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  • This was featured on the official Tokyo DisneySea Duffy website:

    For the updated version of "My Friend Duffy" featuring Gelatoni, a new ShellieMay plush badge will be released on January 31st and is priced at 1,700 Yen.

    And Gelatoni now has his own storybook, also set for release on January 31st, and priced at 1,230 Yen.

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    • I have been looking at pictures on Instagram of these new items and am sooooooo excited to see a GELATONI picture book!!!! WOW!!! I can't wait to see all of the pictures inside and look forward to seeing YouTube videos of the updated My Friend Duffy....


      • Gelatoni's story looks lovely!

        Here's a video of the Gelatoni show. There are English subtitles (they don't seem to be by a native English speaker but they get the idea across). I enjoyed the show, though the first video I saw had no subtitles and I kind of liked the story I concocted a bit more.

        (I want to make ShellieMay's dress shown in a piece of art in that show!)
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