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New Friends of Duffy are coming!

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  • New Friends of Duffy are coming!

    I know... where the heck have I been? I've had pretty much NO time for these forums anymore.

    But in case you haven't heard, Duffy has not one, but TWO new friends coming soon!

    The first one will be debuting at Hong Kong Disneyland on July 3. Rumors are saying it's going to be a yellow dog who likes to cook/bake and that her name is CookieAnn. Not sure how I feel about that name. I do know the debut will be held on Main Street at 2pm Hong Kong time.

    And if that's not enough, last weekend, Aulani dropped a hint of a new Duffy friend debuting there! The sneak peek they posted on Instagram & Twitter showed a bit of a green arm and a shirt with ukuleles on it. Rumors are it might be a turtle.

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    I can't wait to see what the Aulani friend of Duffy will look like!! 💞💕❤🐢


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      Will never see these anywhere at
      Disneyland or WDW.