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Traveling Duffy

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  • Traveling Duffy


    This story was so much fun! Spring Voyage is gone, but I'd like to have this saved as a sticky thread, so we can always remember Duffy's first park-wide event. There will always be new Duffy fans, too, and there may never be anything like SV again. There needs to be a record, and MiceChat's Duffeteer boards are the closest thing to Cape Cod on the web for English speakers.

    Now that the photo story is all together and easier to read, there's no need for the old comment thread. Please just go ahead and post comments here from now on.

    Images and original Japanese text are from the Oriental Land Company and Disney. I have translated the text to share with a wider audience and included photos for the purpose of honoring this very special event. Any reposting of English text should specifically credit DuffyDaisuki and link back here. Photos, too, should be posted with a link back to MiceChat. In both cases, the MiceChat Duffeteer community should be explicitly credited as a source, and a link should be provided. Please and thank you.^^

    Now, without further adieu, off we go on our fantastic Spring Voyage!
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    Re: Traveling Duffy

    Sail on a fantastic...

    ~Around the World in (less than) 80 Days~

    Prologue I.





    Minnie Mouse
    "Across the ocean, I wonder how they welcome the arrival of spring?"

    Duffy happened to hear Minnie and ShellieMay chatting,
    and he rushed right over to Mickey's place.

    Prologue II.




    "I wish we could show Minnie and ShellieMay what spring is like around the world..."

    Mickey Mouse
    "Well, pal, let's all take a Spring Voyage together!"

    "Oh boy! I'll go tell them!"

    Prologue III.





    Minnie was busy making a traveling dress for ShellieMay.

    "I wanna help, too!"

    Minnie Mouse
    "Oh, of course!"

    Prologue IV.




    Mickey Mouse
    "Gosh, Duffy, what are you doing with all these flowers?"

    "I'm making our boat pretty with the flowers of spring!"

    Mickey Mouse
    "Aw, gee, that's a swell idea! Let's decorate it together!"

    Prologue V - fin.




    Mickey Mouse
    "Ok, everybody! Are you ready? Here we go!"

    Duffy & ShellieMay
    "Saaail on!"

    Minnie Mouse
    "Everyone come along with us on a fantastic Spring Voyage!"

    "Bon Voyage!"
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      Re: Traveling Duffy

      Day 01

      ダッフィーたちのホームタウンのケープコッドは、小さくてのどかな漁村。東京ディズニーシーの春をめぐる旅 は、ここからはじまります。

      Duffy and friends' hometown of Cape Cod is a peaceful little seaside village. Tokyo DisneySEA's Spring Voyage begins here.

      Day 02


      Many small fishing boats are found in the shoals and along the shores of Cape Cod.

      Day 03


      Aunt Peg's Village Store is always bustling. This charming signboard can be spotted right out front.

      Day 04


      Cape Cod has historically been home to a booming cod fishing industry, as its name suggests. Here, we see the old Grand Banks Cannery, which has been converted into Duffy's Cape Cod Village Greeting Place since July 8, 2011.

      Day 05

      村役場では、ケープコッドの料理人が腕を競い合う、「クックオフ(料理大会)」を開催。この時期ならではの スペシャルメニューが食べられます。

      At Cape Cod Town Hall, local culinary artists match skills to compete in the Annual Cape Cod Cook-Off. These once-in-a-blue-ribbon special dishes are cooked up just for the event!

      Day 06


      "Now...where should we go?"
      Soon we set sail on our spring voyage all around the world. It's so exciting just imagining it!

      Day 07


      Duffy and ShellieMay are all decked out in their traveling clothes. Now, don't they look ready for an expedition?
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        Re: Traveling Duffy

        Day 08

        ケープコッドのもうひとつの名物は、ロブスター。トランジットスチーマーのドックの隣には、漁師の小屋が立 っています。

        Another local specialty of Cape Cod is New England lobster. This fisherman's shack is down by the Transit Steamer Line dock.

        Day 09


        It's finally time to set off! You didn't forget anything, did you? The steamer bound for
        New York is waiting at Cape Cod. Our bear pair bid farewell to the scenic beauty of their peaceful little seaside village for a while.

        Day 10

        ディズニーシー・トランジット・スチーマーラインの船上では、アメリカンウォーターフロントに降り立つ準備 の真っ最中。ダッフィー達もワクワク!

        Onboard the Transit Steamer Line, about to arrive at the great city of New York. Duffy and friends are overjoyed with excitement!

