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Pins - advice needed


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  • Pins - advice needed

    Since I am going to WDW in December, I thought I might get some pins to have on a lanyard. Not necessarily for trading, but maybe.

    I got the Epcot set of 7 mini pins. They were a great price, came in original packaging, and I love them.

    I also got for a reasonable price some of the Duffy head/hat pins. Don't know which series. Five are enamel coated (Dumbo, Hook, Peter Pan, Dream Finder, Goofy) and two metal plated (Hook and Peter Pan).

    I'm not particularly enamored by any of the hat pins in particular, but thought because they were at a decent price (I spent $15.95 incl. shipping), they would be good for trading away for something I really might like.

    Here is my dilemma...the quality of these pins is suboptimal. There are some divots in the enamel of some of the pins (especially the Dream Finder), what appear to be scrapes (which could be from manufacturing), and a white-ish area on one of the metal plated pins.

    I purchased the pins on eBay. When they arrived, they were not in original packaging. I looked at other listings for these pins and see them individually or in a set and they'd be a lot more than what I spent (2-3 times).

    Should I just keep them for trade since they were a good price?


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    Re: Pins - advice needed

    I have found that, if something was purchased at a really great price, it's usually not worth the postage it will cost you to send it back.

    It is my understanding that CM's have to trade pins with you if you find one of theirs that you want.

    Since you aren't particularly attached to those pins anyway, use them to trade with CM's.

    And have a wonderful time at the parks!


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      Re: Pins - advice needed

      Well, advice is no longer needed.

      I E-mailed the seller asking if she would be able to swap the ones that were not in the best condition and she didn't have any more. She refunded my money and told me to keep the pins. I think it was overly generous, but I'll take it!


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        Re: Pins - advice needed

        The pins you bought were most likely "Scrappers". Scrappers are pins that did not meet Disney's standard. The pins are thrown in a bin to be discarded, but they usually end up being resold for 5. cents or so each to sellers around the world. They are mostly sold in "random pin lots" on ebay and other auction websites. (50 pins for $40? If it sounds too good to be true, it is!) Sadly, since a lot of people do not know about this situation people buy them to trade with cast member's at Disney parks. Since Disney does not want to turn any guest away they have to accept ANY pin a guest gives them (That says "(c) Disney" on the back). This is not cool, because people buy pins at full price at the parks to trade for CM lanyard pins but end up getting scrappers in return. I would say about 80% of pins on CM lanyards are scrappers. Usually if you tell a cast member their pin is fake they will remove the pin from their lanyard. CM's are not educated on fake pins, most do not know the difference.

        Here's an article that goes more in depth about scrappers, and counterfeits.

        Another article about pins that is very useful.
        Hidden Truths about Disney Pins | eBay

        Now, what to do with the scrapper pins you already have?
        Throw it away? No. That seems like a waste... Keep them, use them as push pins on your cork board. Take the post off, and attach a magnet to the back and put it on your fridge. Make it into a necklace, or bracelet. Wear it on your shirt for a bit of Disney flare! Give it away to a child who needs a smile. Anything but put it on a cast member lanyard!


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          Re: Pins - advice needed

          I was looking at some on Amazon, Jenna, that rather fit the description you note. A lot of pins for little money, with each pin coming in ~ $1.00. I read the comments. Boy, oh, boy were people ever so unhappy. Saw a lot of comments about scrappers and counterfeits. Didn't know what scrappers were, so thanks for that. Most of them take the same stance that you do. 1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is and 2. Don't trade them with a CM because some poor soul will end up with it.

          It is no wonder (now) why they were pinned onto a foam sheet and why the seller was so willing to refund my money.

          At least I know my mini Epcot pins are authentic. They were a good price, but in original packaging and comparing the hat pins with them, there is a significant quality difference.

          Thank you for the feedback.


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            Re: Pins - advice needed

            The 'good' Duffy hat pins had two little nubs on either side of the main post. I always ask the cast member if I can see the back of the pin to trade.

            Scrappers can still have the little nubs. This just seemed to be true for the Duffy hat pins.

            Traveling to Disney and Beyond!!!


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              Re: Pins - advice needed

              ILG, you can find authentic Duffy hats in the parks, it just takes a little time! I have almost the whole authentic set (just missing Steamboat Willie if anyone has an extra they would like to trade/sell me!) but I've encountered many scrappers in my journey. I got to the point where I started looking at the back before doing a trade because I was so tired of trading good pins for bad. As Sandrita said, a lot of the Duffy hats should have two nubs (one on each side of the pin post) and the 2013 set has the Mickey head waffle pattern on the back and it's pretty easy to tell a scrapper with those. A lot of the scrappers have a border around the edge but on the authentic ones, the Mickey heads go all the way to the edge.

              I love that Epcot International set, BTW! I actually was able to trade for most of them from cast member's lanyards so you'll probably see international Duffy's here and there on lanyards during your trip.


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                Re: Pins - advice needed

                Sandrita, nice to see you around again.

                I was reading the links that BugCatcherJenna posted and examining the pins. I also compared to the other pins I have that are certainly authentic.

                Boog, since you have a lot of them, perhaps you can provide feedback.

                All the other pins I have have the Pin Trading stamp with the copy right below it, in a vertical fashion. The hat pins are set up in a horizontal fashion, with the Pin Trading stamp to the left.

                All of these hat pins have two anti-spin nubs, one on either side of the post.
                The waffle pattern on the pack goes to the edge, and there is no border. (From what I read, scrappers will be like this, as they are authentic pins that didn't meet standards and are cut from a single sheet. Counterfeits are made from molds and have the edge.)

                Goofy has 1 of 5
                Dreamfinder is 2 of 5
                Dumbo is 3 of 5
                Hook is 4 of 5
                Peter Pan is 5 of 5

                For the two without the colored enamel, Hook is 3 of 20 and Peter Pan 4 of 20.

                I know there can be a lot of variation with pin backs. All but one have the copyright Disney on the flat back adjacent to the "handle". One has smaller dimensions and does not have "Disney".

                I think that maybe these are scrappers. They don't seem to fit the bill for counterfeit. In my opinion, some of them are less than optimal quality. If that is the case in my opinion, Disney probably felt the same and rejected them.

                Considering that 1. they were a reasonable price, 2. they came pinned on a foam sheet, and 3. the seller was willing to refund my money and allow me to keep the pins, it supports the probability that they are scrappers.


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