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  • StellaLou

    Did I spell the name correctly?? Talk to me... What do you know?? This pastel purple female bunny friend of Duffy lives in the TDS New York port and dreams of being a ballet dancer (What are your dreams...etc) ?? Yes? No? Is her plush character the same dimensions as the Gelatoni plush? Aaak! I suspected a new character was on the way when Japan released the Gelatoni story book (so long after the launch of his original character) but I missed any hype or lead up to the StellaLou!! I am all the way out of the loop and enquiring Duffy fans want to know!!! I have seen the pictures of her stand up clothes hanger closet and it is so beautiful in the pastel colors...tho I am having some Duffy purist kind of feelings as well..

  • #2!! Can you post some pictures?? I put the Japanese hashtag on one of your Instagram pics in case you want to see those photos too... I like when you post the web stuff from Japan and China on this forum tho...and I have no idea how to post pictures here even after all these years!! Oh no!! Sorry!!


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      When they started pimping out Gelatoni at HKDL I had a feeling a new Tokyo exclusive character would be releasing soon. Going off the Instagram pics, she looks a smidgen smaller than the artist cat.

      last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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        I don't think there was any hype before her release. There was a fan event to announce her so I am not SHOCKED at at the release was a new character, but she is kind of surprising. From the photos of the story and Google Translate on said story, I think you're right. I like how she does not seem to be a particularly talented dancer (like Gelatoni is an excellent artist) but she is working at it!

        That is interesting and makes sense if she is slightly smaller than Gelatoni; it would fit with Duffy and ShellieMay (plus she is a rabbit, sooooo....). I hope she is not MUCH smaller, though. I probably won't get her unless/until she comes out in SS (smaller) form, but it would be nice for some fans if she could relax in some of Gelatoni's clothes!
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          Here are some of the images from the official website that was launched hours ago:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	pic_pc.jpg
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            Yes!!! Smiling Size <3 ...I waited for the Gelatoni puppet because he called out to me...with his little front Disney paws in the air like a kitten!! So a puppet StellaLou might be the natural fit for me?? I don't know! I know a lot of deliberation goes into every aspect of the Japanese characters ... that said...for me, as an adult collector... the pastel Popple/Care Bear kawaii fairy-k k what's that um...fairy-kei ? Neo-gyaru? Sugar pop friend is not as much my style as the more Lolita styled ShellieMay or classic teddy look of Duffy....! (I know I drag pastel colored Disney Bears all over Disneyland like a five year old and the cast members address me as "princess" like they do the little ones so take what I am saying with a big grain of salt) ... (I was probably the biggest Popple fan of the universe in my time, too) BUT I would really have preferred a more classically Duffy proportioned face on the bunny and cat too...(and white fur and red eyes? Like the Lolita Brand, BABY the stars shine bright, plush bunnies ? Ok maybe not...but I will be keeping my eyes open for a Japanese auction site remake)!!! I know the blending of characteristics from Thumper's lady, Miss Bunny into this character was a natural direction to take for this Park Character. I am somehow not as upset as I probably should be at the pimping out of these characters, and my unabashed excitement at seeing Tokyo DisneySEA turn into a big Hello Kitty store is probably a symptom of the whole problem??? I don't stick to my purist leanings and instead give in to my fangirl side and I'm ruining it for everyone??? Do you think the TDS fans will put Gela and Stella together as a non linear couple like Oswald and Ortensia?? Toni's Japanese-Italian fashion sense always set off my!!! Obviously I am over excited and over thinking but ITS SO FUN!!! What are you guys thinking about all this stuff???????????????


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              I AM really in love with the sweet TDS Cape Cod with its Irish Immigrant fishing village population and the classicly styled um...folk art of the original Duffy as a pretend home grown hand sewed gift of love...and all of the button eyed representation s and patchwork hangings and tin can decor that surrounds that mythos. I would be heartbroken if that were lost but I am sure it won't be (in Japan at least. The Japanese culture loves these things and it screams of classic Americana to these double-word names must )! I would like to see Gela and Stella given the same treatment in their respective ports at least in Tokyo (not cheapened the way we would expect and accept in the other Disney parks in order for them to simply exist and be available outside of Japan, even if it is in this simpler form)...because I DO love Duffy and all he encompasses...the deeper theming in particular but also the other things as well...(PINK PRE-DUFFY DISNEY BEARS and HONG KONG GELATONI PINS and HAWAIIAN BEAR SHIRTS with the AULANI RESORT in the fabric print as if it were a natural outcropping of real Hawaiian culture (when it is not, it's obviously the opposite)) ... I mean, I think that's the thing tho...we are in love with the fantasy and it stands in stark contrast to this capitalistic reality... Idk or not....I'm just talking randomly now. What are you guys thinking?


