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  • Road trip. Little Duffy called shotgun.

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    • My sister visited Sunday-Wednesday of Labor Day week.

      I had done some shopping but da bears were all partying and wouldn't sit still until today.

      Duffy got a new shirt and was saying “duuuuuuuude” as he marched around the house nodding his head up and down, pointing to his chest like “I’m da man!”

      Shellie May and Bearnice got new pajamas. Bearnice’s pajamas are designed for her. One can never have too much loungewear!

      I also adopted some more bears.

      Gemma has a big heart, is kind and full of love for everyone. “See?” she said, pointing to her heart with a big smile. Then SHE got pajamas that are designed for her.

      Finnegan is another peace loving bear, who brought new peace necklaces for Peace Hippie and Owen. The ones they are wearing are really tarnishing with age. Finnegan, or Finn for short, even brought extras so they could choose bronze or black frames and chains.

      Peace Hippie and Owen liked black, while Finnegan preferred bronze.

      Peace Hippie threw the old peace necklaces away.

      Seymour is the newest addition to my Disney Build-a-Bear collection. I still have two Disney themed outfits but they are both designed with Duffy’s name on them, so Seymour will wear this Etsy Mickey Mouse themed outfit for now. Dora is a confetti bear from Build-a-Bear’s 20th anniversary party.

      Everyone wanted a photo together.

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      • Duuuuuuude! Duffy your new shirt is awesome!! And there are so many cute additions to da bear family!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Seymour is an amazing treasure!! And Finnegan is the sweetest name ever! Every bear is so wonderful and sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️


        • I hope you are doing well Shellie May. This Sunday will be da bears' first anniversary of not leaving da house. Ha ha. They haven't complained. I think they have settled into their shelves (in between running around the house playing) well. Eventually I will take them somewhere. My car is older so I just keep it local and I just went to Barcelona, Spain this year so it's not like they'd be making THAT large journey carting them to Europe LOL! Jill