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About Duffy


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  • About Duffy

    Can someone tell me all about Duffy? I know the backstory with the bear being a gift to Mickey from Minnie, but I mean more about the outfits and things. Are Duffy's used like Vinylmation, to pose for photographs? Are they like build-a-bears where you keep getting different outfits, or does Disney not bring out new outfits and you just try to buy all the few outfits Disneydid release when they first brought Duffy to the states. Are there different Duffy's (like the actual teddy bear part), or are they the same bear and you just put different outfits on them?

    Also, who's the girl bear? When did she come along, and what's her backstory? Can you answer all the questions I asked about Duffy in regards to her, too, like are all there different girl duffy's?

    Basically, I came to this section of MiceChat for a Duffy starter guide but I didn't see one, and apparently Disney hasn't even set up a Duffy website, so I'd really appreciate it if you could kind of tell me all about Duffy and answer my questions and provide me with other info you know about Duffy, too. Also, is there anywhere else to buy them except the one DCA store? Anywhere else in DLR, or anywhere online? I was surprised that they don't have Duffy things on

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    Okay, I just found the Duffy FAQ, so I'll go read that, sorry for making another thread. If I have anymore questions still I'll come back here. For some reason the sticky showed up unbolded, like I'd already read the thread, so that's why I missed it.

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    Re: About Duffy

    Yes, I was going to suggest the Duffy FAQ at the top, but it looks like you did find it. Let us know if you have questions after reading that. It should answer most of them though.


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