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  • One month today until GenCon in Indianapolis, the longest running and largest attended board/card game convention (24/7 party/festival is more like it) in the WORLD!

    Zhu Xiong, and even now Duffy and Shellie May are picking out their clothes and are totally psyched!

    Last time I was there there was a band playing medieval and drinking songs and you could slingshot dollars at them for their tip. This time there are several roving entertainers including one band from Nashville!
    Canyon Spells

    Hailing from Nashville, TN, Canyon Spells is a rock band of nerds. Band members Jimmie and Daniel first became friends playing Halo, Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons at a local hobby shop - now when they're off tour they play Hearthstone, Overwatch, and cover songs on a weekly twitch stream.

    "We were gamers before we were musicians," says lead singer Jimmie Linville, "We've stayed true to that through the years. And every year at Gen Con we get to play music and games for 4 days straight, so that helps."

    They've now shared the stage with Counting Crows, PHOX, and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Adam Duritz, of Counting Crows, tweeted of their album, Death Head, “it’s like suddenly remembering all these good things I never want to forget.” Come see them perform as a 5-piece at Gen Con, then game with them afterward!

    Also, badge fulfillment started but we're actually picking up our packet when we arrive as otherwise I'd have to be home to sign for it (or ship it to work). I did will call last time and it was fine; they are open 24/7 from 22 hours before the convention even starts.

    Badge Fulfillment Underway

    Gen Con 50 USPS packets began shipping on July 2. The Fulfillment Team is working hard to get THOUSANDS of badges and event tickets out the door!

    We are signed up to play some games, with alot of free time to be spontaneous (as there is alot of games you don't need a timeslot for anyway, like the dealer/vendor hall, all the game publishers/exhibit rooms, playtest an unpublished game, etc.). But just to look at it, there are 19,027 scheduled events (all sorts of stuff, not just tabletop games, although board/card games ARE > 50% of it).

    WOO HOO! Shellie May is most excited about the shopping opportunities, and this is also Zhu Xiong's first vacation EVER so she's excited about it all with GenCon being the highlight of course. Duffy just loves to travel and go on adventures in general; he'll go wherever and do whatever.
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    • "Owwww," said Duffy when he heard what Canyon Spell sound like (thrash rock). "Forget that!" he said as he covered his ears and elbow closed the itunes store.

      "Well, it frees up time for more gaming," Shellie May even agreed.


      • Eeee-va

        It looks like your bears are having quite a fun summer!


        • Da bears and I are back from Indiana, including GenCon. Wow, they sure went all out for their 50th anniversary. We had such a blast. Now the eclipse is happening tomorrow. Anyway, it might take some time to get all the pics up, and we did some general Indiana sights because we made a full week of the vacation, but just letting everyone know...they're coming.

          Zhu Xiong had her 2 minutes of fame being queen of the games and people were snapping photos of her, both the booth hosts, the passersby, and even the parents with their children waiting for THEIR turn. She was beaming, but she did not let it go to her head.


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