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  • Road trip. Little Duffy called shotgun.

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    • My sister visited Sunday-Wednesday of Labor Day week.

      I had done some shopping but da bears were all partying and wouldn't sit still until today.

      Duffy got a new shirt and was saying “duuuuuuuude” as he marched around the house nodding his head up and down, pointing to his chest like “I’m da man!”

      Shellie May and Bearnice got new pajamas. Bearnice’s pajamas are designed for her. One can never have too much loungewear!

      I also adopted some more bears.

      Gemma has a big heart, is kind and full of love for everyone. “See?” she said, pointing to her heart with a big smile. Then SHE got pajamas that are designed for her.

      Finnegan is another peace loving bear, who brought new peace necklaces for Peace Hippie and Owen. The ones they are wearing are really tarnishing with age. Finnegan, or Finn for short, even brought extras so they could choose bronze or black frames and chains.

      Peace Hippie and Owen liked black, while Finnegan preferred bronze.

      Peace Hippie threw the old peace necklaces away.

      Seymour is the newest addition to my Disney Build-a-Bear collection. I still have two Disney themed outfits but they are both designed with Duffy’s name on them, so Seymour will wear this Etsy Mickey Mouse themed outfit for now. Dora is a confetti bear from Build-a-Bear’s 20th anniversary party.

      Everyone wanted a photo together.

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      • Duuuuuuude! Duffy your new shirt is awesome!! And there are so many cute additions to da bear family!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Seymour is an amazing treasure!! And Finnegan is the sweetest name ever! Every bear is so wonderful and sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️


        • I hope you are doing well Shellie May. This Sunday will be da bears' first anniversary of not leaving da house. Ha ha. They haven't complained. I think they have settled into their shelves (in between running around the house playing) well. Eventually I will take them somewhere. My car is older so I just keep it local and I just went to Barcelona, Spain this year so it's not like they'd be making THAT large journey carting them to Europe LOL! Jill


          • Hey there everyone! New to micechat. I collect mainly stellalou as my name suggests. Just got back from the tokyo resort where i bought gelatoni and a few clothes for them I also collect unibearsity and ufufy plushes and was wondering if there is a section for those too? Super excited to meet other duffy fans!♡ i have been interested in the line sense around 2014 or so but only started collecting last year when my friend went to the sea park and got me my stella. She is my favorite along with gelatoni and cookieann who i plan to get next.

            Also curious if anyone here collects other tokyo disney plushies such as ufufy and unibear? I dressed stella and gelatoni in a matching donald and daisy unibearsity set I bought at the disney store in Japan and they fit great on them. All set for Halloween
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            • I like the mint green and also the lavender outfit on Stella Lou. She's such a cutie.
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              • I adopted Olu, a Disney Hawaiian turtle. He was released in August, but hey, he's a turtle, so it took him some time to swim from Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii, to Los Angeles, where he was able to stowaway on the bumper of cars, RVs, and whatever he could find, making his way to Nashville, TN.

                Da bears were very excited to see him, and dressed up in ocean and tropical themed outfits.

                Olu's hat survived, but alas, his ukelele did not make it on the long journey.

                "Don't worry. We have a Hawaiian playlist on itunes," Shellie May advised.

                Olu noticed we have 53 Hawaiian songs and it takes 3 hours, 15 minutes to listen to it all.

                He was also happy to see everything is loaded onto the ipod touch.

                He's a laid back turtle who is accustomed to functioning on island time where nothing is a rush.

                "We live the life of leisure here. We sleep in as long as we want, and then we amble around and play and enjoy the entertainment stockpile in the house. There's no hurry here either," said Duffy.

                "Well, and hibernation season will be here soon," continued Shellie May, "but I don't hibernate as much as Duffy because I use the winter to catch up on my reading."

                WELCOME Olu!

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                • St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital was my mother’s favorite charity.

                  My sister got herself and me an official St. Jude’s Carnival Cruise Line/Build-a-Bear bear. His name is Jude.

                  Duffy and Shellie may dressed up in their doctor/nurse outfits and told him the story of how they brought the Teddy I had since I was one year old back to life.

                  “Wow! I don’t have any actual medical training. I just provide cuddle therapy to the sick children and then they instantly feel better,” said Jude.

                  Since Duffy found out Jude wasn't actually sick or contagious, he took off his doctor's mask and stethoscope.

                  “We’re very huggy/cuddly here, too, so you won’t get out of practice,” Shellie May told Jude, as da bears welcomed him in with open arms.

                  Bearnice is really soft, and so is Jude! Jude is super silky and has longer fur. I can see how cuddling with him would make children feel better.
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                  • My sister came to visit for Thanksgiving.

