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  • What do you collect?

    So do you have a pin theme? Do you collect a particular character? Maybe pins representing a particular movie or attraction? Maybe a theme, like firemen pins? I am sure everyone has some pins outside of their general collection, but what is your focus? Tell us what you collect and if possible give us an example of a pin in your collection. Bonus points if the picture is one you took yourself, rather than a pinpics link.

    For me I have a few themes I collect. My main concentration is Jessica Rabbit. The nice thing about her is that they do make pins of her, but not a super huge amount. So you can collect her without going broke. Here is one of the first I ever bought from Disney Auctions.

    I also have quite a few Tinker Bell pins. Here is one from several years ago. It was part of a 1950's series of pins.

    I also enjoy getting obscure characters. You know the ones I am talking about. The kind of character who has only 1 or 2 pins. Maybe they appeared in one short or briefly in a film. Usually I only get one or 2 pins of these characters. For example, here is Plunk from Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom.

    So come on, share some of what you collect with the rest of us.

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    Re: What do you collect?

    Oooh. I like this.

    My number one collection is Figment, for a number of reasons. Since I'm on the west coast, he's a little more difficult to find around here, which makes him all the more fun to collect. Also, just like Jessica, there aren't so many made as to make me go broke =D

    Other two somewhat larger collections are the given Haunted Mansion, but I don't really hold onto them, and Jungle Book. I really like how that one is coming along... but now REALLY want those neon monkeys! (They don't exist yet)

    After that, I love dorky sidekicks, so collect Flounder (specifically withOUT Ariel) and Archimedes.

    Finally, I'm looking to complete the movie poster series from Disney Stores, so should be pretty fun because I see them every now and then.

    I don't know where my camera is at the moment, probably in a box, but I'll take a few photos when I get a chance!


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      Re: What do you collect?

      Originally posted by TheGrimGrinner View Post
      I don't know where my camera is at the moment, probably in a box, but I'll take a few photos when I get a chance!

      Please do. I would especially like to see that Jungle Book set I pointed out to you the other night. lol.


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        Re: What do you collect?

        I collect signage and posters, and also pins that resemble items actually found in Disneyland... like trash cans and fast passes are a more recent example. I also have a preference for anything Star Tours, Indiana Jones, Captain EO, etc (Lucas + Disney = me want more).

        Examples of Signage:
        Actual sign

        Wait Time

        Restroom signage

        Attraction signage

        Posters and Art
        Actual billboard

        Attraction posters

        Logos and title treatments

        Found objects
        WDW Ticket book



        Disney Dollar

        Fast Pass

        Mail box

        Trash Can

        Ride Facades

        Lucas fan

        etc etc

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          Re: What do you collect?

          Everyone in my family has a different "theme" for collecting (villains, silhouettes, etc.). For me it's attractions, but it seems like I mostly have Tiki Room, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion. I also have a few Nightmare Before Christmas pins that I like.


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            Re: What do you collect?

            My collection is fairly eclectic. Splash Mountain is the main focus, but I also have a fondness for signage, actual items in the parks, etc. (Just not as grand a scale as CB ) I also have a bunch of Toad, Mansion, Scrooge, etc.

            Pretty much what I get I like, but for the most part, Splash is the first priority.
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              Re: What do you collect?

              Well Tinker Bell, of course. BUT I only collect the ones I like or else it would be crazy out of control. Peter Pan, Hook, Silvermist, the ride, the movie etc. as well.

              I also collect a billion others... movies I like (101 Dalmations, Rescuers, Robin Hood, Fox and the Hound, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, Enchanted, Incredibles, etc)

              Rides/Attractions I like (Big thunder, trains, monorail, casey jr...)

              characters I like such as goofy, gudio form Cars, Ariel, winnie the Pooh, Marie, Jessie, Teddy the Vampire... etc.

              hotels I've stayed at, holidays if I am in the park, Mickey Mouse Club, pics of Walt, my birth month, my initials

              And whatever else strikes my fancy LOL Though really for MOST... it is if I like the pin. I don't have to have EVERy pin from anything, except some sets.
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                Re: What do you collect?

