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Our duffy's personality


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  • Our duffy's personality

    (new member finally delurking here

    I thought I would start jumping into this awesome forum by starting a new thread.
    Got a topic idea from reading many forum and this subject kept on coming up and I think it deserves it's own thread.

    What is your Duffys' ( and shellie may too of course) personality like? What is their favorite activities or things?

    My Duffy is called baby sometimes 'cause he is my most recent stuffed critter. But he does not act like a baby, he acts like a three or four year old child. He is very curious, likes checking things out. Does not have any interest in food, except for when I have ice cream he ask's where's his. He keeps asking me for more clothes, I think I have created a monster by showing him all cute photos from this forum and from Facebook. Every few weeks he asks me when I am going to BAB 'cause he needs new t-shirts. His fav outfit is his cars pj's from BAB. He likes being ready at all times for a nap, and the little guy sure likes to sleep. His favorite thing to do is watch a few minutes of live webcam of Siku the hand reared Danish polar bear, I think he loves watching the polar bear cub because he would want to play with him.
    He gets excited very easily and occasionally he gets a little demanding wanting to do what he wants only. He usually demands that it is time to go to bed when I stay up late surfing the Internet. He once again said "mommy bed now" before I started writing this post, but now he has given up and gone to bed without me. He sleeps on my bed beside my pillow and every few nights I wake up and he has crawled into my arms during the night, guess he thinks that is a great place to sleep. He does enjoy our hugs and of course he gives great big bear hugs.

    When I got him at Disney World during my trip in January I created a harness using a lanyard so that I could attach him to my bags strap so that I would not lose him. Turns out he loved being carried around this way, and he loved being safe while he people watched.

    He has enjoyed the photos of other duffies on this site. Now he wants to go traveling places, and being a tourist even in his home town and he wants to take lots of photos eeverywhere every day, just like the other duffies. He thinks he should be a model.

    A recently asked him if he wants a Shellie May as I friend. He said no maybe in a few years, but when we get here that we have to get here cute girl clothes from BAB.

    I am glad there are others out there love of all things Duffy.


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    Re: Our duffy's personality

    Welcome, Aligator! It's great to have lurkers join in. The more the merrier.

    Right now, I have three bears. Two Duffy's and one ShellieMay. They all have different personalities. My first Duffy is the most mischievous. He acts like he's about 7 or 8, and he's very curious. Loves to take things apart to see how they work. He's always asking questions, and usually, if there's trouble, he's at the root of it. ShellieMay always tattles on him too. Duffy 2 is much more carefree, because he's always smiling...literally. He's a bundle of fun, and he comes up with the ideas for play. He acts a little bit younger, maybe 6 or so. A little naive, so Duffy 1 can trick him sometimes. ShellieMay is the brute force of the trio. She's a totally tomboy, but still loves being a little princess too. She's got it both ways. Climbing trees followed by a tea party. She's the most outspoken of the group, and like I said before, she's the tattletale. She's a sweetheart though, and will share anything she owns with her friends. She loves sharing sweets.


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      Re: Our duffy's personality

      I have a whole collection of bears, but my main Duffy and Shellie May are the ones who do the most. The rest are just content to hang out on the book case I got for them.

      My main Duffy acts like maybe a 10 year old. He knows better when to not do something, but he'll go ahead and do it anyway. He LOVES food. His nose goes a mile a minute every time I'm in the kitchen or come home with takeout. He especially loves popcorn/kettle corn, nachos and cookies. He's also a clothes horse and is always trying to get me to go to BAB to get him more stuff.

      Shellie May can be a tattle tale sometimes, but other times she's right there with Duffy causing mischief. She's a tomboy, but loves girlie stuff too. Like Duffy, she loves food, especially popcorn, cookies and pizza. I think she has more cute outfits than I do. There are some things from BAB I really wish they made in human size.

      Both bears LOVE music and love to dance. They also love baseball, so I take them with me to games over the summer. They're already asking when we go back to Tropicana Field. They want to ring their cowbells! They also love visiting Busch Gardens to see all the animals, but they're too small to go on most rides (the park has a very strict no bags/loose articles on most of the rides... even the kiddie coaster). The only rides I can really take them on are the wild mouse coaster, skyride & Rhino Rally. They can ride lots more at WDW since they don't have that no bags/loose articles rule for the most part. They also love to watch TV and movies. They're both big fans of The Muppets. Duffy also loves Star Wars, but overall they watch most of what I watch.


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        Re: Our duffy's personality

        love this thread, I will try to describe my boys later this week (currently movin to a new house)

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