, our meats (corned beef, pastrami, brisket) are still slow-cooked in-store. Our homemade dishes like macaroni and cheese
                          and matzo ball soup are second to none! Shapiro’s incredible cheesecakes, delicious rye bread, NY-style bagels and delectable
                          desserts keep Indianapolis residents and visitors coming back for more!

                          The first time I had potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream. They were delicious! This time I got a stuffed green pepper, noodles and cream sauce, a deviled egg that was actually rubbery (how does that happen?), and another piece of their chocolate CHOCOLATE cake.

                          I also stopped at the bakery section and took some lemon squares and rugelach home.

                          At the college mall in Bloomington, IN da bears rode the carousel with an actual human toddler.

                          At Build-A-Bear it was Shellie May's turn to get the pawsport stamped. We were happy they had the traditional original stamp.

                          For the first time in history, all three bears found something they liked.

                          "Those shoes go with my outfit, too, share and share alike," said Zhu Xiong as she moved them over to HER side.

                          "Heyyyyyyy," said Shellie May, climbing down.



                          • At home, Shellie May showcased her ribbons and Duffy and Zhu Xiong showed off their buttons.

                            The GenCon buttons were for the children until 3 p.m. each day, and then we could get one. Unfortunately, stuffies don't count as children or the young at heart. They were looking at ME as a middle aged woman and would not budge, oh, well.

                            The tall pile is the purchases.


                            More freebies.

                            Duffy showed Bearami the Skylanders books and now Bearami wants to read them, too.

                            Duffy was also able to acquire a duplicate button on the last day. "Here, let me pin this on you," he said as he shared with Bearami.

                            "Gee, thanks, bro!" said Bearami appreciatively.



                            • The day after we got home it was the solar eclipse.

                              Da bears were prepared and they enjoyed activating the solar eclipse post office stamps.

                              Duffy's pants have planets and moons on them.

                              Local times for eclipse in Nashville on Monday, August 21, 2017
                              Partial Eclipse begins Aug 21 at 11:58 am The Moon touches the Sun's edge.
                              Full Eclipse begins Aug 21 at 1:27 pm The Sun becomes totally eclipsed.
                              Full eclipse lasts 1 minute, 47 seconds in Nashville
                              Full Eclipse ends Aug 21 at 1:29 pm The total eclipse ends.
                              Partial Eclipse ends Aug 21 at 2:54 pm The Moon leaves the Sun's edge.
                              Nashville is the largest city in the United States that will have totality, which is the FULL ECLIPSE when the moon completely blocks the sun. The path of the eclipse is 70 miles north to south and will go from Oregon to South Carolina.

                              This is sort of old news by now ha ha; I am so far behind!

                              I experimented with different settings.

                              Unfortunately, in a bright blue sky with only 20% clouds, a giant cloud that wasn't moving much eclipsed the eclipse right before totality!

                              Luckily, the eclipse occurred on my lunch hour and I just had to walk a half block to stand on a rooftop.

                              See how MOST of the sky is clear!

                              Now here comes the moon out the other side.



                              • What great adventures you and your bears had, JillT! That's too bad about the clouds, but was the eclipse still really cool?
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                                • Eeee-va, the eclipse was interesting, but I've heard the difference between seeing even a 99% eclipse and a 100% eclipse is:

                                  "meh, that was interesting, I guess," and "WOW, mindblowing!"

                                  Oh, well.

                                  I would not travel far to see it. Funny story is that Nashville charges $400 a night for hotels anytime someone BREATHES. So some wack farmer was charging $1,000 yes, that is one thousand dollars a night for people to park in his meadow with no electricity or running water.

                                  Well, there's a sucker born every day ha ha.

                                  But to walk half a block on my lunch hour? Can't get much more convenient than that so it's worth a try.


                                  • Duffy, Shellie May, and I went to the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival. It's my 9th time and da bears' 5th time.

                                    This year they dressed Irish.

                                    Duffy wanted an old-fashioned soda, and Shellie May started off with three milk cake. Nothing like getting a sugar high going first thing!

                                    Shellie May started the day with three milk cake and shared with Duffy. It got a little smeared from my backpack carrying it until we found a place to sit.

                                    Da bears posed in the Serbian display with a man from Serbia.

                                    Shellie May was hungry today.

                                    Da bears with some art.

                                    The first musician we saw was a man from Ecuador who played various flutes. His name was Wakay Cucuango.

                                    Then we watched some musicians representing Bulgaria. The music had really fast but weird syncopations. "Can't dance to this," commented Shellie May, as she was spastically getting tangled up in her limbs.

                                    They were handing out samples of kofta, which is a Greek meatball. We didn't care for the seasonings.

                                    Shellie May made a beeline to the desserts.

                                    Duffy chose something more hearty. This is a fried plaintain with chicken, cheese, lettuce, and two different types of sauce. It was REALLY good. This booth was representing Venezuelan food.



                                    • This ensemble represented Mali.

                                      The Wisdom Indian dancers were from Oklahoma.



                                      • Nyama represented Guinea.

                                        The ensemble representing Mali and this group used alot of drums.

                                        Da bears in front of a mural.

                                        It was in the low 80s today and Shellie May wanted something cold. She got a mango pina colada smoothie.



                                        • Lastly we watched the Beyond Wings Aerial Act.

                                          At one time the lady did have all four hula hoops going but I didn't get any pictures of it.

                                          Even though the festival is from 10-6, we left at 2;30 this year because we've gone so many times we were sort of done by then.
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