        Day 11


        From the opposite bank overlooking New York Harbor, gazing out at the mighty and magnificent S.S. Columbia.

        Day 12


        The streets of New York are already completely covered in the colors of spring! Storefronts and shop windows are all decked with flowers to create a brighter, more festive atmosphere than usual.

        Day 13


        Satisfied they were enjoying New York City to the fullest, Duffy and ShellieMay snapped this shot in commemoration! Don't worry, there's still much more to come. Our Spring Voyage is just getting started!

        Day 14


        Towering over its corner of town, the Hotel Hightower is aptly named.
        Local legend has it that this building is cursed. Maybe let's not get too close...
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          Re: Traveling Duffy

          Day 15

          ブロードウェイの劇場からは、軽快なスウィング・ジャズにのせて、陽気な歌声がきこえてきます 。

          Down by the Broadway Theater, the street sparkles with the smooth sound of swing jazz and upbeat singing voices.

          Day 16

          マクダックおじさんのお店で、旅のお土産さがし。ダッフィーとシェリーメイのお洋服も、たくさん売っている みたい!

          At McDuck's Department Store, shopping for souvenirs of the trip. Looks like they sell a lot of clothes for Duffy and ShellieMay, too!

          Day 17

          ニューヨークの街角を歩いていると、こんなところにも春らしいデコレーションを発見!フラワーリースがミッ キーのかたちに。

          Strolling through New York streets, decorations like this one are discovered springing up all over the place! This flower wreath looks just like Mickey! Duffy's face!

          Day 18


          New York City spring in full bloom fills the heart with contentment. Let's rest a bit on this park bench and soak it all in.

          Day 19


          Waterfront Park at Easter overflows with celebrating party people.

          Day 20


          The party cranks up a notch as even more Disney friends arrive, dancing in the streets!

          Day 21

          カラフルなイースターボンネットのデコレーションが、華やかな春のウォーターフロントパークに ぴったり。

          Colorful Easter bonnets add the perfect decor for Waterfront Park's spring spectacular.
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            Re: Traveling Duffy

            Day 22

            めいっぱい観光を楽しんだ後は、ダッフィー、シェリーメイと一緒にすこし腹ごしらえ。ニューヨーク・デリの オープンテラスから、ブロードウェイを観察。

            After having fun feasting their eyes on all the sights of the Big Apple until they were full and exhausted, Duffy and ShellieMay decided to take a snack break together to fill up their bellies, too. The inviting open terrace of New York Deli has a great view of Broadway.

            Day 23


            Just over by the harbor, they spotted a dinosaur fossil! Isn't that...a triceratops?

            Day 24

            初航海の日を待つ、S.S.コロンビア号。この豪華客船に乗って出る航海は、いったいどんなだ ろう?

            The S.S. Columbia awaits her maiden voyage. What must it be like to cruise aboard such a luxurious liner?

            Day 25


            Soon it's time to say goodbye to New York. We'll take the DisneySEA Transit Steamer Line to see what spring is like in the Lost River Delta.

            Day 26


            On the way, our ship makes a quick stop at Port Discovery. This wind-turbine aerogenerator spins round and round in welcome greeting.

            Day 27


            What a thrill to discover these strange and charming little vehicles, like nothing we've ever seen.

            Day 28

            やっとたどり着いた密林の奥には、古代神殿が!ひときわ目を引くピラミッドを背景に、パシャリ 。

            At last arriving in the deep jungle of the Lost River Delta, we discover an ancient temple! Even out of focus, the eye-catching pyramid stands out strikingly amidst the verdant backdrop. "Chhk!"
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              Re: Traveling Duffy

              Day 29


              Duffy's Big Tropical Jungle Adventure!? He looks like a dashing movie hero!

              Day 30


              In the midst of jungle exploration, we happen upon a little shop! Various colorful vegetables and bottled spices are stored here and there...

              Day 31


              Something's hanging from the front eaves of this that...BANANAS!? Looks like they're still not quite ripe...

              Day 32


              Time for a quick break in this colorful hammock chair. Duffy and ShellieMay pop a squat together and just enjoy each other's company.

              Day 33

              ジャングルをぬけたら、アラビアンコーストに到着。四季がないはずの土地なのに、なぜか街は春 爛漫!

