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Duffy in the Christmas Parade

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  • Duffy in the Christmas Parade

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    Re: Duffy in the Christmas Parade

    He's been on the main float in WDW's Christmas parade for a couple years now. At Disneyland he was on the 1st float of the Christmas Fantasy parade for awhile, but now the original teddy bear is back and Duffy is now at the top of the I think it's the North Pole Post Office float. He actually looks cuter up there.

    Duffy has made a few appearances at WDW outside of Epcot. In 2011 he was at the Halloween parties doing meet & greets in his pumpkin costume and I think at the Christmas parties that year too. He was also at the Magic Kingdom for a week for the Duffy's Secret Santa "Limited Time Magic" event in early December 2013. They just gave out cute little pre-printed "signature" cards from various characters. I got my hands on Duffy's as I managed to visit the park the last day of the event.


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      Re: Duffy in the Christmas Parade

      Originally posted by mgmenning View Post
      I’ve been absent from the board for several months due to a tragic death in my family so I may have missed this topic somewhere, but wanted to mention it just in case.
      I was visiting WDW in December and was lucky enough to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I was almost in tears when I saw Duffy joining Mickey and Minnie on the very first float of the parade.
      Although I didn’t see the televised Christmas Eve parade, I heard he made an appearance on the same float. I think is the first time I’ve seen Duffy outside Epcot. He looked adorable and fit perfectly into the Holiday themed float. I know this is super cheesy and dumb, but it made me feel true joy- something that has been somewhat sparse in my family lately. Thus proving what we all know – Duffy brings love.

      I’m off to visit WDW again this weekend to run the marathon. I’ll be sure to give Duffy a big sweaty hug from our entire fan group.
      I was just wondering how you were doing-I am glad to see you posting again.


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        Re: Duffy in the Christmas Parade

        I'm so sorry for your loss!

        There is something special about seeing Duffy in parades. I didn't have the pleasure of seeing him in the Christmas parade at Disneyland (though I agree with Aimster; I like him on a float with other characters, instead of being a "toy"). But I saw the Christmas parade on TV and he was super-adorable at WDW.

        I also saw him in the Halloween parade at Disneyland a few years back (well, Pumpkin Duffy, not Santa Duffy...that would've been weird). He was riding around on the bike and dancing and waving at was just really sweet. Pretty sure he waved at me, too.
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          Re: Duffy in the Christmas Parade

          I love hearing all about when/where you guys have encountered Duffy. I might have to plan a trip down in fall just to see Duffy in his pumpkin gear. Thanks for sharing!