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Am I going crazy?


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  • Am I going crazy?

    I found myself up late tonight and ended up buying another Shellie May:

    For some reason, I wasn't too particularly thrilled with the one that I already have because the one I received wasn't as plushy as my Duffy (If that makes sense?) I was hoping for her to be a bit more robust?-Do you think I'm crazy for being so particular?

    Also, my boyfriend has also jumped on the Duffy band wagon with me; and I bought him a Duffy of his own (The american version) who he absolutely loves and he is excited at the idea of inheriting my Shellie May and finally having a pair of his own. (how cute right?), so either way, an additional Shellie May will be a great addition for us.

    He's not as particular as me though, I'm dead set on having an authentic sturdy set from Tokyo DisneySea and eventually, expanding my collection when more funds free themselves up

    Are any of you collectors as particular or obsessive about your collectibles or am I the only one? Do tell

    Bringing the Love

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    Re: Am I going crazy?

    I think ShellieMay is suppised to be a little more "dainty/petite" compared to Duffy because she's a girl, which makes sense.

    My ShellieMay started getting a little floppy after almost 3 years of having her & carrying her around, so I took her to Build A Bear and they added more stuffing to her tummy (her arms & legs were still fine). I was nervous, but they did a good job (they did the same with my Duffy last summer and my mom's Duffys a few months ago). Just be warned if you take your bear to your local Build A Bear they might be hesitant or not do it because it's not a BAB animal. I'm a regular customer at my store, so they know me and are willing to do little extras for me since I spend a LOT of money there. Just yesterday I had to take my Duffy there because he somehow popped a seam in the back of his leg and needed to be patched up (and I can't sew to save my life).


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