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Duffy @ Disney Store

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  • Duffy @ Disney Store

    My daughter and I were in the Disney Store this past weekend and they were having a special where if you buy a Duffy bear you get a free outfit for him. She and my husband had been planning on waiting to get Duffies at DCA when we go this October, but they got excited and ended up buying them at the store. She got a Buzz Lightyear costume for hers and his got the Sorcerer's Apprentice robe and hat. My Shellie May is glad to have more company!

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    Re: Duffy @ Disney Store

    I saw that sale as well. It has been a very long time since I was in the Disney Store, since my local one closed. I checked out the 17" bears they had. I think there were only two. They were SO soft and properly stuffed. They had the new Mickey heads on their rears. The 8" ones, and perhaps 12", had the old version.

    Was The Duffster that soft when I got him? He isn't now. I brushed his fur quite well yesterday and he feels softer.