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Duffy for Baby

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  • Duffy for Baby

    Any tips on buying a little one their very first Duffy? Would it be best to go with the 12", such as the My First Duffy? Or do you think the original size would be best? All thoughts and opinions are most welcome!
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    Re: Duffy for Baby

    I bought the 17" one for my nephew who is 6 months. My sister seemed to be fine with it, and my nephew likes it. Duffy is about as big as he is, so it's kind of funny. There aren't any real dangerous parts. His nose and eyes are hard, but sewn in very well, so it would be pretty hard for a baby to choke on them, or pull them off.

    I don't think you could go wrong with either the 17" or 12" versions, really. Both should be loved.


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      Re: Duffy for Baby

      Disney markets many of the Duffies as fine for ages 0+ (not the magnet and maybe keychain ones; I don't know about any other ones). The 12" My First Duffy is pretty darned cute, though I'm not sure I'd personally give it to a little baby (I believe it's rated fine for 0+ but it just looks too complex to me for a tiny baby's toy, with pajamas, a hat, and a bib, I think it is?).

      When was the little one born? I ordered a second of the (much maligned here :shy: ) 2011 Duffies for my baby nephew who's about 5 days old. I'm gonna wait a bit to give it to him, and I'm fixing to make him an outfit that's cuter that he can wear. But I think it's fun that he'll have a 2011 hoodie, even if it is a little homely. It's hard not to like the price (under $12).

      I think a 17" one is fine too, especially if you have no intention of making the Duffy clothes but want the kid to be able to dress him someday. But I personally like the 12" ones. And not JUST because it makes it a bit harder for me to spend too much at Build-a-Bear (though some of the clothes, at least, fit him just fine!).
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