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What the big deal about Pin Trading?

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  • What the big deal about Pin Trading?

    I have about 2 pins lol....beginner, I've seen people go crazy over all these pins, spend a lot of money on them and everything. My question is what is the big deal about pin trading?

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    Re: What the big deal about Pin Trading?

    I have no idea. Way before it took off I used to buy one pin a year. We used to only go to DL once a year. Once it took off and pin trading started I lost all interest in pins.


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      Re: What the big deal about Pin Trading?

      I'm not in any means a hardcore pin trader or collector, but I admit that seeing those shiny walls of pins gets me excited every time. For me, finding pins of some of my favorite characters, lands, or attractions, is why I buy them. It's like taking home a tiny memory from your trip. I'm not sure what it is about them that I like so much except that their cute, show off my favorite characters, and I can wear them proudly on my lanyards.

      I've noticed recently that when I wear my two lanyards covered in pins, everyone stares at them. People I pass, people next across from me in line, they all seem to be entranced by it.

      "Well I don't know about you folks, but it's way past my bedtime."


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        Re: What the big deal about Pin Trading?

        If you really want to get into it just pick one style to collect and you just may get addicted...As for me I collect anything Disneyland park related and I even special it down even further to just the haunted mansion. I probably have over 300 HM pins. I just like collecting them and trading them. you meet some interesting people as well and can engage the CMs if they have them on.
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