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Duffy comes to the UK Disney Store


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  • Duffy comes to the UK Disney Store

    I am so happy we will soon be able to get hold of Duffy and his clothes over here too, here is a link to the Info page

    If it doesn't work (I know when I try to access the address it asks which country) follow the link to the UK Disney Store and then scroll down to the bottom of the front page and it's under coming soon along side Oz The Great and Powerful - which looks really awesome BTW :thumbup:

    Thanks to my husband for letting me know about this! What a sweetie

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    Re: Duffy comes to the UK Disney Store

    That's really good news for those of you in the UK! Now you can get things, and possibly Duffy items from Disneyland Paris. I'm not sure what is different there, other than the 20th edition Duffy.

    Also, I really like that Disney Store UK's "parks" merchandise is from Disneyland Paris. That's more appropriate than having Disneyland or Walt Disney World stuff for sale. I looked through all of the merchandise and I like the 20th anniversary stuff.


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      Re: Duffy comes to the UK Disney Store

      Here is the link:

      Duffy Coming Soon | Disney Store

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