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  • Triple duplicate, sorry, folks.
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    • "YAY, at least now we're only in the double digits until Indy GenCon instead of the triple digits," said Zhu Xiong.

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      • We didn't like 'Moana'. It had WAYYYYY too much singing, the plot made no sense, and the characters' faces were um, odd.

        "A face only a mother could love," said Shellie May glancing one last time at the TV as she crawled off the couch to go do something else.
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        • Zhu Xiong is super excited that the exhibit hall map has been published for Indy GenCon. I printed it out on 11” x 17”. This is just the exhibit hall part of the convention center (about 2/3 of the first floor).

          Indy GenCon has also reserved the entire Lucas Oil Stadium diagonally across the street and the adjoining hotels to the convention center also have activities going on. The events calendar will be published 5/17 and we can sign up for activities a couple weeks later.

          “This is STILLLL the longest countdown EVERRRRRRRR,” said Zhu Xiong. She’s been waiting patiently since the end of January when we got our badge. I haven’t heard “boo” from her. But since last week when the exhibit hall map got published, she went nuts and looked at the events from 2011-2016 along with the program book and did some shopping for stuff we missed during those years. Since we found some good deals and she’s been so well behaved, I went ahead and ordered some games to pacify her as the months keep ticking by.

          She, Lo ♥ey, and Peace Hippie, my three most mellow, laid back, noncompetitive bears, are going to enjoy them, having a mini GenCon here in Tennessee, starting tomorrow, Thursday, and running through the weekend.

          Peace Hippie wants to play the game about friendly aliens visiting us on earth.

          “Hmm, that TRAIN game looks fun, I’ll play that with you,” said Duffy.

          Lo♥ey noticed on the BIG BOX of Kingdom Builder, that the expansion allows FIVE players. "We should play this so we can include Shellie May," she said.

          "Yes, I'll play that!" exclaimed Shellie May, padding over in her pajamas. I run a VERRRRY casual household.

          We have some other games on a wishlist hoping we can find them at the GenCon consignment shop at a good price. “Don’t get too far ahead of yourselves, girls,” said Duffy. “At least on ebay and boardgamegeek there is incentive for people to sell well taken care of games due to feedback ratings; if you buy it at GenCon you KNOW it won’t be thrift store or garage sale prices and then if you get home and it’s missing stuff, then what? Stick to new!” he told us. “Plus we need to save money for the new donut shop that is opening so we have energy to play all these games.”

          Duffy is ONE SMART STUFFIE.

          But alas, it’s still three months away!


          • Wow, you and your bears must be so excited about the convention!!

            Hm, I thought Moana herself was beautiful and her hair was amazing (kind of weird how almost all the guys were built like refrigerators though). Even if she were ugly (and I don't see it myself), I am ready to see some more character in the Disney females' faces (and bodies). Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 looked so much like Rapunzel, etc. it was ridiculous. Men always get varied looks and I hate that all the women were the same. I'd kind of like to see a homely or overweight Disney Princess but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

            But yeah, I only liked the main song; it might have been better not to make it a musical. And I'm not sure if they used a real myth for the story (aside from Maui and his fishhook) or not but the storyline itself didn't hold up to scrutiny very much. I didn't even really get into it until about 40 minutes in.

            The beginning echoed Tangled too much for me (though I thought Frozen was even more similar overall). I know Frozen is considered the most "amazing" film, but Moana actually made me gasp at the beauty of the scenery multiple times. Now I not only see why people like "the ocean," but I want to go out on it for a few days myself. So I have to give it some points for that.

            But yeah, I went in with floor-low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Though I do generally like "princess" movies so that might have helped.

            Hopefully I will get around to sharing some more pictures too!
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            • So after we left the Queen Mary, we went to Berth 55, a dive that Yelp had highly rated. It was pretty heavy on the dive. I wasn't impressed, and my friend (who hails from a state that actually has coastline) was downright disappointed.

              Even the little toy machine didn't dispense a good prize! It was like a fake box of birthday candles, nothing inside, but it was an eraser, I think. (Not sure what I expected for a quarter, in fairness.)


              We had some time to kill so we went to the El Dorado Nature Center, a nice little preserve near the Long Beach airport.

              They had signs warning squirrels not to eat human food. What clever squirrels they must have!

              "Oh! This reminds me of Japan!"

              Then we picked up my mom from the airport. She was famished too, even though it wasn't quite dinner time, so In-N-Out Burger! I got my first Animal Style burger. Shellie May thinks they should make bear-style burgers...

              Then off to our next room! This was a lovely place with an obstructed ocean view (it's right past those buildings).

              An easy walk to the beach!

              Then my friend and I went on a grocery/dessert run and snagged some cupcakes. Mmmmm cupcakes.
              Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

              Daily updates on Facebook!


              • Eeee-va, what do you think of In-n-Out burger? I have never eaten there. My sister has and she says it's decent but nothing she'd drive out of the way for. Maybe I would need to be a native Californian to get the fascination. I'd try it if I was near one, though. Five Guys is big in Tennessee. They're good (very generous with the ingredients and huge fries, but verrry limited drink selection and I don't like carbonation (they don't have shakes)).

                How long were you on vacation or is this multiple trips all to the same location (like long weekends)?

                My bears love cupcakes, too, although ice cream is Shellie May's favorite dessert and Duffy is a donut maniac.



                • I like In-N-Out Burger OK, but I'm not a huge fan. We went there because my friend from Florida had never been, and my mom always likes to eat there when she's in California. They do make good burgers but they're pretty darned greasy. They make their fries fresh (I've seen them cut the potatoes right there!) and you can order them well-done, which is really good. Their menu is extremely limited but they do have shakes. (You can even get a "Neapolitan" shake with all 3 flavors if you ask them!)

                  My friend was out on my side of the country for about 10 days. We made it a part "stay-cation" and part trip to California. I saved for months for the trip! I should do some more local day trips, but it's getting to the hot time of year, so I'm not sure those are in the cards for a while.

                  We went to Newport Beach the next day. We had booked a nicely priced whale watching tour!

                  We had lunch at a barbecue restaurant before our cruise.

                  The special, a steak sandwich!

                  "It is important to keep hydrated, even when the weather is cool."

                  Near the waiting area for the tour.

                  "We are on a boat! How fun!!!"

                  Whale watching is one of those, you kind of had to be there things, but it really was fun.

                  I know it was called "whale watching" but I liked the dolphins best!

                  "The day started out gray but it got very nice!"

                  "And then the human's mom was nice enough to buy us ice cream! YAY!"

                  Looking out at the pier at Newport Beach, I think.

                  Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

                  Daily updates on Facebook!


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