                I try and get Aladdin pins whenever i come across one (eBay or DLR..) Mainly focus on Aladdin himself but if there's a cool looking one i'll go for it.


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                  Re: What do you collect?

                  Originally posted by Coheteboy View Post
                  I collect signage and posters, and also pins that resemble items actually found in Disneyland... like trash cans and fast passes are a more recent example. I also have a preference for anything Star Tours, Indiana Jones, Captain EO, etc (Lucas + Disney = me want more).

                  Here's what an actual WED nametag looks like in person.

                  I have it in my collection.


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                    Re: What do you collect?

                    I collect mainly Donald Duck and then the rest of the Disney Ducks. I also have a few randoms that I've been given or pruchased (Year of a Million Dreams lanyards, Storm Trooper, Potato Heads). I'm fighting myself to NOT start in with Si & Am and the Cheshire cat....

                    These are older pics. I just moved and haven't set up my new Duck room yet...

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                      Re: What do you collect?

                      I too also collect attraction posters...I love this pin!! do they still sell them or do I have to go to ebay or somewhere to buy it..

                      Coheteboy You have a very impressive collection..I'm in awe in how awesome your collection is...My them is trying to get pins that are unique meanng..they are pins that are worth paying some extra $$$ for as well as old rides..btw..I love that ATIS pin..I have one..but it's not as good as Coheteboy's. I have to get that world of color poster pin..I
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                        Re: What do you collect?

                        I have sooo many pins. Probably way too many. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I can pull out my books and look at my collection. For that, they're priceless.

                        I love any LE pin. 500 or less. I love getting the full sets of any mystery sets and the "cast lanyard"/"hidden mickey" sets. I also have my "dogs and cats" section. I love Stitch and The Little Mermaid so they have some pages. I also try and get any anniversary pin - like when an attraction opened, etc. The Chesire Cat freaks me out, so my mom and dad always get me pins of him. :P

                        My dad collects all villains as well as the hidden mickey sets. He also gets pins that include any modes of transportation. My mom has all attractions, resorts, and restaurants. She also has Mickey when he is by himself dressed in different outfits. She's also got the Mickey ear hats with different designs on them. We have all been collecting pins since they started to take off like 10 years ago. It's something fun my whole family can share in.
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                          Re: What do you collect?

                          It is nice to see what a variety of collections everyone has! I am kind of glad I do not live close to the parks as I would probably spend a lot more on pins than I should!

                          My main collection is Stitch in costumes. I would prefer them to not have writing or dates on them. I also like Stitch with his ducks but for some reason, these pins are insanely popular and most were released as low edition Disney Auction pins and so I do not have many (those I do are mostly from

                          My other two main collections are pins from the movies Up and Wall-E. Not a lot of pins have been made from either movie but these seem difficult to obtain, past the ones I already own. I am resigned to the fact I will never own the LE50 Wall-E from the Shooting Stars Mystery boxes from

                          I also like random Star Wars pins - usually cartoony ones, not the pins of the movie characters. Also, every time we visit WDW, I get a pin with the year on it and a pin from the resort we stayed at. If either of these are LE, that is better.

                          I also like Muppets, plus my complete and smallest collection is pins of Little Brother, Mulan's dog. There are two pins that have him included and I have both. And of course, I have the randoms - pins I liked but do not fit a collection.

                          I will post pictures of bulletin boards with my Stitch, Wall-E, Up and others when I get home!


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                            Re: What do you collect?

                            I collect Black and White pins in all shapes and sizes just love the classy look. Also Vinylmation pins too :0

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                              Re: What do you collect?

                              I will attach some pics tonight of my collection, But I am a huge Walt Disney Pin collector, anything with walt disney I have to have, I am now collecting Haunted Mansion Pins.


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