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What Does Love of Duffy the Disney Bear say about us as human beings?


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  • What Does Love of Duffy the Disney Bear say about us as human beings?

    Howdy Pards,

    What is it about us? Why do we fall in love with these little "critters"? You know Winnie the Pooh, Duffy? Why?

    From a cold, hard marketing standpoint Disney merchandising hit on something big with this...something happening all over the world. Translation: HUGE profits.

    But, I'm more interested in discussing why we fell for it? Why we, almost immediately fell in love with Duffy. What does it say about us as human beings?

    Well...first and foremost I think it says there may just be hope for us afterall. Love is a mighty powerful thing. A good thing. And, when you look around at all the folks here celebrating this little bit of cuddly's just downright delightful when you think about it.

    Teddy Bears and Disney go way back of course. One of the most popular Mouseketeers of all time, Annette, went into the Teddy Bear business...

    And, Winnie the Pooh...well, that particular bear has been in our hearts for a long, long time.

    So, along comes Duffy. Fillin' up shelves at Disney Stores and Disney Theme Parks around the world. Is Duffy just for kids?
    I don't think so. Judging by the fact that so many women have been laboring over Duffy outfits and such...

    Well, is Duffy just for kids and women? I don't think so...judging by the fact that men have been takin' pictures of Duffy in far off and exotic places...

    Why are we gigglin' with delight? Why do we love this...this...toy?

    Maybe because all of us, no matter how old we may be, still carry within us, a little of the magic, the wonder, the joy, the delight of childhood. Maybe it's our capacity for expressing love. Maybe it's our amazing ability to simply believe.

    Twas a wonderful lady named Teresa Langdon who once said, "Believe as a child believes and the magic will find you."

    Maybe Duffy is here on a teach us important lessons about ourselves...about love...about magic, about joy, about delight. Maybe Duffy is here to help the magic find us...all we gotta do is believe.

    So, what do you think? What does Duffy-the Disney Bear say about us as human beings?

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan
    "I can see the cattle grazin' o'er the hills at early morn…
    I can see the campfires smokin’ at the breaking of the dawn,
    I can hear the bronco's neighin', I can hear the cowboys sing,
    I'd like to be in Texas for the Round-up in the Spring."

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    Re: What Does Love of Duffy the Disney Bear say about us as human beings?

    I like this thread! Very good topic.

    For me personally, I initially liked Duffy because he's just stinking CUTE. But then learning the backstory gives him something more. To me he's a little bear with a BIG personality. He can be anything he wants to be. Space Ranger, cowboy, sailor, super hero, baseball player, rock star, Jedi... you name it! He has a real sense of adventure.

    I hate people who call him a Build A Bear ripoff. He's not. If people took the time to LEARN what Duffy is about... but haters are gonna hate no matter what you do. So that means... more Duffy for me!

    I'm a woman in her late 30's and I LOVE taking my Duffy with me on adventures. Sure I get strange looks sometimes but you know what? I don't care. Other times I get people who approach me and ask about Duffy. Some are like "Oh cool! I want one of my own!" which makes me happy. I'm always about spreading the Duffy love, which is why I held a Duffy fan meetup at Epcot last weekend. And it did generate interest because several people were pointing at all the bears sitting on the bench outside the Duffy store some even took photos and then while wandering around the park with my friend and her Duffy, we got stopped by several people commenting on how cute our bears were.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Duffy is about adventure, having fun and making friends. That's his appeal.


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      Re: What Does Love of Duffy the Disney Bear say about us as human beings?

      I just got back from a visit to Disney and I found myself really irritated by the bears. I saw them EVERYWHERE. The first thing I thought was, "Oh, Disney is just trying to buy into the teddy bear business."

      But I have to tell you, my opinion changed.

      The more I saw them, the more curious I became. What are these bears? What is so special about them that they would be in EVERY single shop at Disney?

      After a while, I finally picked one up and looked it. The face area is a lighter shade than the rest of him, and it's in the shape of a Mickey. He also has Mickeys on his feet and on his hip.

      "So what? He's just a bear with a bunch of Mickeys on him!"

      No. On his tag, there is a brief story that tells the reader how he came to be. Mickey was going off on a voyage at sea for a long period of time and Minnie, being the loving little mouse she is, made him a bear that would be with him when she wasn't.

      Later I found an actual book that told Duffy's story and as I finished the last page, I brushed a tear away. Go read this book, and if you can't, check out Wikipedia for the full story.

      I ended up getting one because the message of the story made me feel a little better. See, I will be moving to Disney World in a little less than 3 weeks to be away from my family for the first time in my life. And my Duffy will be there for me when I feel sad when I get there.

      And that's why I love Duffy. And the message it gives.


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