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  • At the risk of looking like an old man (my sister's feedback) in the yard (my comment), Duffy gave Justin his British guitar t-shirt, even though the sleeves are covered up by the jeans jacket, and Justin took his skinny jeans back, even though they're black instead of blue denim.

    I agree, he looks better.

    Better, but not quite right.

    Yup, he needed his skinny jeans back.


    • My one friend who I sent pictures of Justin and Toby to, said Justin looked like an alcoholic or drug addict originally and then it looked like he went to a grumpy old man, but now he's growing on her, too. I'll send her the latest picture and see if she likes it better now that he just swapped his t-shirt and put on skechers but kept his original jacket and jeans.

      "Too bad the jeans have rips, though," commented Shellie May.
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      • Fluffernutter woke up enough today to make his signature sandwich, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

        "It's even more efficient to just dip nutter butter cookies into the marshmallow fluff," said Duffy. "Then you can get back to hibernating sooner." Duffy says the round nutter butter cookies are sturdier than the peanut shaped cookies that have a tendency to snap in the middle.

        Shellie May made herself a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then da bears all sat on the couch to watch TV while they ate.

        Then I showed Fluffernutter the white chocolate wonderful peanut butter I have. "This is quite efficient, too, because you just spread this on the bread instead of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff."

        He agreed to try it next time.



        • Amazon is our digital bestie.

          We pre-ordered the Kingdom Hearts 3 video game by Disney for the PlayStation 4 and Amazon got it to us on the day it was released and offered us a $10 digital credit (we can use that for digital music, digital videos, etc.) once they know we keep this game for a month and don’t return it. We also get some exclusive DLC.

          Duffy, even Shellie May, Bearami, and now Wrigley, are psyched!

          Da bears swarmed the prime package that it came in.

          I told them, “hey, bears, let ME play it first a little bit and then you can have it tomorrow when I’m slaving away at work to pay for all our hobbies.”

          They said “okayyyyyy,” as they all were hanging over my shoulder watching me.

          Duffy is wearing his new dinosaur onesie, and Shellie May has her new Hello Kitty top on and they both are wearing their bear slippers.


          • After going through a polar vortex that extended all the way south to Birmingham, Alabama, da bears have put together this display as a survival guide for people still suffering from the cold.

            Shellie May dressed up for dramatic effect, while Duffy just put on a different pair of pajamas and is still wearing his bear slippers.

            Stay warm everyone!


            • I have my non-region specific DVD player in the guest bedroom upstairs and I want to watch "My Family", a British TV series on DVD that only plays on that since they have a different format (PAL instead of NTSC). I told Fluffernutter he has to move NOW.

              He loves to sleep. He can sleep and sleep and SLEEP! He doesn’t snore, though. Toby likes to sleep with him. Da bears have cuddled with him and Shellie May TRIED to read him a Dr. Seuss book but he fell asleep before the end and those are short books already so she gave up. “I guess he won’t need a library card,” she told me.

              So Fluffernutter sort of scooted over. “Mmmph, there’s room for you now,” he said.

              Um, no, I need to crawl UNDER the covers and it’s only a double bed, so I would need more than that space.

              Well, then I got distracted so I didn’t watch the TV show that night and now Fluffernutter, who is also not parting with the pillow Dave sewed together (which is fine), thinks this is acceptable and fell right back asleep.



              • This year we are celebrating International Tabletop Day at home, and we are getting an early start.

                We didn't want to pay $60 retail for Whistle Stop when it was released at Indy GenCon in 2017, but now Amazon had it for $26.75, and since Duffy is fascinated by trains, I purchased it.

                Duffy's train outfit is from Paris Disney.

                Shellie May is wearing a Madame Kyoto designed outfit, and Zhu Xiong stayed in pajamas since we're at home. Her outfit was designed by Colly in England on Etsy.

                "Your outfit looks better without glasses," said Zhu Xiong, trying to disarm him so she could have a better chance of winning.

                Since Duffy is not vain, he put his glasses back on so he could SEE STRAIGHT!

                Shellie May is playing with her tiles face up until she gets the hang of the game.