              Making our way out of the dense jungle, we find ourselves magically transported to the Arabian Coast. Although this arid land should not naturally have four seasons, this year spring seems to be in full bloom for Agrabah!

              Day 34

              なんと、ジーニーが魔法で春を運んできたみたい!ダッフィーもジーニーも、お花になっちゃった !?

              What? It looks like Genie is the magical spring-bringer! And...what the huh?…Duffy and Genie flower arrangements!? ​Looks like somebody was expecting us!

              Day 35

              ・・・と、思いきや、よ~く見ると、二人によく似たトピアリーだった。アラビアンコーストのいたるところに 、ジーニーの咲かせた花が咲き乱れている。

              Say, looking closely, that topiary sure bears a strong resemblence to a couple of characters we know. All over the Arabian Coast the Genie's blossoms brighten the land with color and smiles.
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                Re: Traveling Duffy

                Day 36


                The Agrabah marketplace is full of wonders. Hide-n-seek outside the metalworker's shop?

                Day 37


                Our Spring Voyage in Arabian Coast has much more to come.

                Day 38


                Tucked away in a corner of town, we come across a charming water fountain. On the tiles, isn't that a painting of the princess...?

                Day 39


                Pots and plates in all sizes and shapes, unique, unlike any we've seen. Looks like it's time for more souvenir shopping?

                Day 40


                How about a camel-back ride to visit the desert caravan?

                Day 41


                The Arabian “No Spring for Agrabah” Magic Show has just begun! Genie brought us here as special guests!

                Day 42


                The magicians' assistant Asim, Genie, and everyone in Agrabah and Arabian Coast wish for a “Happy Spring!”
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                  Re: Traveling Duffy

                  Day 43

                  ジーニーの肩に乗って、どんなところへもひとっ飛び!あれ、さっきからずっと同じところをまわ ってるよ?

                  Riding round on Genie’s shoulders we go, what a way to fly! Wait a second, didn’t we just pass that same place…are we just going round in circles?

                  Day 44


                  Soon we’ll have to leave the Arabian Coast. Let’s relax for a bit and take one more photo with the sultan's palace before sailing on.

                  Day 45


                  Hey, look up there…huh? If you look close, are there funny faces in those flowers??

                  Day 46


                  Genie has magically transformed himself into a bunch of flowers. Looking closely, he's making a lot of different silly faces! "Bye, Genie!"

                  Day 47


                  Time to set off from this mystical land of magic and mirage. Next destination, Mediterranean Harbor.

                  Day 48


                  En route to Mediterranean Harbor, our steamer drifts off-course into an aquatic wonderland!

                  Day 49


                  Making the best of being sunk, let's enjoy a stroll “under the sea” in Mermaid Lagoon.
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                    Re: Traveling Duffy

                    Day 50


                    Duffy and ShellieMay resurface from the seabed as a castle rises up out of the ocean beneath their feet. Where in the world was that and how did we get there...or here?

                    Day 51


                    The bases of the spires at King Triton’s castle make great slides. How cute! "Thanks, King Triton!"

                    Day 52


                    Ah! What lovely glass stones. How do you think they were made? Say, doesn’t that look like someone familiar? Probably today something good’s gonna happen.

                    Day 53


                    Sailing on from the undersea paradise with some help from new friends in Atlantica, we arrive at a Mysterious Island!

                    Day 54



                    The submarine Nautilus is docked in the Caldera Lake. Nemo's crew offered to give us a ride to a nearby Transit Steamer Line dock. Mobili! It's our lucky day!

                    This volcanic region rumbles with steam and spray.
                    Let’s hurry to the Transit Steamer, and on to the Mediterranean Harbor, the last stop on our Spring Voyage.

                    Day 55


                    We've finally arrived at Mediterranean Harbor! It seems like ages ago since we left Cape Cod, but this place has a relaxed atmosphere that reminds us of home.

                    Day 56


                    The gorgeous archways and architecture surrounding the Harbor are all trimmed with flowers for spring.
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                      Re: Traveling Duffy

                      Day 57


                      Weaving between buildings as it winds through town, the Palazzo Canal.

                      Day 58

                      ゴンドリエの陽気な歌声に耳を傾けながら、ゆっくりと運河を巡ろう。入り組んだ水路を抜けると、ポルト・パ ラディーゾはもうすぐ!

                      The cheerful song of the gondoliers fills our ears and soothes our hearts as we drift leisurely through the intricate canals. After a relaxing cruise through picturesque labyrinthine waterways, we'll arrive at Porto Paradiso!

