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Duffy's Pumpkin Patch


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  • Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

    I think it turned out really great! It's actually really cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And it's one of only a few areas that are actually decorated at DCA. Great job Disney, this one is a hit!

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    My only comment is that it's very curious that they still are not using the area that was originally supposed to be Duffy's Landing on the end of the pier section. It's still themed to Duffy, and I was expecting them to take this opportunity to finally move it there. Oh well, still great!
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    Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

    This is adorable! I love it. They at least made an effort here, and the pose Duffy is in is just so cute. I want to run up and hug him. I like the little flags too. This is stuff they should keep doing. It's even more baffling that they didn't release the full-size pumpkin costume now though, since Duffy is wearing it.

    I hope this makes people notice Duffy there more and take more pictures with him.


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      Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

      Love it. May have to go take another pic with the Duffster.

      last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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        Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

        Very cute! I'm looking forward to seeing WDW's version as they said his greeting spot there would be decorated for Halloween as well.


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          Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

          So cute! Makes me wish I could go to Disney Land and see him. Will just have to be sure to stop by and enjoy the Fall theme in Epcot when I go in November :P


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            Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

            That is truly precious!

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              Re: Duffy's Pumpkin Patch

              Can't wait to see this next time I go!

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