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I want to start pin tranding


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  • I want to start pin tranding

    can some give some good pointers on how i shold start pin tradeing cuz am new to this
    I have a problem with dyslexia, but if you will please bear with me, I would love to participate in the conversations here at MiceChat. Thanks for your understanding! - Matt[URL="][/U- Mattšoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šo[disneyland repctive of the wedsday show dca eathen brithday 282 by mickeyfan4ever1234, on Flickr

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    re: I want to start pin tranding

    Buy pins, sometimes you can get good clearance deals at or buy one of those packs at the park.

    When you see a CM with a lanyard, if they aren't busy, ask them nicely if you can see their pins. If you see one you like, tell them you want to trade for it. Then trade

    Soon you will be addicted like the rest of us lol!!!

    There are a few rules, check out the official pin trading site for info: Official Disney Pin Trading - Get Started!
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      Re: I want to start pin tranding

      Find a subject you like and start there. For me it;s haunted mansion and villains!!
      These are some of my favorite TRs I have posted

      DL 55th BDAY trip report
      My company had a special night at the park
      WdW trip report with WWoHP
      NYE 2011 trip report
      Mice Chat 7th anniversary
      Leap year 24 hour report
      New DCA trip report
      NYE 2012
      HKDL trip report


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        Re: I want to start pin tranding

        I've found that the Limited Edition pins come in more unique designs and tend to catch the pin trader's eye more often than not. So if you're really looking to trade or just have a diverse lanyard Limited Edition is the way to go. As a plus you'll be one in however few collectors to have that specific pin It kind of makes you feel elite and skilled in pin collecting


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          Re: I want to start pin tranding

          Hello there fellow newbie pin-trader!
          I started right before Christmas with 2 pins a neighbor gave be. She said keep one and trade one. Well I did and in a matter of a few months, I know have 200 between myself and my daughter...kinda got outta

          Pretty much the advice you've seen so far is good advice. Find something Disney that is special to YOU and start collecting. By doing this you will soon find that collecting and trading your pins will be extra special to you that money couldn't buy.

          So just pick ONE Disney thing and happy pin collecting


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