                      Day 59


                      This great spot has a Mickey-shaped topiary. Let’s pose for a picture together, side by side we're two for fun!

                      Day 60


                      Carefree relaxing amidst a blanket of lovely yellow flowers, Duffy and ShellieMay feel right at home.

                      Day 61

                      長かった船旅も、もうすぐ終盤。メディテレーニアンハーバーの思い出に、プロメテウス火山をバックに記念写 真を撮ろう!

                      Our epic journey will soon come to an end. In memory of Mediterranean Harbor, let’s take a keepsake photo with the iconic Mount Prometheus in the background!

                      Day 62


                      Cape Cod is half a world away, as we cross the Ponte Vecchio. Just across this historic bridge, we'll arrive at Lido Isle.

                      Day 63


                      The view of Mediterranean Harbor from the Ponte Vecchio is simply spectacular!
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                        Re: Traveling Duffy

                        Day 64

                        夜のメディテレーニアン・ハーバーは、昼とはちがう表情を見せます。オレンジ色の街燈を水面が 照り返して、 神秘的な美しさ。

                        The impression of Mediterranean Harbor at night is strikingly different from the daytime. Orange streetlights dancing on the water's surface reflect a romantic and mysterious beauty.

                        Day 65

                        ポンテ・ヴェッキオからの風景。遠くには最初のの目的地・アメリカンウォーターフロントのニューヨーク・ エリアが。

                        View from the Ponte Vecchio. In the distance we look back, across the sea and time, to where our Spring Voyage began, New York Harbor on the American Waterfront.

                        Day 66

                        ようやくリド・アイルに到着。長距離移動で、少し疲れたかな?これから始まる旅に心躍らせるダ ッフィーとシ ェリーメイ。

                        At last we arrive at Lido Isle. Are you feeling a bit tired after such a long journey? Duffy and ShellieMay are giddy with anticipation about what's coming next.

                        Day 67

                        リドアイルからは、プロメテウス火山の麓にそびえる、いかめしい要塞が眼前に迫って見えます。 埠頭に停泊し ているガレオン船がルネサンス号。

                        Across from Lido Isle, the formidable Fortress Explorations towers before us from its base at the foot of volcanic Mount Prometheus. The galleon ship Renaissance is moored at its quay.

                        Day 68


                        At Lido Isle, the spring festival is underway. Townspeople are delighted by the flowers and banners heralding the arrival of spring, and they invite us to join them!

                        Day 69


                        Chip and Dale and Goofy join the fun and raise the energy to a whole new level!

                        Day 70

                        リドアイルの春祭りはいよいよクライマックス!みんなで一緒に踊りの輪に加わって、お祭りを目いっぱい楽し みます。

                        The Lido Isle Spring Festival finally reaches its climax! Everyone join together in the circle dance as our hearts unite and fill with joy.
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                          Re: Traveling Duffy

                          Day 71



                          The time has come again to sail on.

                          Many new friends have gathered to wish us a rousing "Bon Voyage," and we wave a heartfelt goodbye to Lido Isle as we set off for home.

                          Day 72


                          After a fantastic voyage round and round through all the Ports of Tokyo DisneySEA, at last we come home to Cape Cod.

                          Day 73


                          Without our being here to see it, our own Cape Cod has flourished with flowers.

                          Day 74


                          Here, too, a Duffy made out of flowers,
                          like we saw in Agrabah. And look here, there’s even a floral ShellieMay!

                          Day 75


                          Even down by the
                          Mouse at the Wheel statue, Cape Cod’s central landmark of Mickey Mouse in his helmsman jacket, everything's positively overflowing with flowers!

                          Day 76


                          ShellieMay spotted a sweet little flower pot that looked charmingly familiar! Perfect, right down to the ears.

                          Day 77



                          The sun must soon set on our incredible Spring Voyage.

                          Even after traveling the world and welcoming the miracles of spring in distant and exotic lands, nothing beats the down-home garden season in classic Cape Cod.
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                            Re: Traveling Duffy

                            Day 78


                            Welcome home, Duffys.
                            Let’s travel together again
                            and always.^^
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                              Re: Traveling Duffy

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                                Re: Traveling Duffy

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                                  Re: Traveling Duffy

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                                    Re: Traveling Duffy

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                                      Re: Traveling Duffy

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                                        Re: Traveling Duffy

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