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going out with shellie or duffy backlash


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  • going out with shellie or duffy backlash

    Im starting to get flack from friends and family about bringing shellie places and taking pictures.They bring up how im 21 and why do i like to bring a teddybear with me and take photos with her. i also like to hold her so she can see and not put her in a duffel bag.Has anyone else experinced this?

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    Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

    Hi ,i am 40 years old and i always take my DUFFY and SHellie May with me to THE Paris ! I carrie them in my arms so they could look at everything . When we go to THE restaurant sometoimes they sit on a chair ,but this is not always availeble, so i always have a bag with me so they could sit herenwhen we ea . Of propyleen sau something you just say iets Mickey's And Minnie's bear so they now THE story and i always have a hole suitcase with outfit's and Sjors and stuff with me so they have new clothes every day , never mind what otters say and enjoy DUFFY and SHellie May and take them with you on Manu adventures because they love it
    greetings x
    Lots of DUFFY and SHellie May love !


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      Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

      Well, I only take my bears with me to special places, like baseball games and theme parks, so I don't get ANY backlash. My boyfriend thinks I'm a little nuts, but he doesn't give me s**t about it (because he know he'll be in the doghouse if he does) and he's even bought a few things for Duffy as well as suggesting taking for a ride on his Harley sometime (which we still need to do). BTW I'm in my late 30s.

      My parents don't give me any flack about Duffy either because my mom is also a big Duffy fan (who has a few bears of her own) and she takes her bears with her on special trips too. My dad rolls his eyes, but is smart not to give her backlash about it.

      I do have some friends who crack mean jokes about my taking my bears places, but the majority of my friends think Duffy is awesome and look forward to seeing him when we hang out. They actually tell me to bring Duffy a lot of times.

      I've only taken Duffy with me to restaurants a few times but even those were special occasions. I get a few odd looks, but I just ignore the haters.


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        Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

        I ignore people too! It took my husband a little bit to get used to it, but now he seems to enjoy it as well. He takes all of our pictures for us!
        As for my family, they don't mind, and my mom has become quite a fan of Shellie May!
        As for your family and friends, just tell them the story about the bears, and if they still don't get it, just tell them to back off.
        There are a lot worse things at 21 that you could be doing besides carrying around a teddy bear and taking pictures!
        Luv Duffy & Shellie May


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          Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

          My friends always tell me why I bring Duffy and Shellie everywhere to. I'm 20 but i don't care what they think about me brining them. If it makes me happy that is all that matters. My parents do not really mind when I lived in FL i would bring them to the parks all the time and my mom would help me carry them and stuff and buy them things. My parents are cool about it. I agree i rather be taking pictures of teddy bears than getting in to worse things.


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            Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

            Originally posted by aimster View Post
            My boyfriend thinks I'm a little nuts, but he doesn't give me s**t about it (because he know he'll be in the doghouse if he does) and he's even bought a few things for Duffy as well as suggesting taking for a ride on his Harley sometime (which we still need to do). BTW I'm in my late 30s.

            I'm pushing 40 and I have a couple of Build A Bears that I happily call my own, one of them the originals that first came out that still looks way better than the quality of the ones they have now. I just don't take any of them to WDW with me for fear of losing them or messing them up.
            "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children." - Walter Elias Disney


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              Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

              my parents dont support it


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                Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

                Well, if you're taking your bears with you EVERYWHERE... Like out to eat, to the mall and stuff like that, THEN it starts to get a little weird. You have to know your limits.

                I only take my bears to special places & special occasions, like the theme parks and baseball games or other sporting events. If I bring them to a restaurant or bar, it's because there's a special event going on, like a Rays watch party where I know the bears would get positive attention.

                For example, the last Rays watch party I went to was at a local wing joint. It was also "Bike Night" there, so I put Duffy in his Harley jacket and headband as well as his Rays shirt and brought his scooter and had him ride into the restaurant on it. People were going NUTS, pulling out their phones to take photos & video. Throughout the night I had people come up asking if they could take a photo of Duffy on his scooter. It was hilarious. My boyfriend and his friend were howling with laughter the whole time but I know they were amused.

                Only time I'll bring him to the mall is occasionally to Build A Bear to try on new outfits. Sometimes I like to see how something actually looks on Duffy before I buy it. That way I don't have to go running back & forth to return something if I end up not liking it.


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                  Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

                  I've never gotten negative attention that I know of (one relative did think I was a little weird, but warmed to the idea eventually). Though I'm pretty oblivious. :shy: But I prefer the 12" and smaller-sized bears, so I think that's a little less obvious than carrying a 17" bear.

                  I also only take my bears out "special" places, or to events, and generally just one bear (or 2 tiny/magnet bears).

                  (For what it's worth, Bring your Teddy Bear to Work day is totally a special event.)

                  I do think it's great for you to do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy! If taking Shellie May everywhere is what you want to do, that's lovely!

                  That said, I'm thinking that even for generally tolerant people, it would be seen as weird to take Duffy or Shellie May out in public to "everyday" places--the kind of places you wouldn't normally take photos--and then take photos with them. Not that there's anything wrong with it, of course. But I probably wouldn't do a public photoshoot with a larger bear unless it were a special event or I had a really cute story/idea in mind. Or if I were among likeminded people, of course.

                  So I'm thinking that if it's a place people often take photos, it's probably easier for others to grasp the appeal of taking photos with Duffy and Shellie May. (And in fairness, the original Duffy story idea is to take Duffy traveling with you to special places.) Usually people assume my tiny bears are a kind of Flat Stanley thing, and seem to be OK with it.
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                    Re: going out with shellie or duffy backlash

                    I don't care what people think. Also maybe it doesn't look strange for me because my Daughter who is 7 carries Duffy or ShellieMay when we go out so people assume that they belong to her when infact they belong to us both.

                    My parents think I'm bonkers that I'm in love with a Teddy Bear, but it's my life and my choice.


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