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Questions about this board and everyone's favorite bear

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  • Questions about this board and everyone's favorite bear

    I am so new to this board. I have been on other disney boards and have never found an actual Duffy community until now. You have no idea how excited I am to find Duffy enthusiasts communicating in english!

    I've been reading this board and have become a little concerned over the welcome I am to receive as an American Duffy Lover. I haven't had the Tokyo Disney experiences for myself. I'm stuck ogling over sea photos. My love of everything duffy, especially the spirit that I feel he embodies is genuine. I really want to belong and grow with a community like this. Is this the right community for a state side Duffy Darling?

    Some of the posts I've read have been very scary and intimidating.

    If this is the right place I could use some help with ideas. I'm going to WDW in a week and of course Duffy is my constant travel companion. He sails with me frequently on the DCL and other vacations. His traveling accommodation needs are going to be different in the park. I need to get to him easily but have a happy place for him to travel when I need my hands (I'm traveling with two children). So far I'm going to use a build a bear back sling so he can breath and see while he isn't in my arms.

    Do you guys, my hard core Duffy lovers, have any tips and tricks for making Duffy the most comfortable while we adventure together in the parks?

    I really really hope you guys can find a place in your heart for me and my Duffy journies. I've been longing for this kind of home for a long while.

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    Welcome! I am very happy to meet you and glad you posted! There are several people here (like me) who love to bring our bears places! My Shellie May (and to a lesser extent, my 12" Duffy) have been outstanding travel companions. I know there have been some heated discussions here. But to me, if you love Duffy, I'm very glad you're here. I'd love to see some of your photos in the photo thread!

    I do not have any children to deal with, but I prefer a 12" Duffy (like the pre-dressed ones) or an SS-sized bear like they sell intermittently in Japan, because they are smaller and just the size I like. I've even taken BOTH of those smaller bears through Disneyland Resort TOGETHER and had no problems at all. (It's harder to find clothes for the smaller bears, though, so they aren't for everyone.)

    I did carry my 17" Duffy in a cute homemade Cast Member outfit and Build a Bear shoes for one very long day at Disneyland and my arms HURT a lot by the end of the day. He was so heavy because of the shoes!

    Also, one of my Duffy's Build a Bear shoes fell off about twice during that long trip to Disneyland. They just don't fit his feet perfectly. I very nearly lost one shoe at the very beginning of the day (before rope drop!). Amazingly, it had just fallen into my bag and I had plenty of time to put it back on him before Tomorrowland opened up. (I was quite relieved and blessed!)

    I like to carry a reusable grocery bag like they sell at the Disney Store to carry my bear/s while I am not holding them. I always use a bag that has not been used for groceries; I know reusable grocery bags often get contaminated by food. But again, I don't have to grab any kids at any point, and I don't need my hands free. I know someone else has used one of those drawstring backpacks like runners sometimes use and that's worked perfectly for her. So your carrier might work great too! I'd just be careful if he's wearing Build a Bear shoes.

    I'm not sure if you've thought about how to handle Duffy when you use the restroom? I'm able to put my bears in my aforementioned bag, which is good enough for me. I also carry a purse so when the bag and my purse are slung on a restroom hook, it's usually held closed enough that I'm not bothered. Or If you have someone who will wait with your Duffy while you use the restroom, then no problem. Otherwise, you have to figure out if you'll be bothered by taking him in with you or what you'll do with him if you are. Different people have different tolerances (I know the American Girl stores had doll holders in their bathrooms!). So I'm not judging whatever you decide on that front, but I wasn't sure if it had crossed your mind.

    Have a wonderful trip! And I hope you share some photos with us
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      Thanks so much for your warm reply!!
      I'm pretty protective of my Duffy so I will pack him a variety of safety goodies for the park. I am always open to hearing better ideas than my own!!

      I loved your most recent photo album and can't wait to start posting my own pictures.

      Tomorrow, I plan on making Duffy his own dog tag with my information on it just in case he falls out of my bag (heaven forbid... makes me sick thinking about it) . In addition to his little pull string backpack, I am packing a large zip lock bag to fit him in if it rains or we get on a water ride. I will just have to convince myself there is plenty of Duffy friendly air trapped in there as well.

      I know I keep saying this but I am beside myself with joy at the prospect of finding this community. My friends and family think I'm a little nuts for my Duffy love but they tolerate it. I'm so happy to not just be tolerated but Duffy love is celebrated!

      I've never been across the ponds to visit the other disney parks around the world. I hoped and I prayed that Duffy would grow here in the states. Looks like it's time to start saving for a trip to Tokyo


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        Oh, yes, Duffy will be totally fine in a Ziploc bag! No worries!

        (It rained like almost every day on our trip to WDW in 2014, but I wanted photos so poor Shellie May just had to deal. I wonder if it helped accelerate the rubbing off of some of her flocking on her nose? I found when I glued on flocking, it wouldn't come off unless it was wet. But aside from that possible problem, she was not the worse for wear.)

        A dog tag is a great idea! I should have mentioned it myself! I made a tag for Shellie May (and then a much larger one for Japan, because I had to try to make one side in Japanese, which took up more room, and because I couldn't get texts over there so I had to give alternate means of contact). Mine is just a piece of paper, "laminated" with packing tape, and attached to an elastic band. It goes under my bears' clothes, but I figure if someone were to find my Duffy or Shellie May and wanted to get him or her back to me, they could. Mine have held up pretty well. My English one reads:

        Hello! My name is Shellie May! If you are reading this, I am lost and very scared. Please call or text my owner at (number). She will give you a reward for returning me!
        (And thank you for the compliment! I will post more photos in a few days or less. I took a kajillion of them!)
        Daily Duffy Archive! Adventures with Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni, updated regularly!

        Daily updates on Facebook!


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          Welcome, Darling! I'm so glad you found us here. It sure is great to have a community of Duffy lovers! We absolutely welcome all Duffy fans! I have a ShellieMay from Japan but my Duffy was adopted from DCA before I ever discovered the magic of TDR Duffy. It's how many if not most of us first fell in love with our favorite bear.

          I only occasionally carry my bears in the parks. If we do, then my husband and I will each carry one - he takes Duffy and I ShellieMay. I use a carrier from TDS that is basically a bucket style bag with long enough strap to wear cross-body. This carrier does have an interior cinchable pouch which secures the bear inside but I think any bucket style bag with a drawstring top will be able to keep Duffy secure yet looking out and also free up your hands.

          Hope to see a pic of your bear enjoying WDW!

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            Yay!!! Welcome to the best group of Duffy friends ever!!! I love this community the most. Sometimes the conversations get a little intense but I tend not to shy away from long as our hearts are open to each other we can share our joys and sorrows, our hopes and disappointments with great enthusiasm and passion and still be heard and honored for our own experiences, however different or similar (I hope)! Hope your crew has an amazing time at the parks!! When my sisters kids were younger she used a rented stroller to cart the snacks and sweaters around tie balloons to and stow the gift shop treasures in...she could even get a "pincess" down for a nap in the thing. I did get a kid backpack that had a compartment in the front for a stuffed animal for my neice to carry when ShellieMay came into her life and she absolutely insisted on visiting the park with two bears in little that at least one fluffy friend could ride on her back. The blue Disney Store giftbag has also come to my rescue and I have a size ideal for a two bear trip, now that I am an adult bear lover sharing my Disneyland time with other adults who may or may not come accompanied by their own Disney Bear friend