                    I told Duffy and Shellie May I would be bringing some bears to life. Shellie May said, "Oh?" She was excited and looked up at me expectantly.

                    First was the Candy Pop Build-a-Bear. "I got my name because when I see Candy I POP IT IN MY MOUTH!" she proclaimed enthusiastically.

                    We made a stop at the It's Sugar store.

                    I wasn't going to pay $14.99 (sale price!) for these big boxes of candy because we aren't THAT big into "junk" candy at home, even with the other bears.

                    We ate at TGIFriday's, and I told Candy Pop she needed something nutritious before putting all that sugar in her little bear body. She chose parmesan crusted chicken with mashed potatoes and lemon broccoli.

                    "That's a balanced meal, good choice," I encouraged her.

                    My sister loves donuts and Candy Pop also wanted to copy my sister's dessert selection of donut cheesecake.

                    We also made a stop at the Lindt store.

                    "I like ALL candy, and chocolate is candy!" Candy Pop told me.

                    When I brought Candy Pop home she told Duffy and Shellie May that she was born to share.

                    I purchased a Nashville shirt with the skyline and a guitar below for Duffy, and a beautiful party dress for Shellie May. Since Olu's ukulele didn't survive his long journey, I got him a guitar. He was really thankful!

                    I also adopted Seti, a mummy bear.

                    Celeste is a fairy bear. She just has training wings on. Her full wings never came in. I know Build-a-Bear has prosthetic wings but Celeste likes to stay grounded anyway.

                    "I can flutter for a few seconds a few feet above ground, but I don't really like heights," she said.

                    "You are BEAUTIFUL," admired Shellie May of Celeste. "I love your coloring. So many of my clothes will fit you but it also seems a shame to cover your fur! You can have a turn on my throne, though."

                    Seti is also a wrap star. He likes music, and he specializes in wrapping things.

                    Duffy and Shellie May looked at him and Shellie May said, "we have an extensive music library here, but less than 100 songs are rap. We like techno, though, which is electronic dance music with some rap elements. Does that count?"

                    "Good enough by me! I like wrapping more than rapping, yo!" said Seti.



                    • I thought red pandas were related to raccoons and knew they weren’t actual “bears”.

                      Well, now I found out that they’re their own species with nothing else in their animal family.

                      I adopted Murray, a World Wildlife Federation Build-a-Bear red panda.

                      Duffy told him, “now you have US in your family. Welcome!”

                      “Yeah, no need to be a loner,” chimed in Shellie May.

                      Red pandas eat bamboo like panda bears. Zhu Xiong brought over some M&Ms. “ You can be civilized now. I ate bamboo until I knew better. Here, try these,” she offered.

                      Zhu Xiong's and Duffy's M&Ms are sharing size. Shellie May has hazelnut single pack M&Ms. "You can have a COUPLE of mine," she said, parsing out just two to Murray.

                      “Yum, yum,” said Murray, in between crunching noises.

                      Shellie May shared a few more of her M&Ms.

                      Then he went to see what else there is to eat and drink here.

                      "You won't go hungry here," I reassured him.



                      • My sister is like Shellie May, in liking Celeste bear naked instead of dressed. I think the dress with the silver which matches the silver on her paws, really suits her pastel coloring. Obviously, Celeste likes it, too, as she is smiling widely on Shellie May's throne.


                        • I went to Chicagoland for Christmas to visit my sister.

                          I adopted Little D. At first I was wondering if he was perhaps a devil...??

                          He promptly corrected me. "I'm a little DRAGON. I'm the main character from Magicquest, here at the Great Wolf Lodge Build-a-Bear." He turned sideways so I could see his tail and wings.

                          Duffy and Shellie May welcomed him, but were looking at him warily.

                          "Don't worry. I can't really blow fire. I'm just full of hot air," he explained, looking askance to make sure the coast was clear before demonstrating.

                          Abominable (the Mammot from the My Singing Monsters video game), and Abominable (the Build-a-Bear based on the Bass Rankin cartoons) and Yeti (from the Expedition Everest ride at DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdom), came over and yelled WELCOME in Little D.'s face.

                          "Er, thank you," said Little D. looking nervously left and right and feeling a overwhelmed and bombarded.

                          "Don't worry," I reassured him. "The monsters in this house are rambunctious but harmless."

                          "Hey," said Abominable (the Mammot), "it's not politically correct to call us monsters."

                          "Yeah," said the other Abominable, "we're cryptids."

                          "Works for ME!" said Little D.

