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  • New here

    Hello all,

    I've recently joined micechat to learn more about Duffy and as I've been reading old posts I thought it time to at least say hello...)

    I'm a true newbie to Duffy as I didn't even know of his existence until last weekend... and in fact, only bumped into him whilst looking for a sweater for another teddy. But I'm catching up fast, and I'm in full-on Duffy love here! Every spare moment (when I should be getting ready for Christmas) I've been reading as much as I can about him and loving all of the posts, blogs, pictures, youtube, and adventures you all are having!

    I'm currently Duffy-less but I've put him on the top of my Christmas list and I personally delivered that to Santa a couple of days ago so I think I will be doing a happy Duffy dance in just over a week! Gosh, I love Christmas and haven't been this excited since my kids still believed in all things magical. As it happens, just a few weeks back I was thinking about again getting a BAB as ours were lost in hurricane Sandy. The destruction of so much of our home (people, pets and bears were safe) has changed what I bring into our life though. Finding out about Duffy I had an immediate sense of being on the other side of that stressful time and I think he is a wonderful way to make the transition to the next part of my life.

    I've been a teddy bear person for a long time, but being a mom put it on the back burner for years. My youngest (who will fly the nest soon) re-ignited my bear collecting a few years back with his interest. We even had BAB's for a few years but then my son grew up and out of most of that. I have bears in most rooms but since our house is small, I try to keep a reasonable limit on it but I often find bears everywhere "speak" to me and ask to come home... hey, what's a bear lover to do??? My constant companion in a 3.5" bear Theodore (avatar pic) that has all kinds of adventures on his own.

    Growing up I only had one visit to DL when I was 11 years old. It was a cherished memory and it wasn't until I was in my 40's that I made it to WDW - wow, that was awesome especially sharing it with my kids. Oddly, I don't remember the Disney bear (we were there before 2010) at all. I have absolutely no problem with there not being a movie/character tie-in to Duffy - it doesn't matter to me at all and in some ways I like it better as I find his personality more adaptable that way. I love what I'm reading about the Japanese connection and the development of his story. Can someone fill me in on the Duffy Post? Is that announced at certain time/s of the year?

    Thank you for all the thoughtful discussion and support you provide here on micechat - it is a wonderful resource and a loving, fun community from what I've read. And always, it is terrific to be in the company of others who "get" one's passion!


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    Re: New here

    Welcome Paula! I hope you get that Duffy under your Christmas tree. I think you'll enjoy the community. We talk all things Duffy/ShellieMay from US and Japan and everywhere in between.

    DuffyPost is normally at a few set times a year (special request trips can be done too but they are much more expensive). They are run by our awesome friend, Duffy Daisuki. The next one will be Sweet Duffy which is coming up pretty shortly (in the next month). Other than Sweet Duffy, there's normally the Spring Voyage Trip, a trip during the summer, and then Halloween and Christmas. There's a lot of good info. on the Duffy Post Coast to Coast thread. You'll just want to post in that thread your intention to be a Wish Lister for Sweet Duffy if you want to participate. Anyways, welcome and enjoy!


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      Re: New here

      Welcome to MiceChat, Paula!
      Check out the MICECHAT Duffy Forum
      :love:Bringing the Love since January 10, 2011:love:


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        Re: New here

        Welcome, Paula! :ghug:

        DH and I are also plush collectors and have them all over our house. A few sleep with us, and one goes on all our travels as a companion. We fell in love with Duffy a few years ago, found this forum, met DuffyDaisuki and all the other friends here, adopted ShellieMay from Japan (via Duffy Post), and now participate in every Shopping Trip. We are DL AP'ers and take our bears into the parks regularly.

        I hope you get your Duffy from Santa, and I'm sure you'll love it here!
        AP holder since 2007


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          Re: New here

          Welcome, Paula! Nice to meet you! Your story is really sweet. I'm more a plush person than a bear person, but a friend/acquaintance of mine is a BEAR person (she made this) and she liked my smaller Duffy and (even moreso) Shellie May. Strangers who are bear fans have also stopped me to admire Duffy. He is addictive!

          Looking forward to seeing your Duffy! I've been here more than 2 years, and I still don't have a 17" Duffy (too easy to buy clothes for him!). I'll probably remedy that in January, though.
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            Re: New here

            Welcome, Paula.

            Duffy, per se, wasn't at WDW until Oct 2010, so you wouldn't have met him.
            Good luck with Santa. If he doesn't deliver, Duffy Daisuki does!



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              Re: New here

              Welcome! Hope to see you get your Duffy under the tree!
              Luv Duffy & Shellie May


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