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  • Hello, Shellie May. Yes, they have adapted to the happy hermit homebear lifestyle and like to be comfffffffortable.

    Some of my bears like Peace Hippie and Adelaide (Adelaide is the koala with the heart on her torso) stay unclothed so they can showcase their design. Well, except if they go out in public, but around the house? Pfffffft.


    • Originally posted by JillT View Post
      I went to visit my sister in Chicagoland for 9 days. We spent a day in Rockford, IL and they have a Build-a-Bear store. I adopted two new bears, Iris and Owen. Iris is named after the Greek goddess of rainbows. Owen has white peace signs in his fabric.

      We got the pawsport stamped.

      Meanwhile my sister was able to find Duffy another pair of professor spectacles. When I got home he was so excited he put them on even though he wasn't doing anything close-up. Iris and Owen started climbing the stairs to meet da other bears and Duffy, Shellie May, and Peace Hippie came down.

      "Groovy, now I have a peace brother," said Peace Hippie excitedly, bringing her peace necklaces to share.

      "Which one do you like?" she asked. Owen liked them both so he wore one of each.

      "Since you're named after a Goddess, you can have a turn on my throne," said Shellie May. "We'll worry about your wardrobe when it cools off in here."

      There's always room for another bear at my house.

      Jill T
      The bears look great! Hooray for additions to the family!


      • It has been 5 ½ months since Duffy and Shellie May have left the house. This is the longest spread in between activities, and while I didn’t hear a peep of complaint out of them, I know they were excited to go on an adventure, even if it is just to the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival (their 6th time).

        Duffy looks forward to the food the most and Shellie May loves the colorful costumes and dancing/music.

        I think part of their acceptance of being home more now is the other bears giving them a reality check that the “normal life of stuffies” is sitting on a shelf. A few of my bears have yet to leave the house EVER. Either that or being Disney bears they’re just eternally in good moods, as are the Build-a-Bears. Even Abominable the Mammot isn't crabby; he's just rambunctious and LOUD but harmless.

        “You’re WAY overthinking this,” said Duffy.

        “Yeah,” agreed Shellie May. “Everything in the house is accessible to our height, we have all our playmates, and we are happy with the uptick in entertainment options.” (I’m now a member again of Amazon Prime and am enjoying all the channels as well as more music and ebooks).

        Duffy is dressed as an Inuit and Shellie May is wearing her Scandinavian St. Lucia outfit. Never mind the fact that we’re hitting 91F today with just a low of 70F and it’s been like that this month and predicted to last until October 12 at least. It’s not unusual for it to be 80 in early October but 91F with a low of only 70F is warmer than usual. I’ll take it, though! Just sayin’ Duffy is gonna roast!

        “They have Mexican popsicles, Hawaiian shaved ice, and if we don’t mind the tartness, Italian ice. He’ll be fine……” said Shellie May, whose favorite treat is ice cream anyway.

        When we arrived and I went to get da bears out of the back seat, Duffy had already stuffed a refrigerated bottled water down his jacket for "climate control". It was 84F at 9:50 a.m.

        This Malaysian place is new.

        We got a mango lassi (mango yogurt drink that is also popular in India), and two roti. Roti is like a crepe or tortilla, but not quite like either on its own. One was stuffed with asiago and monterey cheese and came with chili garlic sauce and one was stuffed with banana and honey.

        Duffy started slurping the mango lassi immediately. I told da bears to keep that handy as they just put a speck of the chili garlic sauce on the cheese roti because if it's too spicy we need milk to take the heat away. Water will only make it worse. "Ready, set, go!" I told them.

        One speck was too hot and we were all gulping the mango lassi.

        Unfortunately, snow cones were there, but no Hawaiian shaved ice and no Mexican paletas. We didn't eat anywhere else because it was so hot we were afraid of food poisoning.

        We DID like the roti, though, just not with the garlic spicy sauce.

        Shellie May and I both like Hello Kitty. This hat is supposedly from Ecuador. I say that because they were selling llama pajama bottoms for $15 that said made in China even though the booth advertised "fair trade policies".

        We watched the Chinese people practice tai chi to some flute music. "It's so hot even the dancers are moving in slow motion," said Shellie May, who didn't know what tai chi was anyway.

        Da bears looked at the bracelets from Brazil. They are from the church of the Bahia and a friend is supposed to tie it on you with three knots. You make wishes and when it falls off naturally you hope your wishes come true.

        Then we watched the dancers from Kurdistan while I recorded the video of some songs to Shazaam later.

        Meanwhile, Duffy had taken off his coat and boots and was just wearing pants. Oh, well.

        "If Zhu Xiong was here, she could tell me what this says," says Shellie May.

        Then da bears learned about a singing bowl from Tibet.

        We left fairly early because after having been so many times, it's really getting a bit repetitious. It was still fun and I don't have alot of activities that I do TEN times (like this one). Da bears have been there six times now.