                Since tea helped Zhu Xiong's energy level at Indy GenCon (she's usually super happily laid back), she is drinking it again.

                Let the fun begin! JillT
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                • This looks so awesome!! And Duffy's outfit from Paris is absolutely adorable...!!! Have fun, Bears!! ❤️💕🧸


                  • Remember when Duffy and Shellie May met my sister's Roaming Roger, and they were comparing pawsport stamps, and Roaming Roger even had clothes from other places? Remember how he had a "girlie" Las Vegas shirt because "all the good stuff was gone"?

                    Well, he gave that shirt to ULT (Ultimate Lori Traveller, the cat), and Roaming Roger and Retired Rita got new Las Vegas shirts, YAY!



                    • My sister and I went to Barcelona, Spain for 8 days (not counting fly time) and rented an apartment in the iexample neighborhood of Barcelona.

                      The walk score is 100 and there are 296 restaurants within 0.3 miles/0.5 km of the apartment, 3 groceries within 1 minute, 36 city sights within 0.3 miles/0.5 km, and a metro station with multiple lines a block away or you can cross the street from the apartment and hail a taxi. It’s in the international high end shopping district (not that we care about designer purses or clothes LOL).

                      I adopted Felipe (fah-LEE-pay), a bilingual Build-A-Bear. “A walk score of 100 is a perfect score,” I told him. “I live in Nashville, TN but not downtown, and even downtown we don’t have 296 restaurants within 0.3 miles.”

                      “Meh, I’m tired of being trampled on by the hordes. I want a more peaceful environment with stuffies my size,” he told me, as he handed me a stack of music CDs from the FNAC store as an offering. “High end shopping for me being 17” tall is a wasted effort,” he continued.

                      “Okay, then, come ON! I can certainly accommodate you. We have uber eats, grub hub, beyond menu, door dash, and Amazon Prime Restaurants to help with the food selection, about 40 stuffies to bond with, and over 11,000 songs in my own music library. I know Shellie May, Francesca, and Mohawan, Jr. will be especially excited about the music additions and Duffy will welcome you with open arms also.”

                      "Hey, what am I, chopped liver?" said Duffy, walking in wearing his 'turn up the volume in Nashville' shirt. "I like video games the best, but I also like music!"

                      Welcome Felipe!

                      Tillie came up and asked, "so how was your plane journey from Spain to America?" She was worried about HIS experience since she and my sister got stranded in Toronto on the way back from England.

                      "It was fine," he replied, puzzled at her concern, but giving her a hug as his new sister.

                      "Well, don't forget, it is May, not middle of the winter," I gently reminded Tillie.

                      "Oh, right," she said and gave him a hug back.

                      Also, while walking around the streets of Barcelona, my sister noticed some Japanese young ladies (early 20s?) had Stella Lou on their purse as a keychain, so I said, "Koneecheewa, Stella Lou!" and pointed to my sister, and then to myself as I have ordered one of my own. They started smiling and laughing and I said "Duffy, Shellie May", did a thumbs up and pointed to both of us, and then said, "Gelatoni," and pointed to my sister, so then they were also saying which characters they had.

                      It was WAY COOL!



                      • I also adopted Snuggle, the Build-a-Bear based on the Downy fabric softener commercial.

                        After Duffy and Shellie May met him, Snuggle went up to snuggle with Fluffernutter.

                        Fluffernutter rolled over but STILL would not completely give up the pillow my friend, Dave, sewed decades ago.

                        He smiled at Snuggle, and then went back to sleep.

                        Duffy learned the word "siesta" and joined them with Felipe also following.



                        • Continuing the cuteness, I also adopted Bearnice (who I actually call bear-NEES), one of the kabu bears. She's so adorable! I love the color of her fur and the pink and purple accents and her face.

                          My sister is such a Build-a-Bear aficionado that the last few visits I have just gone shopping in her house, perusing the collection and then telling her what to get for me (and I pay her)! She has so many she rotates them, although Rockgirl and a few others stay out always.

                          She comes with a downloadable free video game. You KNOW that got Bearami's and Duffy's attention.