                          I also brought Simon, a polar bear from Six Flags' Great America, home. This is the second year that the thrill park is open for Christmas season. They have four rollercoasters running and some of the other rides, as well as holiday themed prizes in the arcade area, the whole park is decorated, there are holiday shows, and fire pits to roast s'mores and have hot chocolate. Simon is a bear who loves to party and have a good time.

                          "First we CELEBRATE, THEN we HIBERNATE," said Duffy, pointing to his shirt. "We'll be celebrating through New Year's Eve."

                          "I can't party as hearty as Duffy because I don't hold my liquor well," Shellie May told Simon. "But then I also don't hibernate completely because I use winter to catch up on all the good library books I didn't have time to read during the rest of the year. Mostly I just take naps," she ended.

                          My sister got me a Build-a-Bear keepsake bear that I named Kodiak.

                          Duffy and Shellie May love his silky soft and long fur. They decided to practice hibernating by taking a little nap on him. This way they won't fall asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve.

                          Kodiak humored them.


                          • It's New Year's Day and Little D is ready to go to sleep.

                            He put on his pajamas, which was sort of a tight squeeze with his tail.

                            "Happy ROARRRRRing 20s," he said, being clever, only instead of the 1920s it's the 2020s.

                            We all laughed.

                            He tried to get the blanket down.

                            Simon came over and liked how his scarf matched the lumberjack plaid on Little D's pajamas. "I could use some sleep, too," he said.

                            Little D had to be careful to not poke himself or the other bears with his tail so he laid on his side.

                            "I'm going to stay up a little longer and read," said Shellie May, "but I'd like some of the blanket when you tuck the stuffies in."

                            Happy new year everyone.



                            • Little D said those pajamas were cutting off the circulation to his tail so he bequeathed them to Duffy, who was very pleased. Little D has such a decorative stomach he's just going bare, with an extra blanket on him for warmth.


                              • Just a heads up here for fellow Duffy friends and fans I will be hosting a
                                Duffy / friends gathering in Downtown Disney Anaheim,
                                February 29th, 2020 @ 2pm
                                in the area where the AMC used to be
                                (we will be at a table with chairs, Look for Duffy and friends stuff.)

                                All collectors, Friends and fans of Duffy are welcome.
                                Curious people who are just generally interested are also encouraged to attend.
                                - At around 4pm we may leave the spot to take a few photos, And at 5pm we may head over to the build a bear store.

                                A few are already signed up to come. Hope to see some of you there. Any friend of Duffy is welcome, I will be there with my Gelatoni and Stellalou in their Heartwarming days outfits. The theme of the gathering is valentines and I will be giving everyone Duffy shaped chocolates using some of the new molds I got from Tokyo disney recently.

                                That being said, I also started a FB group for Duffy collectors internationally. There is a lot of information on the various friends there, People offering low cost shopping services/pickups from the various resorts etc. So if you'd like more info on the group or the fan gathering please message me.

                                News from TDR , New Duffy and friend's springtime event items, Not much is listed at the moment but already many of us fans are super excited! Love the mint color ways and I am a sucker for flower crowns so these outfits are a must. The new Cookieann plush released at TDR IS different from the original 'cookie' plush released at HKD. She is larger then Stellalou now but smaller then Shelliemay.

                       << TDR spring Duffy site here.

                                Here is a recent photo of my cuties attached. Love looking at everyone's adorable photos! So happy to have the sleeping Gelatoni and Stellalou in my collection thanks to buying them for park retail on mandarake
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                                • Jill T, da bears' adventures are amazing as usual!! I have a soft spot in my heart for Abominable and am happy to see him!! ❤️❤️❤️🐻

                                  Stellalou, I am sorry I couldn't make it to your meet up event!!! I would love to see any pictures you might have taken!! It sounds like it must have been a fun day!!! ❤️❤️❤️🐰 ....and your photos of your cute plush friends are really adorable!!!!!!!!!! ❤️


                                  • Shellie May, nice to see you. Yeah, Abominable isn't going anywhere. He doesn't even hibernate (or take naps). Luckily, he has plenty of other cryptids to bond with, but I do have to keep an eye on him. JillT


                                    • A happy reunion!!! Shellie May, Duffy and Stella Lou....after receiving Duffy in the mail
                                      Shellie May says:"Don't worry we will be getting clothes soon."


                                      • Now shellie may and stella lou are naked no more...
                                        As for duffy, he didn't receive his clothes yet...
                                        poor duffy
                                        Sorry for the big spacing between my photos and text, I don't know how to change it.
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ID:	8617347 all of them with clothes!!! Frankly the shoes were too small, and duffy had a huge noggin. It was extremely hard to squeeze him into the scrub suit. The stethoscope sucked too. Couldn't figure it out until much later, so I passed it to another doll.


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