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  • Eeee-va, the eclipse was interesting, but I've heard the difference between seeing even a 99% eclipse and a 100% eclipse is:

    "meh, that was interesting, I guess," and "WOW, mindblowing!"

    Oh, well.

    I would not travel far to see it. Funny story is that Nashville charges $400 a night for hotels anytime someone BREATHES. So some wack farmer was charging $1,000 yes, that is one thousand dollars a night for people to park in his meadow with no electricity or running water.

    Well, there's a sucker born every day ha ha.

    But to walk half a block on my lunch hour? Can't get much more convenient than that so it's worth a try.


    • Duffy, Shellie May, and I went to the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival. It's my 9th time and da bears' 5th time.

      This year they dressed Irish.

      Duffy wanted an old-fashioned soda, and Shellie May started off with three milk cake. Nothing like getting a sugar high going first thing!

      Shellie May started the day with three milk cake and shared with Duffy. It got a little smeared from my backpack carrying it until we found a place to sit.

      Da bears posed in the Serbian display with a man from Serbia.

      Shellie May was hungry today.

      Da bears with some art.

      The first musician we saw was a man from Ecuador who played various flutes. His name was Wakay Cucuango.

      Then we watched some musicians representing Bulgaria. The music had really fast but weird syncopations. "Can't dance to this," commented Shellie May, as she was spastically getting tangled up in her limbs.

      They were handing out samples of kofta, which is a Greek meatball. We didn't care for the seasonings.

      Shellie May made a beeline to the desserts.

      Duffy chose something more hearty. This is a fried plaintain with chicken, cheese, lettuce, and two different types of sauce. It was REALLY good. This booth was representing Venezuelan food.



      • This ensemble represented Mali.

        The Wisdom Indian dancers were from Oklahoma.



        • Nyama represented Guinea.

          The ensemble representing Mali and this group used alot of drums.

          Da bears in front of a mural.

          It was in the low 80s today and Shellie May wanted something cold. She got a mango pina colada smoothie.



          • Lastly we watched the Beyond Wings Aerial Act.

            At one time the lady did have all four hula hoops going but I didn't get any pictures of it.

            Even though the festival is from 10-6, we left at 2;30 this year because we've gone so many times we were sort of done by then.
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            • Chi-town bear made a trek to Nashville with my sister to see Jackson.

              I’ve driven back and forth from Nashville to Chicagoland 19 times and I decided now I should be getting on plane. It’s taking longer and longer to get there and no matter what route I take there are no more sights to break up the trip. Da bears take up too much space to take along, especially with all their changes of wardrobe, so the only plane trip they’ll be taking is if I go to Disney (land or world).

              Rockgirl had a good time when she came in April, but Chi-town bear has never been to Nashville.

              She came to see Jackson as a grand finale before they just start skyping to keep in touch.

              “It was 59F today and it will warm up into the 60s for Friday and Saturday, but for the next two days it’s only going to be 49F for a high. Here, take this super soft and cozy blanket,” offered Shellie May.

              “49F? I’ll be fine; we already had our first minor snowfall in Chicago!” said Chi-town bear, pushing it aside.

              "We're weather wimps in this household," admitted Jackson.

              Later they could be seen under the blanket watching TV.

              Meanwhile, Duffy and Shellie May modeled their outfits.

              My sister brought a beret for Francesca, which she greatly appreciated. "Merci beacoup!" she exclaimed, giving my sister a hug.

              Duffy got a pirate outfit and Shellie May got a book we read from the library.

              I adopted Milton, another weather wimp from Minnesota.

              and Avery, the 20th anniversary Build-a-Bear. Bearami was excited to have a little brother and gave him the Snoopy pajamas, which suit Avery well!



              • I have no idea why now on postimage some of my images are not found or removed, but that's the best website I can find lately to upload my pictures.

                I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and I'm wishing all of you a happy new year 2018 soon.

                My sister came to visit for Christmas.

                I adopted some new stuffies, and some of da bears got gifts.

                Cheyenne is in her executive outfit as she accepted a commemorative pin from Build-a-Bear.

                Duffy received glow in the dark slippers and $20 and Shellie May received a book we read from the library first, and a new outfit.

                Topa is my new Andean spectacled bear.

                Tillie got a new dress from a British Build-a-Bear store and some lemon curd from Harrod's, which she is more willing to share this year.

                Jillybean got a new blouse.

                Zhu Xiong is happy about her new game, Portal Heroes by Mayfair, the same company who makes the Empire Builder crayon rail games.

                Francesca got a new pink sweater shirt. It says bisous on it in silver.

                "That means 'kisses'" she informed us, as she went around giving everyone kisses on the cheek.

                Chococat, one of Hello Kitty's friends, came to live with us, arriving looking all dapper.

                I also adopted Abominable. "Hey, MY name is Abominable," said the original Abominable in the house.

                "Hey, duuuuuudde, I'm Abominable the SNOWMAN."

                "Oh, okay, I'm Abominable the Mammott, room for both of us then," said my original Abominable stuffie. Whew!

                I also have a Yeti from the Expedition Everest ride in Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom park, and a smaller one hanging from the mirror in my car.

                Later, Chococat could be seen hanging out with Hello Kitty, who told Shaggy Duffy, "it's okay, I'm still your friend, too!"


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                • Adorable pictures. I like Duffy's pizza t-shirt in the last photo


                  • dazyhill, that is actually an outfit for a newborn ha ha, since Shaggy Duffy is 24" tall.


                    • I don’t want da bears’ brains to turn to mush during winter hibernation.

                      Last year Shellie May resisted sleeping a lot because there were so many good new releases at the library. This year we have been disappointed in the recent selection, since the trend now seems to be romance novels and self-help books.

                      I introduced some of my stuffies to the Search-A-Word puzzle hobby and they are now going through them like water, as long as I provide Shellie May with colorful pens and they find subjects that interest them. Otherwise, it feels too much like forced schoolwork, and da bears (and Abominable) are not into structured learning or structured jobs. This way it stays fun for them.

                      Duffy is doing one for Skylanders video game, and Abominable is doing one for My Singing Monsters. Duffy is using his Duffy pen from Paris Disney.

                      Shellie May is doing one for famous bands, with her colorful gel pens, and Mohawkan is doing one for famous rock singers.

                      Duffy was wearing his new glow-in-the-dark slippers, which really DO glow in the dark, but not to where it’s a photo op. He’s totally cool with being a happy hermit homebody since that means he pretty much can LIVE in pajamas and slippers, his favorite attire.