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                          • Didn't know Build A Bear made a Snuggle Bear. I have a vintage one somewhere, but the Build A Bear one is cute.


                            • Dazyhill, that's cool. I'm sure yours is more authentic and valuable. JillT


                              • I don't want to give da bears sensory overload so I waited until today to introduce more adoptions.

                                Here is a sugar cookie Build-a-Bear named...Sugar.

                                Sienna, the cupcake bear, came over to introduce herself also.

                                "Donuts are my favorite treat, and I don't get them often, but I like cookies, too," said Duffy, making her feel welcome like they have something in common already.

                                One good thing, my bears are not cliquish.

                                They found their spot on a shelf.

                                Felipe also found a good spot on the shelf, in between Topa and Francesca, and that is Bearnice in the background to the left, facing sideways.

                                Also, meet Dylan, a downtown Disney bear, and Elodie.

                                Chaunsey and Dylan made fast friends.

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                                • Okay, I still have 4 skins to stuff, my sister just received two more skins and another bear (the two skins she just got were supposed to be stuffed but Build-a-Bear just sent them skins instead), and here are the last ones that have come to life that I can post.

                                  Now you know what I mean about my sister being a Build-A-Bear aficionado and me shopping in her house.

                                  First of all, Stella Lou arrived! Her story is that she loves to dance and is an aspiring ballerina. With us being a music household, although not of classical or opera music, I figured she'd fit right in.

                                  I also adopted a pirate named Matey, as in ahoy, Matey. Duffy was so excited he gave Matey his brand new (from a year and a half ago but he hasn't worn them yet) pirate pajamas so that Matey doesn't feel like he's just getting castoff hand me downs.

                                  "Pajamas are standard attire around here," he advised Matey.

                                  "Thanks bro!" Matey replied.

                                  Then Matey informed all of us, "my previous tender cut my eye patch so I can move it over and see out of both eyes if I need to," and showed us.

                                  Okay, so my sister is bringing more bears and skins when she comes in September for a few days, but this is it for now.

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                                  • Wow!! So many adorable friends, Jill T!!! Welcome, cute bears!! Welcome, StellaLou!! I love to see what every bear is wearing just as much as I love to get to know every personality!! ❤️💕❤️💕🧸


                                    • Nice to see you back again, shellie may.


                                      • I adopted two MORE new bears, a mermaid Build-a-Bear and a Southwest Airlines Build-a-Bear.

                                        The mermaid bear is named Merina. "Get it?" she said to Duffy and Shellie May. "Merina like mermaid, and like mer (the French word for 'sea') and also a play on the word marine".

                                        Duffy and Shellie May, who are wearing summer swim outfits looked blankly at her, sort of like how they were confused with my Justin Bieber bear who proclaimed he's "JUST Justin".

                                        "Her name is Merina," I told them.

                                        "Ohhhhh," they said.

                                        My sister had my Southwest Airlines Build-a-Bear shipped directly to me. His name is Colby and he's a ramper bear.

                                        Duffy was super excited. "It's my dream to fly in an airplane someday. I bet you have seen some amazing things! I want to hear all about it, the places you've been to, what it's like, TELL ME!"

                                        Colby replied, "Well, I have never actually flown. I spend all my time on the ground guiding the planes in and out of the gate before and after their journey. It's alot of work, running around like a maniac on my short legs. I wasn't very good at it."

                                        "Well, Shellie May and I had jobs in corporate America, but we only lasted a day," Duffy told him.

                                        "Yeah, don't feel bad. We got fired because I got caught checking my Facebook page and Duffy fell asleep in a meeting," Shellie May added.

                                        "That meeting was SOOOOOOO boring," said Duffy in his own defense.

                                        I told Colby, "Well, Colby, you've come to the right household. You'll never have to work again."

                                        "Yup, all fun and games HERE," said Cheyenne and Francesca, coming out to offer support.

                                        "GAMES?" said Zhu Xiong and Bearami from another room, although they were too engrossed in said activities to get up.
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                                        • Welcome Colby!


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