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RUMOR: Duffy coming to DLP?

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  • RUMOR: Duffy coming to DLP?

    I have a friend who is a CM at DLP. He told me yestertday he heard a strong rumor that DLP might be getting Duffy soon.

    Interesting if this ends up being true. No idea how much knowledge the people in Paris/Europe have of Duffy. I'm betting even less than what the US knows.

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    Re: RUMOR: Duffy coming to DLP?

    I could have sworn DLP was going to get is also. But for some reason it's been delayed, but I remember when they first announced Duffy for DCA, they also said he'd be coming to HK and Paris.


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      Re: RUMOR: Duffy coming to DLP?

      I spoke with the people in charge at the media event for Duffy's release at DCA last year and was the one who reported they were planning to bring him to DLP. Not sure what the delay guess it has to do with getting things right at the US parks first. I was at DLP last Septmber with my Duffy Bears and the CMs had no clue what they were but they all loved him and Shellie May. I'm glad they haven't released him there yet...I'm really disapointed how Hong Kong was done. There is no merchandise unique to HK - just a couple outfits from Tokyo and US Parks.
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        Re: RUMOR: Duffy coming to DLP?

        How is Duffy doing currently at HKDL? I haven't heard or seen anything since his debut at Christmas. Is he still popular? Is there still a meet & greet? What about costumes & merchandise?

        As for DLP, yeah, this was a long delay. I'm not sure what the reason was, but I hope they do it right, and don't just throw merchandise on the shelves with no introduction for the character.