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                Sigh. I give up any misgivings. I love StellaLou and can't wait to welcome the petite ballerina bunny into my Disney Bear family. Maybe I need to find a tiny little vanity mirror table with lights on it so she can primp and prepare for the stages of TDS New York...


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                  Oh, the tiny table idea is great!

                  I like that StellaLou has characterization and I like how she is not an obvious girlfriend for Gelatoni (it gets old when so many classic female characters exist mainly or entirely because a guy character needed a girlfriend or companion). I am sure some fans will pair them up, but at the moment there isn't the slightest HINT that she even KNOWS Gelatoni, let alone that they would be interested in each other.

                  I like how she stands on her own two paws and Duffy just happens across her. I'm still not wanting her full-sized plush, but that's OK. I want to love the plush I have for now anyway.

                  I also like how in comparison with StellaLou's girliness, ShellieMay is now nearly tomboyish!
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                    Stella Lou is beautiful and I can't wait for her, too. Not only is she adorable but she wants to be a dancer (I took dance classes for many years so can relate to career aspirations) and I've always loved rabbits so she is totally pushing my buttons.

                    Do any of you know how we can order her? I've been looking at Ebay and the prices seem quite high and they don't include her costume.

                    I'd really appreciate any help you can provide--and look forward to sharing our experiences with you.


                    • #11
                      She really is adorable. They don't need to do any real promotion, because lines to buy this new character and her associated merchandise and foods will be hours long.
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                        The English press release is at , with the official translation. While DustySage is right that they do not NEED to promote her, they are still making it a bit of an event, which will probably only make her more popular.

                        StellaLou hasn't been generally released yet, so any item that isn't a pre-order would be very expensive. (I'm not sure, but I think only people invited to the special fan event were able to get her before general release, which would make her extremely rare at the moment.) And even some that don't say "pre-order" are surely pre-orders anyway, where the seller doesn't have them in hand but is still selling.

                        My experience is that if it's imported to the US from Japan, it will usually cost twice what it costs in Japan; sometimes more. That's held more or less true for me for Duffy goods and even things like Black Thunder candy* at Asian grocery stores!

                        StellaLou's price in Japan is 3900 yen, so with the current conversion rate that'd be $35. So once she's released to the public, I'd expect her to sell for about $70--maybe more since she'll be brand new and I bet the fans will be in a frenzy. But if the yen doesn't rise too much, I'd expect her price to settle at around $70 from the lowest-price sellers. (Probably. This is based on Gelatoni, who is available at HKDL, which may be bringing his price down. I feel like he was still around $70 before the HKDL release, but maybe not.)

                        Then I reckon her shoes and skirt (1600 yen) would probably be in the ballpark of $30 from the cheapest sellers. And then there's shipping on top of that.

                        Again, I wouldn't be surprised if the resale prices at her debut are higher, but I bet they'll fall back in line someday.

                        (The official spacing seems to be "StellaLou," with no space between the words--though I'm not 100% certain of that. The items that spell her name in English have no space, but the Japanese text seems to put a space in-between! Anyway, for the best price, you might want to check both "StellaLou" AND "Stella Lou.")

                        *If you ever see Black Thunder candy, buy it. Everyone I've given it to loves it!
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                          I just saw the post on her from the Disney Blog. She is super cute!
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                            Thx Berry Princess and Eeee-va for the links!! Thx mikkimausu99 for the pictures!! Thanks to everybody for chatting about the bunny... I got so excited!!! Have you guys seen the little stage photo spot they put up for her? Is she really only going to be available until August or did I get that part confused?? I am dying for a story book and a puppet... I have been seeing some crazy remakes ... someone took off her rabbit ears and tail and replaced them with Gelatoni's. Who would that be then?? StellaToni?? GelaLou?? My favorite picture of Stella I've seen so far was one in which the plush's tender person had brushed the bunny's fur down over her eyes so that she looked angry...and someone else commented on the photo, saying "I will never be a dancer!!!" That one made me fall over laughing but also kinda captured the strong will of the little innocent bunny female character that could so easily have been characterised as more innocuous but was given more. I liked the bunny as force to be reckoned with!!


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