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  • At the risk of looking like an old man (my sister's feedback) in the yard (my comment), Duffy gave Justin his British guitar t-shirt, even though the sleeves are covered up by the jeans jacket, and Justin took his skinny jeans back, even though they're black instead of blue denim.

    I agree, he looks better.

    Better, but not quite right.

    Yup, he needed his skinny jeans back.


    • My one friend who I sent pictures of Justin and Toby to, said Justin looked like an alcoholic or drug addict originally and then it looked like he went to a grumpy old man, but now he's growing on her, too. I'll send her the latest picture and see if she likes it better now that he just swapped his t-shirt and put on skechers but kept his original jacket and jeans.

      "Too bad the jeans have rips, though," commented Shellie May.
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      • Fluffernutter woke up enough today to make his signature sandwich, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

        "It's even more efficient to just dip nutter butter cookies into the marshmallow fluff," said Duffy. "Then you can get back to hibernating sooner." Duffy says the round nutter butter cookies are sturdier than the peanut shaped cookies that have a tendency to snap in the middle.

        Shellie May made herself a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then da bears all sat on the couch to watch TV while they ate.

        Then I showed Fluffernutter the white chocolate wonderful peanut butter I have. "This is quite efficient, too, because you just spread this on the bread instead of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff."

        He agreed to try it next time.