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Is Duffy still available at DCA?

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  • Is Duffy still available at DCA?

    My son has just discovered Duffy and I'd like to get him one for Christmas when we are in California (We live overseas). I understand the only place to get him is at DCA. Do they still sell them there? And/or do the Disney Stores stock them? It would be great to get one before Christmas and then let my son buy clothes at DCA if that's possible. Can anyone enlighten me

    Editing to say that I found Duffy on the Disney Store online! But I still want to know if I can buy clothes at DCA or elsewhere on the property.
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    Hi!! I love Duffy and live in Orange County, California!!

    I think that at the moment, Duffy is not available at Disney Stores outside the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. This isn't always the case, but usually I do not see Duffy at the mall stores in the area.

    Iā€‹ā€‹ used to buy the majority of my Duffy plush and outfits at the World of Disney gift shop in Downtown Disney (the first shopping opportunity just before you enter the Disneyland and DCA parks) but I notice that DUFFY'S PRESENCE IN THE PARKS DOES SEEM TO HAVE BEEN GREATLY REDUCED SINCE THIS SUMMER. I am hearing the same story from online friends in Florida and Paris. I am NOT SEEING DUFFY MERCHANDISE IN DOWNTOWN DISNEY AT THE MOMENT.

    I would look for Duffy specifically in DCA in the shops along Buena Vista Street and in the Disneyland shops along Main Street. Those shops themed to children's toys DO STILL CARRY OUR FAVORITE BEARS, and outfits and storybooks too. Anything wished for and not found at the parks might be found online at the Disney Store website,, or the Disneyland website also has a link to a separate site for shopping an EVEN LARGER selection of park specific items!! Admittedly, I do a lot of shopping for Duffy on eBay lately. Many other Disney Parks worldwide carry outfits that have never been available in the U.S.

    And don't be afraid to ask the Cast Members!!! If they don't know, (sometimes they don't)!!... thank them and try asking again somewhere else!! Not every Cast Member is a Duffy fan with the inside scoop, but SOMEONE IS!!! It is definitely worth the asking!! Because some outfits (like the Star Wars Luke and Leia sets) may be harder to get online but are very likely to be available in the park.

    Build-a-Bear Workshop is another store in the Downtown Disney area (next to the major gift store as you enter and exit the parks) that sells clothing for teddy bears, and they do have many Disney specific outfits as well as more casual clothes that fit Duffy beautifully!! The Build-a-Bear store is closing soon (to be replaced by restaurants) so is only open on the bottom story, but is still full of wonderful merchandise and I believe they will be around until January?

    GOOD LUCK!! I hope your little one and his special bear have the most fun ever!!


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      Hi shellie may !

      Thank you so much for your response. Sorry for my delay as I've been so busy getting ready for our trip.

      I've managed to order a bear from the parks-related website (great tip!) and it's been delivered to my parents house in SoCal today and looks so cute! I also ordered one outfit from Amazon and that is a really cute Tigger one, too, so I'm really excited to get there and have my son open that up on Christmas morning.

      But I will also take your advice as to where to look once we get to Disneyland and DCA. I think I'm going to spend a lot of money this year!

      Have a lovely Christmas holiday!